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Stunning beauty all around, Colorado is a wonderful state deep in the heart of the American West. There are plenty of mountainous landscapes in this land-locked state, but among them are several military bases. How many military bases are in Colorado? Because there are no major lakes, seas, or oceans touching Colorado, it makes perfect sense that, of the six military bases in Colorado, they are almost all related to the U.S. Air Force, with just one base being used by the Army. There are no military bases connected to the Coast Guard, Navy, or Marines.

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What Military Bases Are in Colorado?

Military bases in Colorado Springs, CO, lead the pack, as the city is home to three of them, but you can find bases throughout the state. Take a closer look at the Colorado military bases that are stationed in the Centennial State to keep us all safe.

U.S. Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, is where Airmen moved to train after a temporary stint at the Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, CO. The U.S. Air Force had finally become its own branch of the military, and there were many looking to have a proper area in which to train fighters in air combat. It is here where we see the first instance of a training facility dedicated to Airmen and their service.

Buckley Air Force Base (Now Buckley Space Force Base)

Is there a military base in Denver, Colorado? No, but Buckley AFB is very close, located in Aurora, CO. High up in the Rocky Mountains, the base was previously a facility for the National Guard and now serves as the home of the 460th Space Wing. This isn’t sci-fi, the operations performed here help defend America through air operations, space communications, surveillance, and space-based alert systems.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base

Things never stop at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO. That’s because there are several military branches representing around 200 personnel that engage in data collection and intelligence around the clock. The base is one of the most unique military bases in Colorado and the country, as it's located quite literally inside Cheyenne Mountain. Some of it is also open to the public, and it even features a zoo.

Peterson Air Force Base

Because of rising tensions in Europe before WWII, many bases throughout the United States were created to help bolster America’s military. Peterson Air Force Base has had many different military branches throughout the years, but it began as a place to train bombers for combat, and many technicians from the base would go on to serve in WWII. The base is named after Edward Joseph Peterson, who tragically died in an accident while serving. Today, it serves mostly as an airport, thanks to a special project involving the local authorities of Colorado Springs, CO.

Schriever Air Force Base

More than 170 satellites receive support for their operations thanks to Schriever Air Force Base in El Paso, Colorado, a city near Colorado Springs, CO. It’s one of the newer bases in America, as it was completed in the mid-80s and is now home to the 50th Space Wing.

Fort Carson

Fort Carson is the only military base Colorado has dedicated to the U.S. Army. Located in El Paso, Colorado, its history began after the attacks of Pearl Harbor, which would see an obvious need for an uptick in military activities. The base was home to many different troops for the Allies and would also house POWs from Germany and Italy. At its highest amount of prisoners, there were around 9,000 Axis POWs at the internment camp.

Colorado Military Bases Serve Our Airspaces and Beyond

Colorado military plane When you think of the military bases in Colorado, it's more than appropriate to think of them as soaring high above. The state is home to the highest elevations in the United States and is the perfect place for many of our Air Force bases. The military that serves here was always going to be exceptional, as the American Armed Forces continue to lead the way, but the unique operations found in Colorado make it one of the most interesting collections of military bases in America.

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