By Buddy Blouin
In the U.S. Army, everything has its place and purpose. It’s how success is achieved on the battlefield, and it's also how the service has ended up with so many tools and portals. Today’s portal is known as the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). It’s here that both Soldiers and civilians working with/for the Army can seek out and organize training. After all, how can you become the best version of yourself and the best fighter possible without training? But now, it's taking on a new role as an update rolls out for 2023. Learn more about the Army ATRRS, how the portal helps your career, and what its new role will become.

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What Is ATRRS Army?

The Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) is a system available online for Soldiers to manage their education and training. The ATRRS Army portal is also available to civilian personnel. Here, you can track your training progress, choose from courses, and centralize your education. The Army ATRRS course catalog allows a consolidated approach to your educational options as well as a place for Commanding Officers (COs) to view the progress of those under them. There are no two ways about it; the Army ATRRS is an important tool for Soldiers and civilians working with the Army and their careers. From training/skill development to courses that identify which skills you best display, there are plenty of resources available. The Army ATRRS continues to help Soldiers remain ready for deployment and advance their careers. These contributions are just some of the ways the portal helps Soldiers better defend the United States while also improving themselves at the same time.

A Portal for Training and Education

Advancing your military career takes dedication and perseverance, much of which will also come through training. The Army ATRRS course catalog offers an extensive list of training courses for both military and civilian personnel. These developments can provide those who are serving the chance to improve their skills and advance further. This benefit can be helpful for both military and civilian careers, though eligibility may vary, as some opportunities are only available to Soldiers. The entire list of educational options is far too extensive to list, but there is a variety of options available. Some of the offerings of the Army Training Requirements and Resources System include basic training, advanced individual training (AIT), officer and non-commissioned officer professional development, combat training, safety courses, language training, civilian education, and many other skill-based courses. Of course, this is the Army ATRRS from a high-level view. The specific courses and opportunities available to qualifying personnel will vary and are much more exhaustive. New courses continue to become available as the needs of the Army continue to evolve.

2023 Army ATRRS Update

Like any piece of technology, nothing is forever. Don’t get us wrong; the Army ATRRS remains important, but it’s also playing a new role. The Army e-Learning platform transitioned to Percipio on Jan. 3, 2023, and going forward, the Army Skillpoint system will maintain all course completion records following its upgrade.

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