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Forging your career can be an overwhelming experience. There are a lot of variables to consider and paths that can be taken. In the military, your career can help you become a better troop and set yourself up for life after the military. The U.S. Army helps Soldiers develop skills and create careers that help keep America safer and advance occupational life after service. The Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a useful tool that helps Soldiers organize their career paths and better advance in their field while developing skills along the way. Learn more about this important tool and how it can help you throughout your time in the military.

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What Is Army Career Tracker?

A web-based tool for Army leadership development, the Army Career Tracker is powered by the Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Institute for Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development. As part of the Army Career Transition Program (ACT), Army personnel, including enlisted, officer, and civilian peers, have access to a system that manages their professional development and monitors progress toward their training, education, and career goals. ACT provides data such as assignment histories, training histories, education histories, and certification histories through more than a dozen source systems. The ACT is a program that helps Soldiers and civilians learn more to advance their careers. Since 2013, ACT has helped provide over 400,000 Army personnel with better ways to manage their career development. Leaders and mentors can use the ACT to create individual development plans, which enhances personnel counseling. This has resulted in leaders and supervisors creating over 21,000 recommendations along with users establishing 68,000 goals in the ACT. The ACT provides Soldiers and civilians the ability to create short- and long-term goals while providing a way to achieve such goals. By mapping out events, decision points, and outcomes, the ACT also helps users track progress against career benchmarks that are established within the system. INCOPD's Learning Integrations Division oversees the operation of the Career Tracker for the Army.

Preparing for the Future

ACT goes beyond military service and helps both Soldiers and civilians today and tomorrow. By using the ACT, Soldiers and civilian personnel can transition out of military life smoothly while continuing to work towards their career goals. The Army Career Tracker has helped those involved starting at the beginning of their careers since 2014. The armed forces will be provided with career readiness long before they leave the service if individual development plans are created using the ACT.

Army Career Tracker Better Develops Individuals

The many factors that can go into the complex nature of transitioning from military life into civilian life can begin long before one’s military career is over. Soldiers have plenty of resources available to them, yet despite these efforts by the military, many Veterans also experience a difficult time entering civilian life after serving. ACT Army is a great way to help active-duty military members through the entirety of their careers as well as for life afterward. Additional resources specific to careers and other human resource needs can be found through the United States Army Human Resources Command (Army HRC). Occupational help throughout your military career can make a huge difference in your transition and keep you on the right path through meaningful employment and career advancement. To get started using the Army Career Tracker, the Department of Defense’s ACT User Quick Start Guide (Generic) can help you learn more about this incredible resource for Soldiers.

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