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Hawaii Board of Education (BOE) regulations include compulsory attendance exceptions recognizing home schooling as a viable alternative for child education. Military parents and guardians are encouraged to become familiar with the BOE’s requirements for home schooling in Hawaii. The regulations are found in the Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 12, and sections 13 through 22. For more information, go to www.hawaiiboe.net/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule12.aspx.

The Department of Education requires parents/guardians to officially inform the HIDOE with a notice of intent using a DOE Form 4140 or a letter of intent containing the following information: Child(ren) name(s) and birthdate(s), residential address, point of contact phone number, grade level last completed and parental signature. This notice of intent acknowledges, as a matter of record, the parent’s intent to home school and allows the HIDOE to assist parents in their educational efforts. It is recommended parents send the letter certified/return receipt as the letter serves as proof that home schooling is the educational choice of the parent.

HIDOE home school support:

Home-schooled children may participate in the HIDOE statewide testing program at the local public school in their residential area or parents may arrange for private testing at their own expense. For students with special education needs, special education services are made available to any student age 3 to 22 who demonstrates a need for specially designed instruction, after an eligibility determination. Eligibility is determined by an evaluation to determine the nature and extent of the student’s needs. Students eligible for special education may receive some or all of those services listed in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) at the school.

Home schooling and high school credits:

A student can earn a high school diploma by achieving a satisfactory GED test score, which is administered by community schools. The diploma reflects high school equivalency through adult education. Call the high school in your residential area, or your branch school liaison, for complete details on home-schooling and high school questions.

Home schooling notes:

Parents are required to submit Hawaii Form 4140 or a letter of intent to their residential school but do not need to enroll their student in school if home schooling, nor are they required to fill out Impact Aid cards as they do not apply to home-schooled children. Home-schooled students do not need to provide a birth certificate, proof of residency, TB clearance or Form 14 physical examination forms.

Families are required to notify the principal if home schooling is terminated or if another educational program is initiated. For more information, contact the school that serves your residential area.




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