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CHILD, YOUTH AND SCHOOL SERVICES Child, Youth and School Services includes all programs serving children: Youth Services, School Age Services, Child Development Centers, Family Child Care and Outreach Services. All CYSS programs are developmental, high quality and are certified by the Department of Defense, and fully accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Afterschool Association, the latter two being civilian agencies. For information and referral, contact Parent Central Services at 353-7713 at Fort Wainwright. Contact Fort Greely Central Registration at 873-4599 for information and referral related to CYSS programs at Fort Greely. CYSS programs have parent advisory councils that meet monthly. All parents are invited to attend and provide input. Parents are also invited to visit programs at any time and to extend their volunteer time and talents to the community children. Army School Support Services School Support initiatives provides a variety of programmatic strategies and resources that help “level the playing field” for transitioning military students. Fort Wainwright School Support Services can assist Families with school issues and questions. The SSS office is located in the Fort Wainwright youth center at 4109 Neely Road. Drop by or call for assistance, 361-9377. Child Development Services Child Development Services offers care for children from 4 weeks through 12 years old in three major systems: • Child Development Centers • Family Child Care homes and • Outreach Services. CDC facilities offer full-day, hourly and part-day preschool. (Fort Wainwright does not have kindergarten in the CDC.) The Fort Greely CDC also houses the SAS program, a blend of kindergarten and school-age children. Family Childcare (FCC) offers the same services in certified homes where there are well-trained, carefully screened providers. Outreach Services (OS) includes Parent Central Services, information about on- and off-post child care programs, Family-care plan screening, training for babysitters, parent and community education, play groups and arrangement of special child care needs, such as for units having special functions and wishing to have child care available on-site. The Central Registration office on Fort Greely is at the front desk of the Child Development Center, Building 847. Families needing care or having questions about child or youth programs should start by calling the Parent Central Services office at 353-7713 (Fort Wainwright) or 873-4599 (Fort Greely). Relocating Families should call ahead and inquire about care options. All CYSS programs offer a wide variety of developmental activities of very high quality, which promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of children. CYSS programs includes water, science and sensory play, outdoor time, dramatic play, creative art, active play with climbing and balancing, music and opportunities for storytelling and looking at books. Growth in language and socialization is particularly encouraged through familystyle dining where nutritious meals and snacks are served. The CYSS philosophy is that young children learn best through play and exploration. CYSS staff provide the time and encouragement to ensure children come to the program each day happy to be there. Alaska has a Day Care Assistance Program (DCAP) for Families with limited incomes. The Parent Central Services staff can answer questions about this program or any childcare needs. Families needing care or having questions about child or youth programs should start by calling either Parent Central Services office. Full-Day Care The hours of operation for full-day child-care are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely. Services are offered Monday through Friday except on federal holidays and some training holidays. At Fort Wainwright, the full-day care facility is in Building 4024 near the main gate at 600th Street and Gaffney Road, 356-1550. At Fort Greely, the Child Development Center/School Age Services programs are in Building 847 on Big Delta Avenue, behind the Post Chapel. Kindergarten Care Kindergarten Care provides beforeand after-school care programs when school is in session. Fort Wainwright’s Kindergarten is in Building 4166, School Age Center. Care is offered from 6 to 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. (6 p.m. at Fort Wainwright) when school is in session, and 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (6 p.m. at Fort Wainwright) for teacher in-service days, most school closure days and school vacations. Daily care may be available in the program for Families who do not need monthly care. Breakfast and an afternoon snack are served during the school year with lunch served during full-day sessions. On Fort Wainwright, Part-Day Preschool is in Building 4176 at the corner of 600th Street and Neely Road. Preschool is offered in morning and afternoon sessions for two or three days a week and in the afternoon for five days a week. On Fort Greely, a Part-Day Preschool program will be available in the Child Development Center (Building 847) from September through May, providing a full ratio group of 10 children enroll. It will be offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Hourly Care provides drop-in care with reservations accepted two weeks in advance. Children are accepted for same-day care if space is available or for a Family emergency. Identical developmental care and nutrition are provided in Hourly Care as in the rest of CYS. The fee is $4 per hour. At Fort Wainwright, Hourly Care is in Building 4176. Call 361-9056. Hourly Care at Fort Greely may be reserved with 24-hours notice depending on availability. Hourly care children are blended into existing care rooms when space is available in existing ratio groups. School-Age Services School-Age Services provides before- and after-school care programs for school-age children when school is not in session. Care is offered from 6 to 8:30 a.m. and 3 to 5:30 p.m. (6 p.m. at Fort Wainwright), and at Fort Greely from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 3:45 to 6 p.m. (Wednesdays, 2:45 to 6 p.m.) when school is in session and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely for teacher in-service days, school closure days and school vacations. All school-age programs are developmental and recreational, with activities ranging from field trips to homework assistance, as well as the opportunity to develop new friends. Drop-in and daily care is also available in all programs for Families who do not need monthly care. Breakfast and an afternoon snack are served during the school year with lunch served during full-day sessions. Parents and youth are welcome to visit the program at any time. Fees are based on Family income. Registration for the program is through Parent Central Services. Fort Wainwright school-age care is in Building 4166 on Neely Road near Arctic Light Elementary School. The phone number is 361-7394. A summer camp is provided with exciting activities for the children between May and August. Fort Greely school-age care is in Building 847 on Big Delta Avenue (behind the Post Chapel). The local school district bus picks up children at the program and transports them to the school in Delta Junction. The phone number is 873-4599. A summer camp, Camp Boondocks, is provided with numerous activities for children/youth during the summer school out months of May and August. Youth Services Youth Services (YS) offers a variety of programs to meet the social, recreational, physical and cognitive development needs of youth and teens. Programs vary at each post but strive to cover all program areas. Youth Services is a member of the Boys and Girls Club of America and has national affiliations with BGCAs all across the country and overseas. Contact YS for more detailed program information by calling 361-5437 at Fort Wainwright and 873-3405 at Fort Greely. The sports program offers health and nutrition workshops, sports clinics and intramural and group sport activities. These include tee ball, baseball, softball, indoor and outdoor soccer, basketball and cheerleading, along with a variety of adventure activities, such as rock climbing and white-water rafting. The arts, leisure and recreation programs include arts and crafts and a snack area. Youth Services staff makes sure all inbound youth feel welcome; they also manage the college scholarship search program and work with teens in special programs such as Teen Discovery and job fairs, as well as assisting the Torch and Teen Supreme Clubs as they plan future programs and community events. Additional activities include Rent-a-Youth, Promise Passport (a youth volunteer initiative), arts and crafts, dances, cookouts, field trips, workforce preparation and sports and game competitions. The Fort Wainwright YS program is constantly growing and has added many new programs for the youth. It has been recognized by the Pacific Region as a quality program. This facility includes a racquetball court, a teen weight room, a large gymnasium, snack bar, game room, lounges, computer lab and, in winter, an outdoor ice rink. A state-of-the-art technology lab is available for youth to develop technology skills. The YS program is in Building 4109 on Neely Road next to the Shoppette. The Fort Greely YS program, in Building 653 on Big Delta Avenue, is also growing and is adding new programs as new youth interests are defined. The facility has a movie/club room, a homework area, snack bar, youth technology lab and game room. Outreach Services Outreach Services offers a variety of childcare support services for Families and agencies of the community. An element of OS is the Parent Central Services, which provides a one-stop center where parents can enroll all their children, 4 weeks through 18 years of age, for programs offered by CYSS. For safety and health purposes, children and youth of all ages must enroll before use of this service. Staff members are available to help parents determine which programs can best meet their Family’s needs. For those parents needing off-post childcare, the Parent Central Services staff can offer information and referral services. For information regarding enrollment procedures or any other OS information at Fort Wainwright, call 353-7394 or 353-7713. The Parent Central Services office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fort Greely currently accommodates Outreach Spaces for special events at the Child Development Center with prior approval from the Director of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Children with special medical or educational concerns are referred to the Special Needs Accommodation Process prior to being allowed to attend CYSS programs. The primary function of the SNAP team is to ensure each child is placed in the environment that most appropriately meets all of his/ her needs. Special emphasis is placed on providing consistent care for each child in a safe, healthy, non-restrictive environment. Parents are invited to attend and participate in the team meeting scheduled to review the child’s needs. Parents should address questions and concerns to the OS Director. Short-Term Alternate Child Care programs and Special Child Care openings can be made available to meet the surge childcare needs of the community. Surge care is provided when an excessive number of children need care during a specific time period, such as during a community meeting like the Army Family Action Plan conference or during a special unit function. The OS Director will work with the unit or agency to meet special unit childcare needs during any functions, such as a unit ball or field day. For information, please call the OS Director, 353-7372. Volunteer Child Care in the Unit Setting provides training for unit members who volunteer to provide childcare during Family Support Group meetings, fundraisers and other unit functions. Training should be requested at least four weeks prior to the anticipated need date unless it is an emergency. Parent Central Services also maintains a teenage babysitter referral list. Sitters must be at least 13 years of age and must complete babysitter training prior to being placed on the referral list. OS provides teenage babysitter training classes several times each year. If space is available, youth as young as 11 years of age may participate in the training. However, they will not be included on the referral list until after they are 13 years old. Family Child Care Family Child Care provides an excellent option for parents who find Family housing a more comfortable setting for their child. FCC providers are an important part of the CDS team and offer equivalent developmental care to that found in child development centers. FCC providers are always needed for Families wishing care for their children in a smaller setting and have proven to be a wonderful opportunity for spouses who wish to remain at home and begin professional careers as providers. FCC homes are multi-age and some provide extended hours. Some homes have achieved an extra mark of excellence by receiving National Family Child Care accreditation or Child Development Associate credentials. The FCC director is readily available with assistance and can provide immediate resources to get an FCC home started through their extensive “Toybrary.” The Toybrary includes cribs, art supplies, toys, games and many other resources available for loan to FCC providers at no charge. Specialized training is offered on a variety of topics, including small business practices. FCC provider training includes an in-home Family interview, a 40-hour orientation, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes, and nutrition and health information. Fire, safety and health inspectors ensure all homes are safe before they begin operation, and a background screening is completed on all Family members 12 years and older. Army regulations require that anyone providing regular care in Army quarters must be certified through the FCC office. Persons interested in joining the FCC team should call or stop by the FCC office at Fort Wainwright, 353-6266 (Building 1049) or Fort Greely, 873-4599 (Building 847). The School Liaison Officers can provide school registration information and clearance information and may assist in resolving problems. For information call the Fort Wainwright office SLO at 361-9377. The Fort Greely School Liaison Officer can be contacted at 873-4599. SKIES Unlimited is a program designed to complement and enhance the lives of military children. The SKIES acronym stands for schools of knowledge, inspiration, exploration and skills. On Fort Wainwright, the SKIES Unlimited program offers children’s classes in tae kwon do, gymnastics, dance, tennis, art, horseback riding, piano, art, driver’s education and many more classes. On Fort Wainwright call 361-3218 for SKIES Unlimited program information. The Fort Greely SKIES Unlimited program contact can be reached at 873-3406. The programs currently include gymnastics, piano and swimming classes. Scouting Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops are available on both forts Wainwright and Greely. Those interested may contact the Farthest North Girl Scout Council at (907) 456-4782, (800) 478-4782, by email at fngsc2@alaska.com  or online at www.fairbanksgirlscouts.org.  For Boy Scouts of America in Fairbanks, contact the Midnight Sun Council at (907) 452-1976 or visit www.midnightsunbsa.org.  CHAPELS Protestant and Catholic worship services, as well as other denominational services, are available on all posts. At Fort Wainwright they are held at Southern Lights Chapel (8th and Neely) and the Northern Lights Chapel (next to Monterey Lake). At Fort Greely, services are conducted in the Main Post Chapel, Building 845 (Big Delta). The religious education program involves a variety of activities, which include weekly CCD classes for Catholics and Sunday school classes for Protestants, with ages ranging from nursery school through adult groups. Weekly Bible study and other adult religious education are also a vital part of the religious education program. Vacation Bible schools are an annual event at each post. The Protestant and Catholic congregations offer a wide variety of activities through the innovative leadership of chapel councils. These include adult and children’s choirs, Catholic and Protestant Women of the Chapel, Christian men’s organizations and many special Family and social events. The chaplains conduct off-post religious retreats for single Soldiers, engaged couples, Families, youth and married couples. These range from one-day retreats to weekend activities for couples and Families, to a week of camp for children and youth during the summer. There is a Chaplain Family Life Center at Fort Wainwright. Family life chaplains have advanced degrees in marriage and Family counseling and provide individual, couples and Family counseling. Soldiers, couples and their Families may contact their unit chaplain, the Family life chaplain or the chaplain from their respective faith group. The Family Life Center is located behind the Northern Lights Chapel in Building 3429 on Rhineland Road at Luzon Avenue. Family Life chaplains may be reached by calling 353-6112. A chaplain is on duty at night and on weekends to meet emergency needs of anyone seeking assistance. You may reach the duty chaplain on all posts by calling the chaplain on-call at (907) 353-4180 or 353-6666 for Fort Wainwright or 873-2476 for Fort Greely and asking to speak to the chaplain. The “Alaska Post” and the commander’s channels (Cable channel 5 on Fort Wainwright, channel 12 on Fort Greely) list a complete schedule of all religious activities. Schedules are also available from the post chapels. For information about the Fort Wainwright religious program, call the post chaplain at 353-9825. For information about the Fort Greely religious program, call the post chapel administrator at 873-2476. COMMISSARIES Despite its distance from the Lower 48, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) commissaries in Alaska stock all the produce, fresh meat, dairy products and other food items you are used to with the express purpose of helping to improve your quality of life and helping stretch your paycheck. Shoppers may bring guests into the commissaries, but patrons must show a valid ID card at checkout to purchase groceries. We are confident you’ll enjoy your shopping experience and find friendly, knowledgeable and helpful employees to make each and every trip to the commissary a pleasant experience. The Fort Wainwright Commissary is in Building 3703A, and is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Call 353-6218 for information. The commissary carries more than 10,500 line items in various categories. A complete deli and bakery operation, along with a “Grab ‘n Go” section are customer favorites. The deli department offers sandwiches made to order, as well as fresh sushi made daily for healthy alternatives. Special orders are always welcome. The commissary at Fort Greely, Building 601, is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, and closed Sundays and Mondays. Call 873-4407 for more information. Surveys conducted on a regular basis show customers shopping the commissary can save more than 30 percent on their grocery bills. In addition, you’ll find substantial savings during periodic “case lot” sales. For more information on features and special events at your local commissary, check out www.commissaries.com . Click on the locations link and choose the commissary nearest you. AMERICAN RED CROSS The American Red Cross (ARC) is mandated by Congress to provide service to the Armed Forces of the United States. At the same time, federal law prohibits the Red Cross from using tax money to meet its costs in providing these services. Therefore, funds donated by the American public directly to the organization and through the Combined Federal Campaign pay for all operating costs. Services provided for military personnel and their Families include: • Emergency communications concerning the death or critical illness of Family members. These emergency messages provide the service member and Family with information about the emergency and provide military authorities with details necessary • Communications to meet other emergency needs in situations involving the breakdown in child-care plans or vehicle breakdowns while traveling through Canada. • Communications of a non-emergent but essential nature, such as birth notifications, that cannot be handled effectively except by the use of Red Cross resources. • Financial assistance on behalf of military aid societies to meet travel expenses in connection with emergency leave, and to meet other emergency needs in selected situations. Service members have after-hours access to AER through the Armed Forces Emergency Services Center at (877) 272-7337. • Help Families communicate and locate Family members throughout the world during times of natural disasters. • Referral or information about other appropriate offices, agencies or organizations that provide services to military personnel and their Families. The 24-hour number for emergency communications is (877) 272-7337. The Red Cross office is located in Building 1024 on Apple Street at Fort Wainwright. Call 353-7234 for more information. An additional office is located on the second floor of Bassett Army Community Hospital. ARMED SERVICES YMCA OF ALASKA The Armed Services YMCA of Alaska on Fort Wainwright is located in Murphy Hall (Building 1047, Suite 8), and has served the Alaska military community continuously since 1941. Their mission is to focus on the needs of military personnel and their Families. The Armed Services YMCA programs and services are offered to all service branches to include the Alaska National Guard and their Family members. Working in partnership with the military and civilian communities, the Armed Services YMCA provides more than 30 programs and services on a year-round basis. Programs and services differ between installations, largely in response to local needs and conditions. Outreach activities are available on a limited basis at Fort Greely. Two military courtesy lounges are provided to the traveling military: the Atwood Military Lounge at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and a facility at the Fairbanks International Airport. Low cost transportation for all military personnel is provided through the shuttle van service , giving rides to those in need. At press time, the fee was $1 each way. For Fort Wainwright rides, call 353-3733. The ASYMCA operates the Thrift Store on Fort Wainwright at 102nd Street and Chestnut Street in the north post area. The Thrift Store features seasonal sales and discount programs, such as Operation Giveaway, throughout the year. Consignments and donations are accepted. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Call (907) 356-1211. Known as the “go-to” organization, the Armed Services YMCA of Alaska provides support to organizational clubs (e.g. booster clubs, Family Readiness Groups, etc.) and individuals in need. “Filling the gap” is a trademark of the “Y.” For more information on the Armed Services YMCA, call 353-5962 on Fort Wainwright. VETERINARY SERVICES The U.S. Army Veterinary Services-Alaska provides veterinary care for all Department of Defense installations throughout the state. Questions about policies regarding pets in Alaska can be directed to the branch chief at Fort Wainwright, (907) 361-3013. If you need further assistance, contact the Commander at the Alaska District Veterinary Command at (907) 361-5452. Animal companionship can be especially beneficial to a service Family stationed in Alaska, but it should be emphasized pets are a privilege and keeping them on post entails many responsibilities. Each Family residing on-post is authorized up to two pets, which must be registered with the post veterinarian within five days of arrival and must be micro-chipped. The Army’s housing manager and partner in privatized housing at forts Greely and Wainwright, North Haven Communities, charge a deposit for each animal in housing ($250 per animal as of June 2011). For updated information about pet deposits, policies and fees go to www.nhcalaska.com . Pet owners are responsible for the well-being of their animals, as well as the sanitation of the environment. Owners who cannot adequately care for and maintain their pets will be asked to remove them from the installation. Indoor pets are the easiest to maintain because of the restrictive climate and compactness of the Family housing area. There are strict regulations about the types of pets that may be kept outdoors and the environmental temperatures at which they must be removed to proper shelter. Alaska winters pose a significant health risk to most pet breeds if required to spend significant lengths of time outdoors. Owners of parrots and other birds should contact their local USDA or state agriculture department prior to coming to Alaska to learn the most recent regulations governing movement of these birds through Canada to Alaska. Veterinary services available include immunizations for rabies and other animal diseases, post registration, micro-chipping, health certificate examinations and sick call with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for infectious diseases. Boarding and hospitalization are not available, and surgery capability is limited. Due to availability of civilian veterinarians in the local communities and limitations of the military veterinary services, emergency care should be sought off-post. Fort Wainwright’s Veterinary Treatment Facility is in Building 3597 Oak Avenue. Veterinary services is open weekdays from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m. Personnel may schedule appointments by calling (907) 361-3013. For more information, you may access the USAG-AK Regulations 210-11 — Registration and Control of Animals and USAG-AK 40-1 — Zoonosis Control and Operation of Veterinary Treatment Facilities from the United States Army Alaska website at www.usarak.army.mil/vet . SPOUSES’ CLUB The Fort Wainwright Community Spouses’ Club is open to spouses of active duty and retired military members in all branches of the Armed Services who are assigned, attached or living at Fort Wainwright as well as active military members and Department of Defense civilians and their spouses. The purpose of the club is philanthropic in nature. Civic and welfare projects are conducted for the benefit of Fort Wainwright and select organizations from the local community, while fostering a spirit of friendship, support and goodwill for its members through education, volunteerism and participation in community affairs. For the last 25 years, in October, the Fort Wainwright CSC has been host to the famous Holly Days Bazaar that brings in thousands of holiday shoppers looking for homemade crafts and unique Alaska gifts. With more than 100 vendors from across the state, the bazaar historically raises $20,000 or more each year, and the money is then used to enhance the educational opportunities for students, both young and old, in the form of scholarships. In addition, the Fort Wainwright CSC is able to give generously to local nonprofits both on and off post. Throughout the year, Fort Wainwright CSC members participate in monthly meetings, social functions and funfilled events. Fun-loving and innovative members are always needed. For more information, write to: CSC President, P.O. Box 35054, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703, or visit www.wainwrightcsc.org .




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