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Camp Pendleton Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Camp Pendleton WeatherCamp Pendleton Weather

Camp Pendleton Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Southern California’s reputation for fantastic weather is well deserved. The stereotypical sunshine and soft ocean breezes are the reality more often than not. And with Camp Pendleton’s location just north of beautiful San Diego and a few hours south of Los Angeles (depending on that city’s legendary traffic congestion, of course), it’s subject to some of the best beach weather in the United States.

That said, there are still differences between the seasons and certain conditions to look out for. Particularly when you’re in the field, where minor changes in weather can lead to serious challenges and health concerns.


High temps: 60s to 70s
Low temps: Low 50’s

As winter tapers off, the early spring can be a bit on the chilly and rainy side, with average lows still down in the 50s during March. So keep an umbrella and/or a good rain layer on hand. By May, most days are pretty dry and warm with temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s.


High temps: High 70s
Low temps: Low 60s

Summers on Camp Pendleton are mostly pleasant and sunny, with very little rainfall and average highs in the mid-70s. So don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen when going outside. Staying hydrated is also important when the heat is on. And the air can get pretty muggy from July into the early fall, so plan to run the fans and AC a lot when indoors.

Note: Dehydration and heatstroke can become problems for personnel training or for anyone exercising outside so plan accordingly.

Camp Pendleton Weather in the Fall


High temps: Mid 70s to 60s
Low temps: Low 40s to 50s

The end of summer is by no means the end of the hot and humid weather. The air can remain pretty muggy all the way through September into early October. And even as the humidity starts to taper off, the chances of rain begins to rise. October is also when the temperature low begins to fall into the 50s, going down even into the 40s by November.


High temps: 60s
Low temps: 40s

Temperature-wise, winters at Camp Pendleton are generally mild. Lows can dip down into the 40s, but rarely below that. And highs remain in the 60’s all through February, so you certainly won’t be trapped inside and freeing all winter. The chance for precipitation remains relatively high throughout the season, so you’ll want to stay dry in addition to staying warm.

Field & Training Expectations Year-Round at Camp Pendleton

Field & Training Expectations Year-Round

The relatively warm weather at Camp Pendleton makes some newcomers think they can ditch the rain gear before heading to the field. Don’t make that mistake. Even in warmer weather, getting soaked in the rain can be not only uncomfortable but lead to health issues if you can’t dry off and get warm. Remember, when you’re wet for a long period of time, hypothermia can set in even at springtime temperatures. So pack the GoreTex and a warming layer or two, just in case. Even during the relatively warm springs and autumns. And, as we mentioned above, dehydration is a major concern in the summer so drink water constantly. Sunscreen is also a must in the sunny seasons and bringing some aloe just in case is a smart idea. Getting burned on the first day of a lengthy op without a way to treat it can make for some painful, itchy days in the wilderness.

Where to Find Gear and Clothing at Camp Pendleton

If you’re looking for new, additional, or replacement clothing and gear to accommodate the climate at Camp Pendleton, you’ve got plenty of options. The base MCX has three locations for military clothing sales: one in Pacific Views (Area 20), another at the School of Infantry, and the third at the Mainside Marine Mart.

The Mainside Marine Mart also sells a wide array of civilian clothes that changes with the seasons. Other great, easy options for updating your wardrobe to fit the Camp Pendleton climate are the local Target and Walmart Supercenter, both just off base in Oceanside.

Camp Pendleton Weather at the Beach


For the most part, you’re going to enjoy the weather here. If you like sunshine and beach time, you’ll see more of both here than at pretty much any other duty station in the US military. As long as you’re ready for the occasional colder days and the rainy season, with plenty of water and sunscreen at the ready for the sunny days, you’ll have a great time stationed at Camp Pendleton.

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