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Welcome to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, located in the southern area of the beautiful island of Oahu, just outside of the city of Honolulu. The base is a joint one between the Navy and Air Force and each has their own housing office and specific neighborhoods depending on which side of the base you are reporting. The Air Force’s Hickam communities are mostly located on base but the Navy’s community housing is spread across not only the base but surrounding areas of the island. There are LOTS of neighborhoods to choose from. If you don’t plan on investing in buying property on the island or don’t want to search for a rental, base housing is a great, safe, and convenient option. This guide will help you figure out your on-base housing options on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and get you started.

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JB Pearl Harbor Hickam BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is provided for your base based on your rank and location. BAH is given if housing on-base is not available and you are looking at living in the surrounding area. The calculator below will help you figure out your BAH for your rank, time in service, and duty station. You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search. To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here. JB Pearl Harbor Hickam Barracks

JB Pearl Harbor Hickam Barracks

Unaccompanied Navy and Air Force personnel can find housing through the Unaccompanied Housing office. Unaccompanied Airmen in the ranks of E1-E3 and E4 with fewer than three years’ service are eligible for a dormitory room. Sailors E1 to E4 are eligible for a barracks assignment. All personnel should have this form filled out and on hand or sent to CNI_H_JBPHH_N93_Admin@navy.mil. Check-in briefs are at 0900, 1100, and 1300 Monday through Friday at:

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Unaccompanied Housing

Gabrunas Hall, Bldg 1323, Room 1 1075 North Road Pearl Harbor, HI 96860


: 1 (808) 473-1203


: Monday through Friday 0800-1600 JB Pearl Harbor Hickam Housing Office

JB Pearl Harbor Hickam Housing Office

To apply for Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam base family housing, contact the housing office for your respective service as soon as you receive your orders to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The housing office team can inform you of the process and notify you of current wait times for housing if any. For any other information, both accompanied or unaccompanied, on-base or off-base housing, you can check out the Navy’s housing website here or the Air Force’s Housing website here. Air Force Housing on-base is a public-private partnership with Hickam Communities. Navy housing is a public-private partnership with O’Hana Hunt Military Community. The military manages your housing application and the waitlist. The Privatized Managing Partner manages the lease signing, property management, and meeting the residents’ needs.

NS Pearl Harbor Housing Office

Navy Housing Service Center

4825 Bougainville Dr, Bldg 2652 Honolulu, HI 96818


: 1 (808) 474-1804


  • Monday through Friday:



: Hawaii_Housing@navy.mil

Hickam Housing Office

Military Housing Office (for Air Force Housing)

200 Kokomalei St, Bldg 6500 Honolulu, HI 96818


: 1 (808) 590-1402


  • Monday through Friday

    : 0730-1630


: jbphh.mho@navy.mil JB Pearl Harbor Hickam Housing Options

JB Pearl Harbor Hickam Housing Options

Navy housing has more than 24 distinct neighborhoods on Pearl Harbor, Wheeler Army Airfield, and the surrounding areas. The Air force has five neighborhoods on Hickam with various floor plans and amenities. The communities are entirely pet friendly including large breed dogs though there are some restrictions on numbers and breeds.


: Even though some neighborhoods may include all ranks, only certain units within that neighborhood may be available to certain ranks. Though some neighborhoods are open to all ranks, certain floor plans may be restricted to those of higher rank.

Hickam Communities

Hickam Communities feature five neighborhoods with a variety of floorplans for 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes. The homes are around 2,300 square feet of living space and feature name-brand appliances, air conditioning, fenced backyards, garages or carports, and much more! Click here to find breakdowns of floor plans and the rank requirements for each. Click here for a map of the Hickam neighborhoods including:
  1. Earhart
  2. Hale Na Koa I
  3. Hale Na Koa II
  4. Officer Field
  5. Onizuka

O’Hana Hunt Navy Communities

O’Hana Communities cover 24 neighborhoods in various locations around the island but centered around Pearl Harbor. For a full list of rank requirements by locations as well as amenities and floor plans, click here.
  1. Battleship Cove
  2. Camp Stover
  3. Catlin Park
  4. Doris Miller Park
  5. Ford Island Landing
  6. Halawa
  7. Hale Alii
  8. Hale Moku
  9. Halsey Terrace
  10. Hele Mai
  11. Hokulani
  12. Hospital Point
  13. Kamehameha Loop
  14. Luke Field
  15. Makalapa
  16. Maloelap
  17. Marine Barracks
  18. McGrew Point
  19. Moanalua Terrace
  20. Nob Hill
  21. Pearl City Peninsula
  22. PMRF
  23. Radford Terrace
  24. Radford Terrace MilCon


Moving is just something that has to happen every few years in the military. It can be daunting, especially when making a move halfway across the Pacific but the base resources are there to help you and get your family settled as painlessly as possible. Check our other articles to get yourself checked in, your family settled, and start exploring your new home. Aloha!

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