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MARCH 25, 2022

– Wednesday morning, the Marine Corps announced a new set of Marine Corps uniform regulations that
relax and expand existing uniform rules for Marines. The memo, which results from Uniform Boards 219 and 220, is listed under Marine Admins (MARADMINS) Number 134/22.

Updates to Marine Corps Uniform Regulations

New Marine Corps uniform changes apply to hair, nails, maternity clothing, and even socks. The female Marine uniform rules have seen perhaps the most extensive expansions in this new Marine uniform policy.  Explore some of the most notable updates right here:
  • Female Marines can get manicures with clear or nude polish that resembles the Marine’s skin tone and mimics the look of natural nails, such as French and ombre manicures.
  • Maternity uniforms are undergoing many changes:
    • Maternity uniforms are now available with adjustable side tabs. 
    • A new maternity undershirt will be available later this year.
    • A new nursing undershirt is officially certified and available for purchase. 
  • Special characters are now allowed on nameplates for the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU). This includes accent marks, tildes, hyphens, apostrophes, and more.
  • Supplemental clothing allowance has been expanded to cover the following: “2 BLOUSE, MCCUU WOODLAND WITH NAME / SERVICE TAPES, 2 TROUSERS, MCCUU WOODLAND, and 1 MARINE CORPS COMBAT BOOTS, HOT WEATHER, PR.”
  • Men can now edge up beyond their natural hairline to remove widow’s peaks, excessive hair, etc., so long as it provides a professional, clean, and natural appearance.  
  • All Marines can now grow their hair longer. The bulk of hair limitations has expanded from 2 inches to 3 inches. 
  • Marines now have the option to wear olive drab or black cushion socks with the MCCUU.
[embed]https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1506730569706745861[/embed] You can find the extended list of the new Marine Corps uniform regulations, including all new Marine women’s uniform changes, on their development update from March 23.

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Is the Marine Corps Changing Uniforms?

No – the Marine Corps is not changing their uniforms. Instead, they are updating the policies and regulations surrounding what is considered proper uniform usage. Though these updates don’t constitute a full Marine uniform change, they do make it easier for Marines to pass their uniform inspections while maintaining more individuality and expressing a bit more creativity – at least comparably to older Uniform Inspection Checklist (UIC) items.

Future Marine Corps Uniform Change Possibilities

The latter sections of the new Marine Corps uniform regulations give us a peek into the future. Items 2.E. through 2.G. tell us that new uniform articles will be available soon. A dress blue skirt, dress blue slacks, and maternity physical training (PT) shorts will be tentatively available FY23.  More information is expected about these new 2023 articles via separate correspondence at a later date. For now, all you Marines can bask in the new Marine Corps uniform regulations. It may not seem like much to civilians, but you know exactly how great these new regulations feel.  Suggested read: How the Military Pay Raise 2022 Affects Your Salary




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