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26 Of the Best Things to Do At Fort Gordon
Best Things to Do Around Fort GordonBest Things to Do Around Fort Gordon

26 Of the Best Things to Do At Fort Gordon


Welcome to Fort Gordon! As the home of the US Army Signal Corps, Cyber Corps, and the Cyber Center of excellence, chances are your time working and living here will be full of interesting training and experiences. And that’s just at work. Located in the beautiful city of Augusta, Georgia, this post offers easy access to all sorts of amazing things to do, from the thrills of urban life to the splendor of nature.

Note: Some of the addresses for activities and locations are Augusta but listed under the Fort Gordon sections. That’s because, despite their mailing addresses, they are located within the base.

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COVID-19 Notice

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, venues, and parks may be temporarily closed or operating under restricted hours. Many, if not all, of the ones listed here, are likely subject to such restrictions for the time being though new re-openings and closings occur all the time. Therefore, a place we mention here may not currently be open or available for the time being. Check individual websites provided in each section or call to find out each place’s current hours and situation.

26 Things to Do Near Fort Gordon

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(1-8) Parks, Rivers, and Lakes
(9-11) Museums
(12-13) Golfing
(14-16) Sports
(17-21) Gyms
(22) Shooting Range
(23) Movie Theaters
(24-26) Attractions

 Things to Do At Fort Gordon

Parks, Rivers, and Lakes

Fort Gordon

1. Leitner Lake Recreation Complex

MWR Lake Park Dr
Augusta, GA 30814
1 (706) 791-5078

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the woods from the comfort of a fancy RV or rough it with nothing more than a tent and sleeping back, you can do it here. They have areas for regular camping in addition to more comfy amenities like 22 RV hookup sites and a comfort station.

2. Outdoor Pool & Spray Park

The Courtyard, 36710 Brainard Ave
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-8053

Over 20 water features make this aquatic park a great way to cool off and have fun. From the 3-story slide to the kiddie pool, there’s a place for everyone to have a dip and splash around.


3. Pendleton King Park

1600 Troupe Street
Augusta, GA 30904
1 (706) 821-1578

Pendleton King Park is, essentially, a 64-acre bird sanctuary right in Augusta. But there’s much more to it than wildlife preservation. It also has hiking trails, Lake Elizabeth, a disc golf course, tennis courts, and more.

4. Phinizy Center & Nature Park

1858 Lock and Dam Road
Augusta, GA 30906
1 (706) 828-2109

Part nature park, part research and educational institution, the Phinizy Center is dedicated to protecting wetland environments. Stop by and learn all about these beautiful, vibrant ecosystems firsthand.


5. Savannah Rapids Park

3300 Evans-to-Locks Road
Martinez, Georgia 30907
1 (706) 868-3373

Seated along the Augusta Canal and Reed Creek waterfall, this park has great options for land or water based activities. Rent kayaks, bikes, or just enjoy a nice walk through the beautiful woods and waterways.


6. Patriots Park

5445 Columbia Road
Grovetown, GA 30813
1 (706) 863-7523

A large, lovely park with facilities for sports and activities of all kinds. There are fields for baseball, softball, football, and soccer, tennis courts, a full gymnasium, and more.


7. Pointes West Army Resort

703 Washington Rd
Appling, GA 30802
1 (706) 541-1057

A 30 mile drive puts this spot a little farther away from Fort Gordon than most of the other options listed here. But this resort of the shorts of Clarks Hill Lake has all the waterfront activities you could possibly want. And you can stay here any way you like: in a rented cabin, at a hotel, in your RV, or roughing it at a plain campsite.

8. Wildwood Park

3780 Dogwood Lane
Appling, GA 30802
1 (706) 541-0586

Also seated on Clarks Hill Lake, this 75-acre park offers access to the water whether you want to swim, boat, or fish. There are also areas for camping, disc golf, picnics, and more.

Fort Gordon Museums

Museums in Augusta GA

Fort Gordon

9. US Army Signal Corps Museum

504 Chamberlain Ave # 29807
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-2818/3856

As the home of the United States Army’s Signal Corps since 1948, it’s no surprise that the official museum dedicated to that vital branch is right here. Learn all about the brave men and women who’ve made communication in war possible since 1860.


10. The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson

419 Seventh Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901
1 (706) 722-9828

Although not born here, President Wilson spent his youth and adolescence from before age two right here in Augusta. Learn all about the early years of America’s 28th president.

11. Augusta Museum of History

560 Reynolds Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901
1 (706) 722-8454

Learn all about the history of the Augusta and the Central Savannah River Region, from the first known human settlements over 12,000 years ago to the present. There are all sorts of amazing signature exhibits to explore, like the Transportation Corridor and the History of Golf.

Fort Gordon Golf Courses

Fort Gordon Golf Courses

Fort Gordon

12. Gordon Lakes Golf Club

537 Range Rd
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-2433

You may not be able to play at the legendary Masters Course in Augusta, but that doesn’t mean you get in a great and challenging 18 holes. Or more, because the Gordon Lakes Golf Club has 27 total holes for a variety of different course layouts.


13. Fort Gordon Disc Golf

Wainwright Cir
Augusta, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-6433

Okay, so not technically “golf,” but it sure is fun to play. Head over and toss the disc around with friends or join the local league and get competitive about it. Either way, you’re in for a good time.

Fort Gordon Sports

14. Hilltop Riding Stable

508 N Range Rd
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (312) 780-4864

With 250 acres of trails and lessons at levels from beginner to advanced, anyone and everyone can enjoy ride after ride here. They also do birthday parties and have boarding options for any of you out there with your own horses.

15. Warrior Adventure Quest

Bldg. 36708, Brainard Ave
Augusta, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-1662

Being in the military means a lot of high-adrenaline activities, but not all of them would be considered fun. This place and program, however, is all about both. Reach out to find out about all sorts of intense leisure activities from go-kart racing to whitewater rafting.

16. Gordon Lanes Bowling Center

3rd Ave # 33200
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-3446

Knockdown some pins and have a blast right here on base at this 24-lane facility. It also has a snack bar, sports bar with pool tables, and a pro shop for any serious bowlers out there.

Fort Gordon Gyms

Fort Gordon Gyms

Just like at any other military installation physical fitness is always a priority for personnel stationed here. Not just for your health and mental well-being, but for life and work as a member of the armed forces. As such, the base MWR maintains several facilities for you to work up a good sweat and keep in shape.

Note: All gyms are currently affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some are currently closed, others operating with shortened hours, and strict distancing policies. Check each gym’s site for updates and specific guidelines.

17. Cyber Fitness Center

Bldg. 25713, 26th St
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-7370

Cardio, weights, courts for basketball and volleyball, and a sauna make this a great spot for a workout. And the Lift-a-Latte Cafe inside is a great place to grab a little recharge afterward.

18. Gordon Fitness Center

Bldg. 29607, Barnes Ave
Augusta, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-2369

Another location with all the weight and cardio gear you’d need, plus another Lift-a-Latte. It also has a spin classroom, group fitness classes, and massage therapy.

19. Indoor Pool

Bldg. 21608, Barnes Ave
Augusta, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-3034

Enjoy year-round aquatic athletic training at this heated, 7-lane pool. They also offer swim classes for kids aged 6 months and up and lifeguard training for those over age 15.

20. Victory Fitness Center

Bldg. 25510, Brainard Ave
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-2864

Cardio and weights, of course, plus a sauna and yet another Lift-a-Latte. This gym also has CrossFit equipment and instruction available.

21. Nelson Fitness Center

Bldg. 21713, 21st St
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-6872

Another location with courts for basketball, racquetball, and volleyball in addition to the usual workout equipment. And a fourth Lift-a-Latte location to enjoy.

Fort Gordon Shooting Range

22. Tactical Advantage Sportsman’s Complex (TASC)

Bldg. 00445, Carter Rd
Augusta, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-5078

With ranges for skeet, trap, archery, and more there’s plenty of shooting you can enjoy at the TASC on Range 14. They also have firearms for checkout, a pro shop for archery and firearm accessories. And they rent out general recreation equipment as well, from kayaks and bikes to bounce houses.

Fort Gordon Movie Theaters

Fort Gordon Movie Theaters

23. Regal Augusta Exchange & IMAX

1144 Agerton Lane
Augusta, GA 30909
1 (844) 462-7342

Located in the Marketplace at Augusta shopping complex, this multiple-screen cineplex is the best place in town to go for the newest box office hits. With cozy seats and a full concession stand, you’ll enjoy your next movie night here in comfort.


24. Community Garden

134 Brainard Ave
Augusta, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-9483

The community garden is a great place for members of the local military community to gather, learn, and grow both themselves and beautiful flora. There’s a gardening club you can join and a children’s program to teach youngsters how to tend plants of all kinds.

25. Woodworth Library

Building 33500, 549 Rice Rd
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 791-7323

For some people, nothing out there beats a good book. And this library is a great place to go if you want to grab a new, engrossing read. They also offer events for children like story times and summer reading programs.

26. Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre

Bldg. 32100, 3rd Ave
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
1 (706) 793-8552

You don’t have to take a trek to Broadway to enjoy great theater. This venue offers professionally-run, year-round performances of shows. Plus, their entertainment program offers additional sources of enjoyment like outdoor concerts, talent shows, and youth theater productions.

Things to Do At Fort Gordon


Fort Gordon, and the greater Augusta region, offer a whole lot of great activities to those lucky enough to be stationed here. You can hit the links, hit the shooting range, see a play, and camp out under the stars all in one day without ever going far from the base. Suffice it to say, boredom will be the last thing on your mind here at the home of the Signal Corps.


The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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