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Brooke Army Medical Center Department of Pathology and Area Laboratory Services has been recognized as one of the longest College of American Pathologists-accredited laboratories in the United States.

"BAMC's continuous CAP accreditation is a testament to the sustained quality of our staff and their commitment to patient safety," said Army Col. David H. Duplessis, BAMC's deputy commander for Patient Services. "BAMC's Department of Pathology and Area Laboratory Service performs over 12,000 laboratory tests per day consisting of the highest complexity testing conducted within the Department of Defense. Continuous CAP accreditation is even more impressive given the high test volume and complexity."

According to its website, more than 20,000 laboratories around the world partner with the CAP. BAMC is one of only 41 laboratories that have continuously met the highest standards of laboratory quality and proficiency testing for more than 50 years. Since the CAP began its Laboratory Accreditation Program in 1964, BAMC has ensured that patients are receiving the best medical care and most accurate diagnosis and treatment possible.

"The expertise and teamwork of our DPALS physicians and staff ensure we meet the CAP benchmarks for high quality patient care and patient safety practices for our active duty service members, their dependents and our veterans," said Air Force Lt. Col. Samantha Butler-Garcia, DPALS program director. "Our patients can be confident they will be receiving premier laboratory testing though our department."

Pathologists are on the cutting edge of medicine, diagnosis and treatment. Their work is often the most crucial piece in understanding viruses, infections and disease, making accurate diagnoses and working side-by-side with the health care team in recommending the best treatments. A more precise diagnosis means a faster, more accurate treatment, putting patients on the road to recovery sooner.

"For the best testing and diagnosis, pathologists and laboratory technicians need to meet the highest standards of laboratory quality and proficiency testing set by the College of American Pathologists," said Dr. R. Bruce Williams, CAP president. "To achieve this standard, and maintain it, for more than 50 years is a momentous achievement because CAP accreditation is an incredibly rigorous, ongoing process."

To consistently meet the high standards of CAP accreditation, laboratories must prove they are using the latest technologies and best practices to deliver faster, more accurate results for better patient care every day.

"Patients are the CAP's number one priority, and we equip our member laboratories with the knowledge, skills, and resources to remain current and relevant in an evolving health care landscape," said Williams. "We're changing lives by presenting patients with the answers they need to guide their care."




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