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Welcome to Fort Drum. With new orders comes the search for a new home. You don’t need the added stress that comes with doing all the research from scratch, so this guide should be your first step to finding a place for you and your family. There are lots of housing options to choose from at Fort Drum, and all the on-post amenities you could want. Read on for a full list of each of them and what they offer, so you can find out what works best for you.

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Fort Drum BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is provided for you based on your rank and location. BAH is given if housing on post is not available and you are looking at living in the surrounding area. Even though there are great options for living at Fort Sill, there are just as many options in the civilian population. You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search. To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

Fort Drum Barracks

Single soldier housing for soldiers who are single and unaccompanied and who are below the rank of E5 is available. Information about single soldier barrack options can be accessed by calling 1 (315) 772-6668. This is a great option for soldiers arriving on post without any dependents in tow. Fort Drum Housing Office

Fort Drum Housing Office

The Housing Office at Fort Drum is here to help you get the information you need to plan and organize your move. They have the expertise you need to coordinate those little details you might not be thinking of, and to help you tackle the big stuff. They also have extra information about on-post living that you can only get on the ground.

Fort Drum Housing Office

10720 Mount Belvedere Boulevard Fort Drum, NY 13602


: 1 (315) 772-9397


: Monday through Friday 0700-1630 Fort Drum Housing Options

Fort Drum Housing Options

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes

Fort Drum on-post housing is LendLease Military Housing. They offer standalone homes with 2-4 bedrooms and a host of desirable amenities. Living in one of Mountain Community Homes’s offerings, you could find yourself with a fireplace, garage, washer and dryer, and more. JNCOs and FGOs can look forward to massive four-bedroom offerings well-equipped for families. Get started by looking over their website and applying here.

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes

P-10720 Mt. Belvedere Blvd Clark Hall/Room A2-54 Fort Drum, NY 13602


: 1 (844) 694-0605


: Even though some villages may include all ranks, only certain units within that village may be available to certain ranks.

1. JENL/JNCO Neighborhood Thousand Islands


: E1-E6 Thousand Islands homes offer a convenient floor plan with two bedrooms and one bathroom. There are air conditioning units included, plenty of closet space, and an outdoor space that’s either a balcony or fenced-in yard, Thousand Islands homes come with a garage with room for a single car, along with extra space for parking in the front. When you live here, you also get 24-hour access to emergency maintenance services.

2. JNEL/JNCO Neighborhood Moose


: E1-E6 Moose floor plans are two bedroom, one bathroom with plenty of closet space. Homes come with cable jacks in the living room and in the bedrooms. Also included you’ll find garbage disposal, gas stove, programmable thermostat, and outdoor space.

3. JNEL/JNCO Neighborhood Fawn


: E1-E6 Fawn floor plan homes are also two bedroom, one bathroom with a very similar layout to the previous two entries. These homes come with a one-car garage and extra parking space out front, garbage disposal, gas stove, and outdoor space. All homes are cable ready and have washer and dryer hookups.

4. JNEL/JNCO Neighborhood Puma


: E1-E6 Puma homes are two bedroom, one bathroom floor plans. They come with lots of closets and cable jacks in the bedrooms and living room, along with air conditioner units. They have several safety features and an annual home checkup to make sure they’re functioning properly. Include each location, type of unit, and contact info

5. JNEL/JNCO Neighborhood Lake Placid


: E1-E6 Lake Placid homes are two-story layouts with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There’s plenty of space and lots of closets, including a walk-in closet in the master. There’s a garage, cable access in the living room and bedrooms, air conditioners, and more. With one bathroom on the main floor and two on the second floor, you’ll never find yourself fighting for your turn. Lake Placid floor plans offer lots of room for entertaining, and for tackling projects in the spacious garage.

6. JENL Neighborhood Fir


: E1-E3 Fir homes are similar to Puma homes but are reserved for JENL ranks. They also include outdoor space and an extra parking spot in front, in addition to the garage. They’re three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two stories tall. The master bath in an en suite. Additionally, all features included in the others are included, like 24-hour emergency maintenance and air conditioning.

7. JENL Neighborhood Trout


: E1-E3 Trout homes are one-story homes with a basement. There’s a large master with en suite bathroom on the ground floor, and two additional bedrooms on the basement floor. There’s a large storage downstairs, along with an immense laundry room.

8. JNCO Neighborhood Spruce


: E4-E6 Spruce floor plans are three bedrooms, three bathrooms with a large kitchen. They offer a fenced-in yard and garage. There’s a single bathroom on the main floor and two more on the second. The master has an en suite bathroom. There are yearly maintenance checks for the smoke/CO2 detector.

9. JNCO Neighborhood Cougar


: E4-E6 Cougar homes are three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, with an en suite bathroom in the master. The two other bedrooms on the second floor share access to a bathroom. These homes come with a garage and a fenced-in yard.

10. CGO/SNCO Neighborhood Perch


: E7-E8, O1-O3 Perch home layouts are similar to Cougar and Spruce but have a two-car garage and a large kitchen island. They have the same three bedroom, three bathroom floor plan, and a fenced-in yard with all the amenities of the others.


Finding a place to live on post at Fort Drum doesn’t have to be a chore. Make sure that your first call is to the housing office to get any tips or recommendations they have for you. The staff there have been through this countless times, even if you haven’t, and they have the expertise to make your move painless. Check out all these options for life on base and make sure you find what’s right for you. We’ve compiled 19 of the best things to do in Fort Drum, NY — from museums to outdoor activities & nearby attractions for the family — find it all here!  

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