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If you’re an avid hunter, fisher, or general outdoorsy type and you live on a military base or post, iSportsman can make your life a lot easier. Available on bases across the country, iSportsman allows you to get recreational licenses and check into and out of recreational activities provided by the installation. Fort Stewart iSportsman is offered to everyone on post who wants to partake in these activities.

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What Fort Stewart iSportsman Offers

Fort Stewart iSportsman provides an all-encompassing website that allows you to purchase permits (for hunting and fishing on Fort Stewart), check the status of popular recreational areas, check into areas, read standard operating procedures for different activities, and brush up on Fort Stewart hunting regulations.

Area Status Maps

By going to the Fort Stewart iSportsman area status map, you’re able to look at the hundreds of recreational areas around the post. The areas on the Fort Stewart hunting map are color-coded to indicate their availability. Red means the area is currently closed, green means the area is open, and gray indicates that the area is either unavailable or permanently closed. Through a drop-down menu, you can check areas by activity. Fort Stewart has nearby fishing and even alligator hunting, and this map allows you to track where you can participate in these activities.

Permits & Licenses

It’s incredibly easy to get your hunting and fishing licenses through Fort Stewart iSportsman. Instead of having to go to a busy licensing office, you can do it all online through their registration portal. To get any license or permit, you first have to watch the Fort Stewart iSportsman safety video and pass the subsequent 25-question test. This test is an annual requirement for anyone looking to get Fort Stewart fishing or hunting licenses. Once the test has been completed, you can select the permits you wish to acquire, add them to your cart, purchase them, and then print them out.

Activity Check-In & Check-Out

After you have your Fort Stewart fishing pass, you can do what you came to do in the first place! When you’re ready to cast a line, go online to the Fort Stewart iSportsman portal and log in. From here, you can click “Check-In/Out” on the top navigation bar to let officials know you’re in the area. It’s not enough to just have your Fort Stewart fishing permit; you are always required to check in and check out of an area every time you want to enjoy an activity, whether it be fishing, hunting, or anything else. When checking out, you’ll also be required to input information on any game or harvest you collected while you were there. Even if you do not collect anything, you will have to input this information into the system.

How To Register

Registering through iSportsman for recreational activities is simple. All you need to do is go to https://ftstewart.isportsman.net/ and hit “register” in the top navigation bar. You’ll be asked to create a username and password and input your personal information, like your name and date of birth. Then, you can add your military email address, and you’ll be finished! You have to register before you’re able to purchase permits and check into and out of recreation sites.

Contact the Fort Stewart Recreation Office for More Info

When you’re ready to partake in Fort Stewart hunting or fishing, Fort Stewart iSportsman makes it an absolute breeze for everyone involved. Still, questions may arise. If you find yourself confused about a policy, wanting more information about upcoming events hosted by the installation, or needing help with any other concerns, you can contact the MWR Outdoor Recreation Office on-post by calling

1 (912) 435-8205


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