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Many museums offer unique experiences simply through the collection of artifacts and the knowledge that can come from such items of interest. What sets the American Heritage Museum apart is that it’s known as the Tank Museum in Massachusetts for a reason. Visitors don’t only get up close and personal with armored vehicles; they can also schedule an opportunity to ride in and even drive tanks on-site. Covering a variety of military vehicles, aircraft, weapons, tactics, and more starting from the Revolutionary War and going through the War on Terror, there’s no denying that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience waiting for you.

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Where Is the American Heritage Museum?

The American Heritage Museum is at 568 Main St., Hudson, MA 01749. This location is great, as its proximity to other great attractions is convenient. The heart of downtown Hudson, Massachusetts, can be found only 10 minutes from the museum. A quick trip north, around 20-25 miles depending on your route, will take you to Fort Devens, a military installation for the Army Reserve. Various local businesses are nearby, and other common attractions include the Charter Oak Country Club, a members-only golf course featuring 18 holes.

Who Wants To Drive a Tank?

Unless you are in the Armed Forces, it’s unlikely that your daily routine provides plenty of opportunities to drive tanks. But when you visit the American Heritage Museum, it can! Visitors can drive and ride in real iconic tanks that have operated in warfare across the globe. Here are the tanks available to drive and ride at the museum:
  • The

    M4 Sherman

    is one of the most iconic armored vehicles on the planet. Serving in World War II, the tank saw plenty of action, including helping Allied Forces invade Berlin. It was even made famous in movies such as Tank, the 1982 film starring James Garner.
  • During both World War II and the Korean War, the

    M24 Chaffee

    helped defend freedom and produce victories on the battlefield for American Forces. Today, you can experience what it’s like to operate this vehicle.
Booking your spot allows you an hour-long session complete with a driving instructor who will walk you through how to operate your tank and provide you with the opportunity to operate it yourself. The M4 Sherman program requires a donation of $1,495.00 per driver. With an additional $195 donation, you can add a rider to operate the turret. An M24 Chaffee is available to drive for a donation of $995.00 per driver with a $195.00 additional donation, once again, to add a rider to the turret gunner. Not looking for a lesson but still want the experience? Rides are available for patrons aboard both the M4 Sherman and the M24 Chaffee. Starting with a donation of $595.00 for two riders aboard the M4 Sherman or a donation of $595.00 for three riders inside the M24 Chaffee, your 10-minute experience will put you inside these iconic armored vehicles for a day you’ll never forget.

There’s Something for Everyone at the American Heritage Museum

There are many ways to make memories at the museum, even if you don’t book a tank. Various events and exhibits are available, ranging throughout the history of U.S. conflicts. But there is also a wide range of aircraft and vehicles available, not all exclusive to the military. Weapons and tanks are also on display, and the entire experience can provide you with a greater appreciation for those who have served and are serving, as well as deliver a fun experience that gets you close to military equipment on an intimate level. It doesn’t matter if you are passing through or going to Hudson, MA, the American Heritage Museum is a great place to visit. You can purchase tickets online for both general admission and special events.

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