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Are you ready to depart on your next adventure in the Mountain Post known as Fort Carson, Colorado? Now that you’ve received your orders, you may be stressing about finding a place to live. House hunting under any conditions can be overwhelming but it’s amplified when you’re moving somewhere you’ve probably never been before. We’ve put together this guide to help you find out about the housing options available on post.

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Fort Carson Colorado: In-Depth Welcome Center

Fort Carson BAH

You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search. To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

Fort Carson Barracks

Unaccompanied Personnel housing is for single or unaccompanied soldiers from the rank of E5 or below and can be reached by calling the Directorate of Public Works Housing Services Office at 1 (719) 526-9413 for barrack options. Fort Carson Housing Office

Fort Carson Housing Office

The Housing Services Office should be your first stop. This office offers relocation services and information and support for soldiers and their families as they get settled into their new surroundings. There’s a Meet and Greet held every third Friday of the month for newcomers. Click here for more information.

Fort Carson Housing Services Office

1225 Evans St. Fort Carson, CO 80913


: 1 (719) 526-4388 Fort Carson Housing Options

Fort Carson Housing Options

For families and those of higher rank, you can contact Fort Carson Family Homes at 1 (719) 579-1606 to check the availability of privatized housing for your rank and family size.

Fort Carson Family Homes

Fort Carson Family Homes has single-family, duplex, and townhome floor plans that range from two to five bedrooms. On-post housing boasts 16 pet-friendly (even large dogs!) neighborhoods with amenities like playgrounds, athletic courts, recreational trails, and community gardens. Residents in Fort Carson Family Homes can enjoy the convenience of on-site management and maintenance, curbside trash and recycling pick-up, lawn care services, and a calendar full of resident activities and events. School-age children living in Fort Carson Family Homes can enroll and attend one of the four elementary schools or one middle school found on post. These are not Department of Defense schools; they’re part of Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8. For more schooling information visit our in-depth guide here. Applying for on-post housing is easy, but don’t hesitate to call a leasing specialist at 1 (719) 579-1606 if you have questions.

Family Housing Welcome Center

6800 Prussman Blvd. Fort Carson, CO 80913


: 1 (719) 579-1606


  • Monday, Tuesday and Friday

    - 0800 to 1700
  • Wednesday

    - 0800 to 1900
  • Thursday

    - 0900 to 1700
  • Saturday and Sunday

    - 1000 to 1600
Note: Fort Carson Family Homes is open for active-duty military personnel of a certain rank stationed at Fort Carson. Select neighborhoods are open to other qualified applicants, including military retirees, DOD employees, and those with Certificates of Non-availability.

1. Apache Village


: E1-E6 The Apache Village neighborhood offers three-bedroom ranch-style homes with a fully equipped kitchen, master suite, patio, and carport. Families living in Apache Village enjoy several amenities just steps away: playgrounds, a basketball court, and access to recreational trails. This neighborhood is close to Abrams Elementary School, Mountainside Elementary School, Gate 3, and the Shoppette.

2. Arapahoe Village


: E1-E6; DOD employees Conveniently located just steps from Mountainside Elementary School, Arapahoe Village offers both two- and three-bedroom multiplex homes with central heating and air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, patios, exterior storage, and fenced-in backyards. Arapahoe residents enjoy a variety of playgrounds, a basketball court, and access to recreational trails.

3. Blackfoot Hill


: E8-9 The Blackfoot Hill neighborhood includes three- and four-bedroom single-family homes with porches, open floor plans, master suites, fenced-in backyards, and garages. This neighborhood offers several playgrounds and is conveniently located near Carson Middle School, Patriot Elementary School, and Evans Army Community Hospital.

4a. Cherokee Village East


: E1-E6 Cherokee Village East offers residents a choice of three- and four-bedroom townhomes within walking distance of Mountainside Elementary School, multiple playgrounds, and a basketball court. A fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar, open floor plan, master suite, patio, and fenced-in backyard are just a few of the features residents enjoy in Cherokee Village East homes.

4b. Cherokee Village West


: E1-E6; military retirees and DOD employees Cherokee Village West has a variety of two-, three- and four-bedroom homes with fully equipped kitchens, central heating, air conditioning, and fenced-in backyards. Cherokee Village West residents live within walking distance to Mountainside Elementary School and enjoy several playgrounds in the neighborhood.

5. Cheyenne Village


: E5-E6 Cheyenne Village has two-, three- and four-bedroom duplex and fourplex-style homes featuring central heating and air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, and fenced-in backyards. There are several nearby playgrounds and basketball courts and it’s close to Patriot Elementary School, Carson Middle School, and Evans Army Community Hospital.

6. Chippewa Village


: E1-E4 The four-bedroom townhomes in Chippewa Village feature open floor plans, master suites, ceiling fans, garages, and fenced-in backyards for its residents. This neighborhood is conveniently located adjacent to Weikel Elementary School and is just a short drive away from the PX and Commissary.

7. Choctaw Village


: E1-E6; military retirees and DOD employees In the Choctaw Village neighborhood, you’ll find two- and three-bedroom townhomes with modern kitchens, central heating, and air conditioning, exterior storage, and fenced-in backyards. Choctaw residents have a variety of playgrounds and sports courts nearby and within walking distance of the Youth Center and PX.

8. Comanche Village


: E5-E6 You’ll find Comanche Village right inside Gate 3 and near Abrams Elementary School. Residents of this neighborhood live in three- and four-bedroom townhomes that boast open floor plans, master suites, garages, and patios. Living in Comanche Village means you get to enjoy the convenience of two large playgrounds and a basketball court right in your neighborhood.

9. Dakota Ridge


: E5-E6 The Dakota Ridge neighborhood includes four-bedroom homes located near Patriot Elementary School, Carson Middle School, and Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club. Home amenities including a garage, open floor plans, and patios.

10. Iroquois Village


: E8-E9, O1-O3 Conveniently located near the PX and Commissary, Carson Middle School, and the Fort Carson Homes Community Center and its amenities, the Iroquois Village neighborhood offers three- and four-bedroom duplex homes with two-car garages, patios, and master suites.

11. Kiowa Village


: E6-E7 The Kiowa Village neighborhood includes two-, three- and four-bedroom townhomes that boast ceiling fans, garages, patios, and fully equipped modern kitchens. This neighborhood is within walking distance of Patriot Elementary School and Carson Middle School, and offers easy access to recreational trails and several playgrounds.

12. Navajo Village


: E6-E7, O1-O3, W1-W3 Navajo Village consists of two-, three- and four-bedroom townhomes right inside Gate 5, near Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club and the South Community Center. Fully equipped kitchens, central heating and air conditioning, garages, patios, and fenced-in backyards are just a few of the features residents enjoy while living in Navajo Village.

13. Pawnee Village


: E1-E6 Pawnee Village residents choose from two- and three-bedroom townhomes with ceiling fans, fully equipped kitchens, patios, and fenced-in backyards. This neighborhood is convenient to Gate 3, the Shoppette and Abrams Elementary School, and offers residents easy access to several playgrounds and recreational trails.

14. Shoshoni Village


: E1-E6 The two- and four-bedroom ranch-style homes in Shoshoni Village have ceiling fans, patios and fenced-in backyards for its residents. Like Pawnee Village, this neighborhood is conveniently located near Gate 3, the Shoppette, and Abrams Elementary School.

15. Sioux Village


: E1-E6 In the Sioux Village neighborhood, you’ll find three-bedroom homes with fenced-in backyards, carports, and patios. Sioux Village is situated near Abrams Elementary School, basketball courts, recreational trails, and playgrounds.

16. Ute Hill


: O4-O9 Ute Hill boasts larger homes with several floor plan layouts in three-, four- and five-bedroom options. Residents in this neighborhood enjoy open floor plans, central heating, and air conditioning, garages, and huge fenced-in backyards. This neighborhood encompasses two playgrounds and provides access to recreational trails.


While moving to a new place can be stressful, there are so many great housing options to be found on-post in Fort Carson. Depending on your rank and family’s needs, there’s sure to be a home that’s perfect for you. Make sure to start looking for housing as soon as you can as housing is limited. Check availability based on rank and waiting lists through the above information or by contacting the Fort Carson Housing Services Office. We hope you enjoy your new home!

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