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These days, the Texas Army National Guard has a lot to handle. There are tensions at the border where they are serving to help with an influx of immigrants sparking political and cultural shockwaves in multiple communities. Now, there is an unfortunate scandal ongoing as a Guardsman was arrested and charged with human trafficking. All of this after leading police on a high-speed chase, only adding to the suspect’s charges.

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What Is the Texas Army National Guard?

The Texas Army National Guard is a part-time state-based military force with a dual mission. Under the command of state Governors, the Texas Army National Guard units respond to state emergencies such as natural disasters and civil emergencies.

Additionally, the militias can be activated to defend the nation when required. The force is one of 54 total units throughout the United States.

Recently, the Army National Guard in Texas has been very busy dealing with an influx of illegal immigration along the Texas-Mexico border. This has sparked political debates and divides as a result.

Furthermore, the Texas Army National Guard is even receiving a new base because of the extended focus on operating near the border. Officially, these actions have been under the ongoing Operation Lone Star.

The 80-acre base camp in Eagle Pass being built will help house Guardsmen and support these efforts further, as housing has been a logistic issue for quite some time in the region.

Nevertheless, with all of the news going on about the National Guard helping make sense of the border, a recent police chase would highlight the complicated factors, human trafficking poses, even within the military.

Specialist Savion Amari Donovan Johnson Is Facing Several Charges

A member of the Army National Guard (Texas) was apprehended and accused of human smuggling near the U.S.-Mexico border after allegedly attempting to evade a Border Patrol checkpoint.

Before their apprehension; however, a high-speed pursuit ensured that ended with police using road spikes on a GMC SUV.

Specialist Savion Amari Donovan Johnson, 26, was arrested by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers on Highway 90 in Kinney County after a 15-mile chase exceeding speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Two miles after the deployment of the spike strip, Johnson came to a stop and is now facing felony charges of human smuggling and evading arrest in a vehicle.

Additionally, there is a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon after a 9-millimeter pistol was discovered in the vehicle.

Following his arrest, DPS investigators contacted Johnson's 1st Sgt., although the Army Texas National Guard has remained virtually silent about the incident so far.

The Lone Star State has had recent legislation impose a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years for individuals convicted of smuggling immigrants or operating stash houses, significantly increasing penalties for such offenses.

Immigration is complicated and there is a significant amount of money involved in a variety of illicit activities, including human trafficking.

Many officials are aware of the risks posed to Guardsmen, police officers, and other officials as lucrative opportunities present themselves along the border for such services.

Texas Army National Guard, Money, and Crossing the Border

Like many things, money is involved with plenty of what is going on with a recent influx of immigrants heading into the United States.

Despite our own economic pressures as of late, the United States still presents a variety of opportunities much more attractive than other countries for some families headed to America.

The Texas Army National Guard may find lucrative temptations because those searching for a better life understand the price to pay is a well-spent investment for opportunities stateside.

Infrastructure is being put into place to help Guardsman better operate and there are even some in place to discourage illegal immigration.

However, there is no clear end in sight nor a fully realized plan to help prevent immigration or streamline the process. Simply put, the Texas Army National Guard is likely to be busy for quite some time.

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