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If you’re coming from an installation in the north part of the country, Buckley AFB weather may be a little overwhelming at first. However, like weather everywhere, there are good, bad, and ugly sides to the Buckley AFB weather situation (but lucky you, it’s mostly good).

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Buckley AFB Weather Overview

Buckley AFB is situated in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb just a few miles east of Denver proper. You may be roughly 675 miles away from the hottest place on Earth (Death Valley in the California desert), but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have your own sweltering days to contend with. Things begin to first heat up from the beginning and middle of June, where the average highs are in the low- to mid-80s. Late June to late July see warmer than warm temperatures, usually maxing out at around 90 degrees on average during mid-July. Things start cooling down in mid-September, when the average high dips to around 80 degrees. Likewise, Aurora, Colorado, weather has pretty significant lows in the winter months. By the end of December, temperatures usually reach their lowest at an average low of 22 degrees, and highs can reach up to 44 degrees in the early winter months. The most agreeable weather, which may be a topic of some contention among residents when discussing the weather in Aurora, Colorado, can usually be enjoyed in April and October. Denver, Colorado, October weather maxes out around 70 degrees and dips to around 40 degrees, on average. April weather, on the slightly cooler side of perfect, maxes out around 63 degrees and dips to a minimum of around 38 degrees on average.

Precipitation and Humidity on Base

Don’t like rain as part of your daily weather? Buckley AFB is a great posting for you, then. Colorado is in the bottom ten states nationwide for average precipitation rates, only getting roughly 16 inches per year. You’ll thank your lucky stars when you see that the top few states, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, get over 55 inches of rain annually. You can expect to get those roughly 16 inches of rain mostly between May and August in any given year, with July 22nd offering the highest average chance of rain for any given day for the city at 31%. Snow falls in Colorado, too, and you’ll see the snowy period for the city is longer than the snowless period at 6.2 months. You won’t always see blizzards, but there will be a few inches on the ground every now and again. December has the highest average snowfall rate of 2.4 inches. Buckley AFB weather isn’t overwhelming where humidity is concerned. As a matter of fact, the average humidity level throughout the year in Denver is only around 50%, which makes sense when you remember how little precipitation the city gets on average.

Significant Weather Events

Buckley AFB weather is prone to a few significant weather events that you’ll want to keep an eye on.
  • Drought

    : Because the state receives so little precipitation year-round, it’s prone to incredibly dry environments. This can create problems for farmers and their crops and livestock. It also affects the wildlife population, as rivers and creeks often run dry during the hotter months.
  • Wildfires

    : The issue of drought creates a breeding ground for wildfires. Storms can make these even more dangerous, as it only takes one errant bolt of lighting to spark a fire in a dry area.
  • Tornadoes

    : Colorado sees an average of 47 tornadoes every year, and the majority of these are on the eastern side of the state.
For information on staying safe during these significant weather events, learn more on the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment website.

Buckley AFB Offers Agreeable Weather Year-Round

Like all states, Colorado has its ups and downs weather-wise. However, Buckley AFB weather is overall pretty agreeable according to the majority of military personnel stationed here. The good weather is just one of many things that makes Buckley AFB a great place to be stationed.

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