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DoD SkillBridge-approved internships are various job opportunities providing real-life experience to active-duty military members who are transitioning into civilian life. You can apply for a SkillBridge internship if you’re in the final 180 days of your military service. The program offers a wide range of evolving training, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities from companies that partner.

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How to Find DoD SkillBridge-Approved Internships

You can find DoD SkillBridge-approved internships online. The SkillBridge website offers many different options and different ways to search. Opportunities can change depending on organizational needs. Here’s how to find a DoD SkillBridge internship that’s right for you.

Search Through Organizations

You’ll find that over 1,700 different private-sector companies are offering DoD Skillbridge internships and similar opportunities. Searching through these organizations can take time but depending on the industry you wish to pursue, skills you need to learn, etc., searching by organization can be a great place to start.

Search By Location

When looking for SkillBridge internships, location matters. After all, it’s hard to work in one place and serve in another. Depending on the nature of your job and military service, searching by location can help you pinpoint the options available near your home base so that you can plan accordingly.

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Contact SkillBridge

The amount of DoD SkillBridge-approved companies and opportunities is vast; however, you may need help finding exactly what you are looking for. Thankfully, contacting SkillBridge is an easy process. You can find internships and gain assistance from staff knowledgeable about the program and how to get started with your civilian career.

Notable Opportunities in Tech

Again, with so many different companies working within the program, there are many ways to go about finding the right fit for you.

If you’re looking to search for a specific industry, such as healthcare, aerospace/defense, cybersecurity, etc., you’ll find it all here. However, some companies are known for their extensive commitment to the program.

Below, we’re breaking down two great opportunities for DoD SkillBridge-approved internships with a focus on tech-related experiences:

Equinix offers comprehensive network communications services, including data centers, connectivity, professional services, and much more.

You'll focus on providing applications, cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions, as Equinix helps companies scale quickly to launch digital services and enhance customer experiences.

There are over 220 data centers across five continents, and Equinix helps clients gain a competitive edge through its strategic locations, partners, and opportunities.

If you're looking to hone your skills and make an impact in the digital world, Equinix is an attractive internship opportunity for you.

Transition Overwatch offers an end-to-end program that includes tailored training, personalized support, and a supportive community to help military members transition smoothly into civilian careers.

The program covers career discovery, interview readiness, and professional development opportunities, with particular demand for the software developer internship.

Once a job offer is received, participants are guided through the acceptance process and provided with on-the-job support for the first twelve months of their new career.

Let DoD SkillBridge-Approved Internships Jumpstart Your Civilian Career

If you’re on the fence about DoD SkillBridge-approved internships, it’s a great avenue to pursue. Entering civilian life is already an adjustment enough. If you’re leaving a life of service, getting started with the SkillBridge program is a great way to get hands-on experience in your new career sooner.

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