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30 of the Best Fort Gordon Restaurants (2022 Edition)
Best Fort Gordon RestaurantsBest Fort Gordon Restaurants

30 of the Best Fort Gordon Restaurants (2022 Edition)


Welcome to Georgia! Situated near Augusta on the Georgia/South Carolina border, there are plenty of exciting Southern style restaurants to discover along with the usual fare. There are many well-known chains, mom-and-pop shops, and ethnic eateries to choose from. So, as you orient yourself to your new community, you may wonder: where are the best places to eat in Fort Gordon?

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(1-7) Fast Eats on Fort Gordon
(8-19) Family & MWR Restaurants on Fort Gordon
(20-22) Yelp’s Top 3 Augusta, GA Restaurants
(23-30) Tripadvisor’s Top 8 Augusta, GA Restaurants

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Fort Gordon Restaurants

Dining options on post are available in many flavors and multiple locations.

Due to ongoing coronavirus concerns, it is best to confirm restaurant hours before you go.

Fast Eats on Fort Gordon

Fast Eats

Be sure to verify hours of operation for the Chow Halls and Fort Gordon PX Food Court.

Post Exchange Food Court

Building 38200 3d Avenue
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 793-7171

The Main PX on Fort Gordon offers a food court with the following options:

American Cuisine

1. Arby’s

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742

2. Boston Market

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742

3. Charley’s Cheese Steaks

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742

4. Subway

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742

Soul Food

5. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742


6. Starbucks

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742

Mexican Restaurants

7. Taco Bell

Phone: 1 (706) 772-9742

MWR Restaurants and Dining on Fort Gordon

Be sure to visit the Fort Gordon MWR page to check the status of restaurants due to COVID-19.

American Restaurants

8. Alternate Escapes Cafe

Address: Bldg 25722, B St Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-0785

Alternate Escapes Cafe is a full-service restaurant serving breakfast until closing, lunch, and dinner any time of the day or night. The menu features signature sandwiches, burgers, shrimp, chicken, fries, sides, and snacks. Hot and frosty coffee treats and smoothies are also available.

Fort Gordon Restaurants - Bogey's Grill

9. Bogey’s Grill

Address: Gordon Lakes Golf Club, 537 Range Rd. Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-2433

For the best views on post, head over to Bogey’s Grill! A varied lunch menu and daily specials are the best accompaniments for a great game of golf, but you don’t have to play to enjoy a meal at Bogey’s.

10. Fort Gordon Dinner Theater

Address: Performing Arts Center, Bldg 32100 3rd Ave Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 793-8552

A full season of theatrical and musical events is available at this community theater which uses both military and civilian volunteer cast and crew. It features Broadway-style musicals, plays, and special events, all with a delicious buffet meal.

11. Gordon’s Conference & Catering

Address: Bldg 18400 19th St Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (760) 791-6780

A professionally staffed event space for weddings, promotions, retirements, birthdays, and more.

12. Heroes Sports Bar

Address: Gordon Lanes Bowling Center, Bldg 33200 3rd Ave
Phone: 1 (706) 791-8716

A relaxed sports bar with food, drinks, and entertainment including karaoke, DJ’s, 18 flat screen TVs, and a volleyball court.

13. Huddle House

Address: 267 Avenue of the States Dr Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 798-3722

All day breakfast, waffles, biscuits and gravy, burgers, milkshakes, and more.

14. Jackpot Cafe

Address: Bingo Palace, Bldg 15500 Lane Ave Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 793-0003

Located in the Bingo Palace, this quick cafe specializes in hot and cold foods such as wings, chicken tenders, Philly cheesesteaks, sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

15. Kegler’s Cafe

Address: Gordon Lanes Bowling Center, Bldg 33200 3rd Ave Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 771-6907

Grills, salads, sandwiches, and burgers located in the bowling alley.

16. MWR Cafe

Address: Darling Hall, Bldg 33720 Chamberlain Ave Fort Gordon GA, 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-1330

Snacks, smoothies, and coffee located on the first floor of Darling Hall.

Domino’s Pizza on Fort Gordon


17. Domino’s Pizza

Address: Alternate Escapes, Bldg 25722, B St Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 863-6211

Asian Cuisine

18. Me Me’s & Bo Bo’s Express Chinese

Address: Bldg 36200 3rd Ave Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 792-9774

A quick and easy stop for a wide range of Chinese food for dine-in, take out, or delivery.


19. Towers Cafe

Address: Signal Towers, Bldg 29808 506 Chamberlain Ave Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-5849

A convenient coffee stop on the first floor of Signal Towers with hold and cold beverages to start your day as well as smoothies and breakfast and lunch items.

Restaurants Near Fort Gordon

Top 3 Yelp Reviewed Restaurants

20. Korean Food Express

Address: 2857 Tobacco Rd Ste 6 Hephzibah, GA 30815
Phone: 1 (706) 798-2221

A family owned Korean Barbecue restaurant, this is a favorite for families in the area. With a wide menu including authentic Korean food, the portions are generous and the price is very reasonable. The chicken bulgogi lunch box is particularly well reviewed.

21. Eat It All BBQ

Address: 3342 Deans Bridge Rd Augusta, GA 30906
Phone: 1 (706) 955-8995

Open Wed-Sat, this hidden gem features an authentic southern, Georgia-style barbecue with ribs and pulled pork sandwiches along with excellent sides. You can find the restaurant by the barbecue smoke rolling off the grill.

22. Dragon Express

Address: 2174 Gordon Hwy Augusta, GA 30909
Phone: 1 (706) 733-6988

Roughly 15 minutes from Fort Gordon, this is a favorite takeout spot for many in the area with fast service and piping hot Chinese food. The restaurant itself doesn’t look like much but the food speaks for itself.

Top 8 TripAdvisor Reviewed Restaurants

23. Theresa’s Mexican Restaurant

Address: 36708 Brainard Ave Augusta, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 910-1044

In a lovely building with outdoor seating, Theresa’s has great service and good Mexican fare.

Restaurants Near Fort Gordon

24. Hosannah Fish Market

Address: 2763 Tobacco Rd Suite J Hephzibah, GA 30815
Phone: 1 (706) 798-7781

Great for fish and shrimp, this little restaurant is in a small strip mall but is a hidden gem. Try the fried fish!

25. Jamaica Way

Address: 2650 Tobacco Rd Augusta, GA 30815
Phone: 1 (706) 945-1855

Featuring the bright colors of the island of Jamaica, this spot has excellent jerk chicken and ribs and the long line of customers should be evidence that it’s worth the trip.

26. Edgar’s Grille

Address: 3165 Washington Rd Augusta, GA 30907
Phone: 1 (706) 854-4700

Top-notch American cuisine and more to be had at Edgar’s, all made with fresh and delicious ingredients. Try their signature burnt ends doused in “sweet heat” BBQ sauce.

27. Villa Europa

Address: 3044 Deans Bridge Rd Augusta, GA 30906
Phone: 1 (706) 798-6211

The Germans have a word for the feeling of comfort, warmth, and friendliness: gemütlichkeit. And that’s the spirit this authentic, German-focused yet pan-European joint wants you to feel whether you’re eating bratwurst or spaghetti.

28. Dennis Barbecue

Address: 3639 San Sebastian Dr Hephzibah, GA 30815
Phone: 1 (706) 790-5477

From heaping plates of perfectly grilled meat to fresh made pork rinds, Dennis has all the classics of southern barbecue you know and can’t get enough of.

Restaurants Near Fort Gordon

29. The Chop House

Address: 3450 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA 30909
Phone: 1 (706) 733-2244

With a dozen restaurants across four states, this small chain earned its reputation for great American food from steaks to seafood. And the Augusta Chop House location is no exception.

30. Giuseppe’s Pizza & Italian Specialties

Address: 3690 Wheeler Rd Augusta, GA 30909
Phone: 1 (706) 855-0527

From tasty antipastos to big, New York style pizzas, and all the way through a dessert cannoli, Giuseppe’s is a great place for Italian cuisine. They even offer lunch specials for a tasty, quick midday meal.


Hungry for more? Check out Visit Augusta for dozens of food and beverage listings to explore. No doubt as you settle into your new community at Fort Gordon, you will find your own particular favorites.

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