By Buddy Blouin
Blackboard has created a respected name for itself in online education. Blackboard Learn is an SaaS (software-as-a-service) learning management system used in over 17,000 organizations, including top-rated universities across more than 100 countries. Your Army Blackboard learning experience helps you advance your career, find new educational opportunities, and prepare you to be a better Soldier. Learn more about this important tool and how it can help you develop new skills and hone old ones.

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Navigating the Army Blackboard Education System

Loaded with various courses and links, such as the CGSC Blackboard courses, Blackboard Learn can feel intimidating. There's a lot going on, but there’s no need to panic. The website is pretty easy to navigate, and your CO and instructors should be able to assist you with navigational questions. There are two types of programs for the Army Blackboard System:
  • Enterprise Lifelong Learning Center (ELLC) "Blackboard.mil"
  • Army Lifelong Learning Environment (ALLE) "Blackboard.com"
To access the ELLC, you’ll need to use this link: https://ellc.learn.army.mil and have CAC (common access card) authorization. To access the ALLE, you’ll use your username and password. If you're looking to save yourself some trouble and have a better user experience, you’ll want to log into the Blackboard portal specific to the school or program you'll be learning from. Here's a rundown of the different courses available through both ELLC and ALLE:


Centers of Excellence(CoEs) and Schools

    • Aviation CoE
    • Cyber CoE "LandWarNet eUniversity"
    • Fires CoE
    • Intelligence CoE
    • Maneuver CoE
    • Maneuver Support CoE
      • CBRN School
      • Engineer School
      • Military Police School
    • Medical CoE
    • NCO Leadership CoE
    • Sustainment CoE
      • Army Logistics University
      • Ordnance School
      • Quartermaster School
      • Soldier Support Institute
      • Transportation School


    • Command and General Staff College
    • U.S. Army Cadet Command (ROTC)
    • U.S. Army Management Staff College
    • U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy
    • U.S. Army War College

Is Army Blackboard Down?

While a wonderful service, no technology is perfect. Accessing your Army Blackboard courses may come with technical difficulties. After visiting the portal, you’ll want to sign in using your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) username and AKO password or CAC. These will serve as your Army Blackboard login credentials. If this is not possible, a popular option is to visit Is It Down Right Now, a site specializing in determining whether or not a website is up and running. For technical support, you can contact the Blackboard IT help desk at 1 (317) 333-7300, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact the Army Training Helpdesk online.

Blackboard Army Consolidates Learning

Since 1997, Blackboard has continued to lead the way in online learning. By providing both students and instructors with meaningful tools that enhance their experiences, you spend less time trying to figure out how to access your information and more time learning it. Blackboard Army is a great tool for enhancing your skills. Various educational opportunities await, and their impact can help you far beyond the battlefield. Be sure to take full advantage of the multiple programs and opportunities available to make the most out of your time while serving in the military.

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