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Congratulations, recruit. Or should we say SOLDIER?! If you’ve landed here, that means that Fort Jackson graduation is only steps away and is the last barrier between you and years of honorable service to your country. Either that or you’re preparing to attend graduation for a friend or loved one. Either way, Fort Jackson basic graduation is a momentous occasion, so it’s good to know what to expect before going in. Let’s cover the basics of your basic graduation.

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Fort Jackson Graduation Basics

You’re part of one of many units to be proudly graduating from basic at the prestigious Fort Jackson Army base in South Carolina. As such, there are many rolling graduation dates throughout the year. For the most up-to-date Fort Jackson graduation schedule, you can visit the official webpage here. For visitors, you can find Fort Jackson just off of I-77 in central SC. To get into the base, you’ll want to use Gate 4 on Boyden Arbor Rd., which is generally open all weekdays from 0500 to 1800. Amtrak and Greyhound both provide transportation services nearby, and local taxi services, like Blue Ribbon and Uber, provide full access to Fort Jackson. When entering the base for Fort Jackson basic training graduation, you’ll need to present the following documents at the gate to receive a vehicle pass:
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Vehicle registration
This is very important to remember; without these items, you will not be granted access to the base for graduation.

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What To Wear to Basic Training Graduation Fort Jackson

If you’re a friend or family member who’s familiar with Army uniforms, they’ll be wearing their Class A Uniform. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is the formal uniform for the Army. As such, you’ll want to match that level of dress when you attend. Think Sunday best or business attire. Definitely don’t go in wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Fort Jackson Hotels for Graduation

If you’re coming in from out of state to attend graduation, you’ll need to be aware of your lodging options. Depending on the graduating class’s size and the date, hotels in the area may start filling up early (especially those on or right next to the base), so book your room at one of the following hotels as soon as you know your recruit’s graduation date.

Comfort Inn & Suites

Fort Jackson Main Gate 7337 Garners Ferry Rd. Columbia, SC 29209

Motel 6 Columbia

7541 Nates Road Columbia, SC 29223

Hampton Inn Columbia Northeast

1551 Barbara Drive Columbia, SC 29223

La Quinta Inn

Fort Jackson Main Gate 7333 Garners Ferry Rd Columbia, SC 29209

Econo Lodge Fort Jackson

4488 Fort Jackson Blvd. Columbia, SC 29209

Quality Inn & Suites

Fort Jackson Main Gate 7251 Garners Ferry Road Columbia, SC 29209

Fairfield Inn & Suites

120 Blarney Drive Columbia, SC 29233

More Fort Jackson Graduation Information


: Unfortunately, your furry friends will not be able to attend Fort Jackson graduation, so leave little Bella and Rex at home for this one. Of course, service animals are the exception to the rule.


: Fort Jackson is located in Eastern Standard Time, so if you’re visiting from far away, don’t forget to account for the time change when you’re making your plans so you don’t miss the ceremony.


: Military bases have extremely strict rules regarding cell phone usage while in your vehicle. Even if you have your phone on speaker, you can and will be fined for holding your phone in your hand while driving on base, no matter if you’re looking at it or not. Use a hands-free connection or keep the phone in the seat.

Enjoy Fort Jackson Graduation!

Whether you’re a recruit who’s getting ready to start their career or a proud family member watching them walk across the stage for basic training graduation, Fort Jackson welcomes you with open arms. Fort Jackson graduation isn’t a moment you’re soon to forget, so make sure to follow all the rules and keep this info in mind so that the day goes as smoothly as possible.

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