By Allison Kirschbaum

Being a military spouse is not easy; the fact that you will be left alone to raise the kids and handle the household while your husband is away is difficult enough. Despite the numerous challenges, you can also take advantage of Army spouse benefits, from employment opportunities, cash, education, or discounts. In addition to the benefits of being a military wife, the family will enjoy healthcare, subsidized groceries, and money for housing. You will receive some of these perks once your partner enters the military. Here are some additional benefits you might not know you are entitled to.

List of Army Benefits for Spouses

Before you can claim your US Army benefits for spouses, you must ensure you have access to them. Your military family must be recorded in the military's personnel system, aka the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, and you must have a military ID card. This might be a lot of work to do, but it's worth it once it's done. These are usually only available to military wives and children, but in special situations, other family members may be eligible to receive an ID card.

Having a Wide Community of Support

One of the Army spouse benefits is having a broad community where you seek support and have friends anywhere. Every base and new assignment your husband is assigned to will allow you to meet other military wives wherein you can build a community.

You will not forget the relationships you built when you PCS, providing you with a wider support group. Having this kind of support is vital, especially for military wives, because no one can understand what you're going through better than other military wives.

Opportunity for Career Advancements

If you want to pursue your career, there is another Army benefit for spouses: the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship program.

It provides up to $4,000 in assistance to pursue your career at any MyCAA Program school. Spouses of guard, reserve, and active members within E-1 to E-5, W-1- to W-2, and O-1 to O-2 are qualified. While their partner is on Title 10 military orders, they must apply for the program.

Basic Allowance Assistance

The BNA or Basic Needs Allowance is awarded to military spouses and dependent children, but they need to be qualified for the benefit. Service members need to apply for this supplemental monthly payment.

The BNA is a base allowance, and to qualify, you need to compute the total gross household income from the prior year and the current. Both must be under 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for their designated duty station location and household size.

Health Care Insurance Benefit

Another US Army benefit for spouses is that they are qualified for the military’s health care program (TRICARE). Spouses and other dependents of active duty personnel are eligible to receive a wide range of services under this program, such as preventive care, mental health services, vision care, prescription drugs, and dental care.

Aside from this, military wives can get up to $100,000 under the Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance coverage. This includes premiums as low as 45 cents per $10,000 of coverage. To access Army spouse benefits, you need to get in touch with your military personnel office for enrollment details.

Job Hiring and Employment Opportunities

One of the perks of being an Army spouse is having the opportunity to have a hiring preference for government jobs. As an Army benefit for milspouses, you will have first dibs on government positions (provided that you qualify for the post). Other civilian companies will also give these privileges to military wives because they know how difficult the situation is, and sometimes how challenging it can be to find a job.

The Department of Labor even offers the Transition Employment Assistance for Military Spouses and Caregivers, which aims to provide workshop employment. These trainings are held virtually and are modular. You can take them at your own pace at your most convenient time. Military spouses who accompany their partners overseas can also have the opportunity to find a job. Get in touch with the Human Resources office at the base for further assistance.

Lastly, the DOD also offers preferential job placement in vacant civilian positions. This is due to the constant move that every military family is facing; it will be difficult for a military wife to find a permanent job. If you want to take advantage of these Army spouse benefits, explore the vacancies at the DOD Civilian Career site.

Military Wives Are the Backbone of the Military

Although military spouses are not fighting on the front lines, they work hard to support their families and keep the hopes up of their partners on the battlefield. That's why, as compensation and self-growth, there are numerous US Army benefits for spouses that they can take advantage of. Plus, with all the burdens they face, they persist in pushing through and serving as the backbone of the military.

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