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A lot goes into war. We as Americans are quick to remember those who go into harm’s way to keep us and others safe, but in most portrayals, you’re likely going to see someone engaging directly in combat. It’s easy to understand why. Much of our direct interaction with war comes from media aimed at entertaining rather than educating. But like anything else, there are logistical efforts that need to be made in order to achieve success. Such noble efforts are on full display at the Air Mobility Command Museum, where guests can learn about an often overlooked aspect of the U.S. Air Force: refueling and airlift operations. These aircraft helped serve their country by providing valuable supplies, reinforcements, and fuel that were vital to America having the upper hand on our enemies. Various tours, events, and exhibits bring this history to life, providing guests with a unique experience with each and every visit.

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What To Expect at the Dover Air Mobility Command Museum

When you arrive at the Air Mobility Command Museum, you’re going to become familiar with a variety of aircraft both in function and size. You’ll come face to face with the often untold history of the troops and aircraft that would help throughout various missions doing some of the things we might otherwise take for granted that are necessary for our military. There are various aircraft you’ll get to see during your visit. Here are some of the highlights:
  • C-47A Skytrain
  • C-5A Galaxy
  • C-7A Caribou
  • C-9A/C Nightingale
  • C-60 Lodestar
  • C-119C Flying Boxcar
  • C-123K Provider
  • C-141B Starlifter
  • B-17G Flying Fortress
  • F-101B Voodoo
  • KC-97L Stratofreighter
  • KB-50J Superfortress
  • A-26C Invader
  • HH-43B Huskie
  • UH-1H Iroquois (Huey)
  • BT-13 Valiant
  • U-3A “Blue Canoe”
Helicopters, bombers, presidential aircraft, and combat aircraft are all on full display. But there’s more to the AMC Museum than just aircraft:
  • The flight simulator is available for visitors 10 years of age and older. Availability may vary, but this is because, in addition to trying your hand at taking off and landing at nearby Dover Air Force Base, you'll get instruction from your own flight instructor.
  • The Air Museum in Dover, DE, is known for its small but informative library, available for students as an educational resource.
  • Various events held seasonally and year-round help bolster your knowledge of all things aviation.
  • Video and panoramic tours are available, as well as a wealth of historical information online.

Explore the Skies With Air Mobility Command Exhibits

Before you leave the Air Mobility Command Museum, you’ll come to a better understanding of a variety of war and humanitarian efforts that the brave troops who served have helped accomplish. There are exhibits on particular missions, highlights of the heroics involved, and even a tractor all awaiting you and your party:
  • There is a highlight on airlift missions during the Vietnam War.
  • Another exhibit highlights such missions during the Korean War.
  • Learn about Operation Vittles, a post-WWII operation that helped supply millions in war-torn Europe.
  • An overview of the Dover AFB Control Tower.
  • An exhibit on the Clark Airborne CA-1 Tractor, designed to meet the need for construction equipment that could be transported on a C-47 Skytrain or a CG-4A glider.

Soar at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, DE

There is something for everyone at the Air Mobility Command Museum, which continues to offer unique experiences, educational value, and fun all wrapped into one package. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) you’ll want to know before planning your visit:
  • The address is 1301 Heritage Rd., Dover AFB, DE 19902.
  • Admission and parking are free for visitors.
  • The proximity to Dover AFB couldn’t be closer, but the museum has its own gate. Be sure to take exit 91 on US 113/DE 1. \
  • The restrooms, museum store, and main floor of the display hangar are all handicapped-accessible. The C-141B Starlifter aircraft outside also has a ramp allowing for wheelchair access.
  • Times may vary throughout the year, and for safety reasons, some experiences may be closed should temperatures reach over 100°. Normal hours of operation are Wed-Sun from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The Air Mobility Command Museum is closed on all federal holidays except for Veterans Day.

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