By Buddy Blouin
If you need a resource regarding a form, document, or publication, the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) is where you’ll find it. Helping Soldiers and others stay organized and find the resources they need, Army Pubs helps the world’s greatest fighting force complete their mission in a critical way. Learn more about this tremendous resource and how it can help you during your time serving as a Soldier in the U.S. Army.

Why Is the Army Publishing Directorate Important?

The Army Publishing Directorate is there to help the U.S. Army manage its forms and publications from a central location. APD is headquartered at Fort Belvoir in Virginia and serves under its parent agency, the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. Organization and structure are both a huge deal for operational success in the Army. The organization and structure of our military are two of the key reasons that the American Armed Forces continues to thrive. But it can also be overlooked from time to time. The mundane need to have easily accessible forms and paperwork pales mightily when compared to fighting on the battlefield. However, the United States Army Publishing Directorate is a critical cog in the machine, ensuring that policy is met, media is distributed, and important documents are available. APD publishing affects not only those inside the U.S. Army but also customers of the Headquarters, United States Department of the Army (HQDA). Some of the documents made available by the (APD) Army Publishing Directorate include U.S. Army Doctrine Publications (ADP), U.S. Army General Orders (AGO), U.S. Army Regulations (AR), and U.S. Army Doctrine Reference Publications (ADRP).

Resources Available to Soldiers

Searching for crucial paperwork and staying organized doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Thankfully, Army Pubs does the hard work for you. DA Forms/Labels/Posters and Supplemental Forms Resources are all available. There’s even Forms Management available through the site. Publications cover a variety of topics, including administration, engineering, medical, miscellaneous, technical & equipment, and training/doctrine. Many resources are provided through the Army Publishing Directorate, including APD reports, news, strategic documents, and much more, all organized for quick and easy access and use.

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The Army Publishing Directorate Brings Order to the Service

The Army Publishing Program continues to provide Soldiers with a uniform way of developing and presenting documents throughout the service. It’s just another interesting way that the U.S. military shows the amazing teamwork it takes to keep things working smoothly and make sure Soldiers are always in fighting form. Using the portal is easy for Soldiers, but you’ll need your CAC card to log in, as well as your APD account number and password. There are laws and regulations that the DA must follow when presenting documents and publications. Soldiers and others outside of the military benefit from the work that the APD continues to do to ensure that these standards are kept by the branch. The Army Publishing Directorate is an invaluable resource continuing to provide order in a world that can lead to exceedingly high levels of chaos.

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