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For avid hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds stationed at Fort Knox, today is your lucky day. You’ve just discovered the wonder of iSportsman Fort Knox. The iSportsman portal is your one-stop shop for everything related to outdoor recreation, and we’re gonna walk you through some of the best things it has to offer and how to get the most out of your account.

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What Is iSportsman Fort Knox?

The Fort Knox iSportsman portal is lots of things in one. It offers forecasts and real-time maps for hunting, fishing, and recreational spots on base, gives you easy access to purchasing your hunting and fishing licenses, and presents all recreational guidelines for the base in one spot.

Fort Knox iSportsman Login

Before you can take advantage of everything the portal has to offer you, you’ve gotta make an account and log in. iSportsman makes it easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy. All you need to do is visit their official website, click “My Account” on the top navigation bar, and click “New User Registration” if you don’t have an account yet, or click “Account Login” if you’ve already signed up. Registration is as simple as it is with any other site. You’ll be asked to create a username password, enter your personal details (like first name, last name, and date of birth), and then be asked to input your DoD email address. Once you’ve confirmed your address, your Fort Knox iSportsman account will be active, and you’ll be able to log in and utilize all the great tools iSportsman has to offer.

Fort Knox iSportsman Website Offerings


The guidelines for recreational activities on Fort Knox can all be found, quite simply, under the “Guidelines” section of the top navigation bar. Here, you’ll find rules and regulations regarding deer hunting, firewood cutting, fishing, scouting, turkey hunting, archery, youth hunting, and more – all updated for the current year. If you’re ever unsure of the specific rules for the type of activity you want to participate in, check the guidelines section first.

Area Maps

One of the most unique features of iSportsman is its area maps. If you’re ready to hunt or fish, iSportsman Fort Knox, Kentucky, lets you plan your outing ahead of time so that everything goes smoothly. If you click “Hunting Areas” on the top menu, you’ll find a section called “Fort Knox Hunting Area Map (interactive).” This will bring you to a live, up-to-date, interactive map that shows each available hunting spot and its current status, along with symbols denoting gates and cemeteries across the base.
  • Red means an area is currently off-limits to hunting.
  • A green outline means this is an available hunting area.
  • A blue area means that this is a lake.
  • A yellow area means this is an archery hunting spot only.

Hunting and Fishing Permits

The price for hunting and fishing permits can be found under the “Hunting and Fishing Information” tab on the menu. Permit prices differ depending on the season and your rank. Youth licenses are also available for less.

Explore iSportsman Fort Knox Today

Can you see now why you should have an iSportsman account? Fort Knox personnel who love getting out and about should take advantage of this resource while they’re stationed here. There’s even more on the site for you to explore on your own. Visit the Fort Knox iSportsman website here now and explore everything that iSportsman Fort Knox can offer.

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