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It’s the End of the Word at the Titan Missile Museum
Titan II missile at the Titan Missile MuseumTitan II missile at the Titan Missile Museum

It’s the End of the Word at the Titan Missile Museum

If you’ve ever wanted to see an intercontinental ballistic missile without the threat of exploding, do we have the place for you! Located just south of Tucson, Arizona, the Titan Missile Museum is an ode to the past. It showcases an actual Titan II missile and the silo it never had to launch from. This unique experience provides guests with a top-side self-guided tour that shows various Cold War relics including the missile silo’s alarm system. Below, you’ll get up close and personal with the Titan II, the silo it remains in, and even get to simulate an exciting missile launch. The Titan II Missile Museum holds America’s largest land-based missile to ever be deployed for duty. Here’s what you need to know about planning your trip.

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Where Is the Titan Missile Museum?

You and your party can blast off with the Titan Missile Museum by setting the GPS to 1580 W Duval Mine Rd, Green Valley, AZ 85614. It’s a convenient location that gives visitors great proximity to local hotspots for food such as Triple Play for adults, Manuel’s Mexican, and the kid-friendly JerryBobs. Furthermore, its location is only around 31 miles south of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Explore a Cold War Era Missile Silo and More

It’s important to learn from our past for many reasons and the Titan Missile Museum allows us, in a way, to revisit it…without the pesky nuclear panic, of course! Visitors can enjoy first-hand the sights and sounds of the Cold War from the position of a missile silo once active for duty. Another unique experience allows visitors to use the actual discone antenna used by the facility since 1963, for free. To learn more about this unique program, take a look at its guidelines for Ham Radio Operators. There are also other pieces of history and memorabilia available at the missile museum gift shop.

What To Know Before Your Visit to Tucson’s Titan Missile Museum

A trip to the Titan Missile Museum is a great one for many reasons, but there are important pieces of information you’ll want to know before you go. Some of the constraints are due to the facility’s conversion from an ex-military location and are important for visitors to take into consideration:

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  • If you are a child under the age of 5 or a Member of the Arizona Aerospace Foundation your admission is $1.
  • Admission for kids 5-12 is $12, visitors 13+ pay $15.50, and senior citizens/Pima County residents can get in for $14.50.
  • During October through May, the hours of operation are 9:45 am until 5:00 pm, open 7 days a week except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. From June through September, the hours are the same, but the facility is only open Thursday through Monday.
  • The first tour of the day will begin 15 minutes after opening (10 am) and the last one runs an hour before closing (4 pm).
  • You are going to have to both descend and climb a metal grate staircase with 55 steps as well as stand for at least 45 minutes during the underground portion of the tour. There is no elevator and those who cannot access the stairs won’t have access to this portion of the tour.
  • There is, however, a virtual tour of the Titan Missile Museum available online.
  • Be sure to book your spot because the tours have a limited capacity of 26 people.
  • Strollers, backpacks, and large bags including purses are not allowed. There is no storage on site for these items.
  • Only clear bottled water is allowed.
  • Close-toed shoes are required. No heels.
  • Pictures are allowed but professional cameras, recording devices, and other equipment such as selfie sticks are not allowed.

Pets aren’t allowed but service animals are, and while there is no smoking inside, there is an area for smokers to partake outside—the general rule of thumb when at any museum is to treat it with respect. Do so here, and you’ll have a great experience.

Titan Missile Museum in Arizona Is a Time Capsule of the Cold War

Hearing about them is one thing, but getting to see what a missile looks like that is either ready to launch our country into nuclear war or protect it from the apocalypse of nuclear fallout is a unique experience for all. On top of that, you’ll also get to retrace the steps of those who served during the Cold War to keep our country safe, and either relive or discover the panic caused throughout this time in history. The Titan Missile Museum is a great stop for those passing through or residing in the community.

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