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Fort Riley iSportsman is an outdoor enthusiast’s best friend. Anyone who likes to hunt, fish, or really do anything outside on base is gonna wanna know what this portal is all about before heading out on their next adventure. Is your interest piqued? Read on to learn more!

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Fort Riley iSportsman: Your Outdoor Recreation Sidekick

What is iSportsman Fort Riley? It’s an all-in-one website that provides you everything you need to know about outdoor recreation on your beautiful Kansas military installation. Of the 101,000 acres that make up Fort Riley, about 71,000 acres are managed for multiple uses. From big game hunting to fishing to horseback riding and more, Fort Riley has one of the most expansive outdoor rec offerings around. To make every adventure on base easier, Fort Riley iSportsman is your guide to permits, open areas, regulations, maps, news, and more. All you need to do to get started is make an account by visiting the iSportsman Fort Riley home page, clicking “My Account” and then clicking “Register. You’ll be asked to put in basic information, like a username, password, your own name, DOB, and DoD email address.

Fort Riley Hunting Map and Other Maps

By clicking “Maps” and then “Maps” one more time, you’ll be taken to a page on the iSportsman site with a long list of hyperlinks. Each one of these is a PDF map of the activity stated on the link. There are general outdoor rec maps, access point maps, deer management maps, and a ton of dove field maps. Print these out and take them with you to reference while you’re adventuring on base. By clicking “Maps” and then “Interactive Outdoor Recreational Map,” you’ll be taken to an interactive map of all the recreational activities on base. Click the stacked square button on the left to select the layers you want from options such as
  • Fishing ponds.
  • Archery-only areas.
  • Roads.
  • Training areas.
  • Off-limits zones.
  • Youth and handicapped hunting.
This map basically gives you access to the Fort Riley fishing report, hunting report, and reports for all other activities on a daily basis. The legend (shown by clicking the three-line button on the left) will show you what’s where with clear outlines and a color-coding system so you can see what’s closed or open. To keep this map up-to-date, those taking part in recreational activities are asked to check into and out of all recreation zones after watching the required Outdoor Recreation Briefing video. If you come across any hazards during your outing, you can report them here.

Fort Riley Hunting Activities

Interested in elk hunting? Fort Riley, Kansas, provides, as the base is home to the largest free-ranging herd in the state. Here are more hunting opportunities you’ll have:
  • Turkey.
  • Deer.
  • Dove.
  • Prairie chicken.
  • Ring-necked pheasant.
  • Bobwhite quail.
  • Rabbit.
  • Squirrel.

Explore Fort Riley iSportsman Today

Whether you’re looking to take part in Fort Riley fishing, hunting, or any of the other recreational activities (like morel mushroom hunting, cycling, and horseback riding), Fort Riley iSportsman will always be there to make your experience the best one possible.

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