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Fort Gordon Georgia: In-Depth Welcome Center (2021 Edition)
Fort Gordon In-Depth Welcome CenterFort Gordon In-Depth Welcome Center

Fort Gordon Georgia: In-Depth Welcome Center (2021 Edition)


Welcome to Fort Gordon, Georgia, home of the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence. Fort Gordon hosts activities, training, and operations for a multiservice community of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and multinational forces. Its 55,596 acres include more than 49 training areas and 11 ranges.

Approximately 16,000 service members and 9,000 civilian employees work at Fort Gordon. Overall, the fort supports a population of approximately 80,000, including military families, contractors, retirees, and others.

The fort is home to the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, the U.S. Army Signal Corps, and the U.S. Army Cyber Corps. For a full list of units at Fort Gordon, visit the fort’s website.

Continue reading for our in-depth guide on Fort Gordon and get to know your new installation and surrounding community.

  1. Where Is Fort Gordon?
  2. Google Map View
  3. Getting There – Directions to the Post
  4. Entering Fort Gordon and Post Amenities
  5. Where Should I Live Near Fort Gordon?
  6. What Schools are Near Fort Gordon?
  7. What’s the Weather Like in Fort Gordon?
  8. Things to Do Near Fort Gordon

Where Is Fort Gordon?

Fort Gordon Headquarters
307 Chamberlain Ave.
Darling Hall, Building 33720, Suite 346
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-6300

Fort Gordon is in Georgia, just a few minutes southwest of Augusta. The city of Augusta is consolidated with Richmond County. Augusta sits along the banks of the Savannah River, which forms most of the Georgia-South Carolina border. The fort is approximately 122 miles from Savannah; 139 miles from Atlanta; and 138 miles from Charleston, South Carolina.

Fort Gordon Map

Fort Gordon Map

Fort Gordon Directions

No matter where you’re coming from, getting to Fort Gordon is a fairly easy trip. With multiple major highways crisscrossing the Augusta area, driving to and from post is no sweat.

Driving Directions to Fort Gordon

From Augusta Regional Airport
  1. Exit the airport’s main entrance and go straight on Tobacco Road.
  2. Tobacco Road leads to Fort Gordon’s Gate 5.
From East of Augusta
  1. Take Interstate 20 West to Exit 194 (Augusta).
  2. Turn left onto Jimmie Dyess Parkway (Fort Gordon).
  3. Enter Fort Gordon via Gate 1.
From West of Augusta
  1. Take I-20 East to Exit 194 (Augusta).
  2. Turn right onto Jimmie Dyess Parkway (Fort Gordon).
  3. Enter Fort Gordon via Gate 1.
From South of Augusta
  1. Take U.S. Route 25 North to I-520 (Augusta).
  2. Take I-520 (which travels north) to Exit 3A.
  3. Take U.S. Route 78/Gordon Highway West (Fort Gordon) and turn left at the third light.
  4. Enter Fort Gordon via Gate 1.
From North of Augusta
  1. Take U.S. Route 25 south to U.S. Route 78 west.
  2. U.S. Route 78 will turn into Gordon Highway.
  3. Gordon Highway West will cross over I-520 (Bobby Jones Expressway).
  4. Turn left at the third light. Enter Fort Gordon via Gate 1.

Augusta Regional Airport

There are a number of small and regional airports near Fort Gordon, but most incoming personnel arrive at Augusta Regional Airport. Augusta Regional Airport is only 13 miles from Fort Gordon (a 20-minute drive without traffic). Visit the Augusta Regional Airport website for more information on airport amenities and transportation services.

Public Transit Near Fort Gordon

Augusta Transit provides local fixed-route bus service for the Augusta region south of the Bobby Jones Expressway, including the Hephzibah, McBean, and Blythe areas. Visit the Augusta Transit website for route and fare information.

Bus Station Near Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon’s bus station is in Building 36200 on 36th Street. The station is served by Southeastern Stages and Greyhound, which provide service to many popular destinations throughout the United States. Call 1 (706) 793-0026 or visit the Southeastern Stages website or Greyhound website for fare and route information.

Fort Gordon Transportation Office

From personal property movement to freight cargo shipping, the Fort Gordon Installation Transportation Office handles it all. So when the time comes to start planning for your next PCS move, they’re the first people you should talk to.

Fort Gordon Transportation Office
307 Chamberlain Avenue
Building #33720
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: (706) 791-4184/2329/4743

Fort Gordon Transportation Office Hours

  • Monday through Friday 0730-1600

Entering Fort Gordon

Entering Fort Gordon and Post Amenities

If you do not have a valid military ID, you will have to stop at the visitor control center to gain fort access. Click here for more information on the visitor control centers at Fort Gordon.

Check-in Procedures For Incoming Personnel

For in-processing and check-in requirements and guidance for each unit at Fort Gordon, visit the Fort Gordon website. Additional relocation information can be found at the Fort Gordon Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation website.

Darling Hall Welcome Center
307 Chamberlain Ave
Building 33720
Darling Hall Welcome Center
Phone: 1 (706) 791-1922

Fort Gordon Visitor Center

There are two visitor control centers on Fort Gordon. The first center is in Building 00076, just off Gordon Highway on the east side of the post to the right of the McKenna Gate (Gate 1). It is open from 0600 to 2000 seven days a week. Call 1 (706) 791-3071 for more information. The second center is at Gate 3, and is used mainly for commercial traffic. This center is open from 0600 to 1400 Monday through Friday.

For more information on fort access and visitor centers, visit the Fort Gordon Visitor and Access Information website.

Fort Gordon Visitor Center
Augusta, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-3788

DEERS Fort Gordon

Time for a new CAC, dependent ID card, or other change to your administrative paperwork? The Fort Gordon DEERS is open for your convenience. And online appointments can help you avoid the waiting room.

Fort Gordon DEERS Office
307 Chamberlain Avenue
RM 161
Augusta, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-1930

Fort Gordon DEERS Office Hours

  • Monday through Wednesday – 0730-1515
  • Thursday – 0730-1630
  • Friday – 0730-1515

Fort Gordon Gate Hours

  • Gate 1 (McKenna Gate): Gordon Highway at Jimmie Dyess Parkway, open 24/7.
  • Gate 2: Gordon Highway at Robinson Avenue, open 0445 to 2000 Monday through Friday.
  • Gate 3: Gordon Highway. This gate is used mainly for commercial traffic. Open 0600 to 1400 Monday through Friday for commercial traffic. Open 0600 to 1800 for inbound non-commercial traffic and inbound or outbound POVs.
  • Gate 5: Tobacco Road, open 0430 to 1300 daily.

Fort Gordon Commissary

Stock your kitchen, pantry, cabinets, and anywhere else you put food, home goods, and odds-and-ends at the Fort Gordon Commissary. And all at the low prices only available to the military community.

Fort Gordon Commissary
3rd Ave. BY-PASS Bldg. 37200
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (762) 333-7610

Fort Gordon Commissary Hours

  • Tuesday through Saturday – 0900-1900
  • Sunday – 1000-1800

Fort Gordon Exchange

Bldg 38200 3rd Ave
Ft Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 793-7171

Fort Gordon Exchange Hours

  • Monday through Friday – 0900-2100
  • Saturday – 0900-2100
  • Sunday – 1000-190

Fort Gordon Barber Shops

Time for a fresh, weekly trim to keep your uniformed appearance sharp and proper? There are several great barber shops right here on Fort Gordon.

Barbershop Locations & Hours

Hospital Branch Store, Bldg. 300
Phone: 1 (706) 787-7282

  • Monday through Thursday – 0830-1600
  • Friday – 0830-1300

Troop Branch Store, Bldg. 25711
Phone: 1 (706) 796-8646

  • Monday through Friday – 1000-1700
  • Sunday – 1000-1500

Ft Gordon Main Exchange, Bldg 38200 3rd Ave
Phone: 1 (706) 793-0230

  • Monday through Friday – 0800-1900
  • Saturday – 0900-1700
  • Sunday – 1000-1700

Fort Gordon Post Office

Whether you’re sending a letter across town or a hefty package across the globe, the Fort Gordon Post Office will get your stuff where it needs to go.

Fort Gordon Post Office
411 36TH ST
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 790-3651

Fort Gordon Finance Office

From tax help to advice on money matters, the Fort Gordon Financial Readiness office is here to help service members and their families.

Fort Gordon Finance Office
Command Support Center
271 Heritage Park Lane
Building 35200
Fort Gordon, GA, 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-0844

Fort Gordon Finance Office Hours

  • Monday through Friday – 0730 – 1600

From legal assistance to paperwork preparation, the professionals and JAG personnel at the Fort Gordon Legal Assistance Division can do it all. And at no cost to servicemembers, dependents, and retirees.

Fort Gordon Legal Office
267 Heritage Park Lane, Building 35202
Phone: 1 (706) 791-7812/7813

Fort Gordon Legal Office Hours

  • Monday through Wednesday – 0800-1600
  • Thursday – 1200-1600
  • Friday – 0800-1530

Fort Gordon Library

From their sizable catalog of books to their selection of films, the Woodworth Library has a whole lot of great items available to borrow. And their interlibrary loan program means that, even if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they can get it for you.

Fort Gordon Library
549 Rice Rd.
Bldg. 33500
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 791-7323

  • Monday through Thursday – 0800-2000
  • Saturday through Sunday – 1000-1800

Fort Gordon Hotels

Fort Gordon Hotels

There are many hotels near Fort Gordon, so you’re sure to find one to fit your budget. For a full list of IHG Army Hotels and affiliated resorts in the area, visit the IHG Army Hotels website.

Candlewood Suites
Building 38300
215 Avenue of the States
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (762) 246-6100

Holiday Inn Express Griffith Hall
250 Chamberlain Ave.
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 790-3676

IHG Army Hotels Ring Hall
36700 O’ Club Drive
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: 1 (706) 790-3676

Download MyBaseGuide’s Fort Gordon Military Relocation Guide

Hot Tip: Download MyBaseGuide’s Fort Gordon Military Relocation Guide for information about hotels near Fort Gordon.

Where Should I Live Near Fort Gordon?

Where Should I Live Near Fort Gordon?

If you’re considering living on post, check out the available on-post housing options. Otherwise, read on to find out more about living off post.

Major Cities Near Fort Gordon

While some military family members live in post housing, many choose to live in nearby communities. The neighboring communities of Augusta, Blythe, and Hephzibah provide housing, employment, and other services for Fort Gordon’s military families. They offer a choice of cities big and small for you to live in while you’re stationed at Fort Gordon.

Best Places to Live Near Fort Gordon


Known as the Garden City of the South, Augusta offers its residents Southern Charm with modern amenities. The city, which is consolidated with Richmond County, has a population of nearly 200,000. It is home to golf’s Masters Tournament, the headquarters of the Professional Disc Golf Association, and a number of public and semi-private golf courses. It is also home to a number of popular parks and recreation areas. The city’s riverwalk provides access to various gardens, a playground, restaurants, museums, and the Jessye Norman Amphitheater. Fort Gordon is just southwest of the city of Augusta, so the commute to the post is reasonable (about 15 to 25 minutes, depending on traffic).


The city of Blythe is found south of the post, about 20 miles southwest of Augusta. This small, relaxed city, which calls itself “Georgia’s Best Kept Secret,” is home to approximately 700 people. The city is about 25 minutes from Fort Gordon. It has a library, a recreation center and a park. And the town’s elementary school is widely considered one of the best in Richmond County.


Located east of Blythe, Hephzibah is about 25 minutes from Fort Gordon. The city has a population of almost 4,000. It is home to the 286-acre Diamond Lakes Regional Park, which features walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, fishing ponds, sports fields and courts, and a campground. Though a small town, its economy has been slowly on the rise since 2010 with an influx of new businesses.

Look for Fort Gordon homes and apartments for rent or sale

Hot Tip: Look for Fort Gordon homes and apartments for rent or sale, and find BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military housing information at

Fort Gordon Schools

Fort Gordon Schools

There are many options for your child’s education near Fort Gordon. The state offers traditional public schools, as well as public charter schools and private schools. For younger children, there are a variety of local daycares and pre-K programs on and off post.

Fort Gordon is local to three school systems: the Richmond County School System and Columbia County School District in Georgia and the Aiken County Public School District in South Carolina.

The Fort Gordon School Support Services website has more information on area school districts, homeschooling in Georgia, special education resources, and the youth sponsorship program, which matches incoming students with a fellow student who can guide them in their new community. The website also has contact information for the post’s school liaison officer, who can provide information and guidance on area schools as well as educational resources for your children.

Find more local school information at The Best Fort Gordon Schools: Daycare – High School (2020 Edition).

Fort Gordon Weather

Fort Gordon Weather

Georgia has a humid, subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Fort Gordon gets about 42 inches of rain annually. In the summer, temperatures can soar to the 90s. In the winter, the weather is relatively mild, with highs in the 50s and 60s and lows in the 40s.

To find out more in-depth information on the weather in the area, visit Fort Gordon Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here.

Things to Do At Fort Gordon

Things to Do At Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon is located just a few minutes southwest of the city of Augusta, Georgia, which offers a ton of recreational opportunities. You can sample Southern cuisine and libations downtown, then hit up a nightclub or dancehall. Live music, comedians, ballet, stage shows and more can be found at performing arts venues around the city. Local museums tell the story of the region’s history and famous former residents, like singer James Brown and President Woodrow Wilson. Head outdoors to play a round of golf, fish in Clark Hills Lake, kayak the Augusta Canal into Lake Olmstead, or cruise down the Savannah River.

On post, there are a multitude of recreational opportunities, including bingo, bowling, camping, dinner theater, disc golf and traditional golf, riding stables, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool and spray park.

Suggested Read: 26 Of the Best Things to Do Near Fort Gordon

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Moving to a new post comes with challenges, but Fort Gordon is a great place to call home. The region offers a dynamic mix of Southern hospitality and big-city amenities. Whether you prefer a quiet walk along the river or an exciting night on the town, Fort Gordon and Augusta are sure to please.


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