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Do you know the total number of military bases in New Jersey? There are a few non-active bases around the Garden State, but there are many more active bases here. The U.S. military bases in New Jersey play an integral role in keeping the country safe and prepared for whatever her enemies may throw at her. Within our list of military bases in New Jersey below, we’re going to cover the active bases in the state and the important jobs each one has that contribute to keeping the United States secure.

Military Bases in New Jersey

What military base is in New Jersey? Well, there are a bunch! There are also two branches without installations here: the Marines and Space Force. Fun fact: The nation’s only tri-service base, JBMDL, is located here. Read on to see each military base in New Jersey and learn more about them!

Fort Dix

Fort Dix is an Army military base in New Jersey housed in the historic city of Burlington. The base is combined with McGuire AFB and NAES Lakehurst to form what is often called JBMDL – Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Though Fort Dix is technically an Army base itself, it’s run by the Air Force under Joint Base JBMDL. Fort Dix was named after John Adam Dix, a Veteran of both the War of 1812 and the Civil War – a true American hero. Originally called Camp Dix, the fort’s initial purpose was to train Soldiers during the First World War. Soon after, it was developed into a civilian training field. It would once again regain the same purpose as it initially held as the country fought in WWII. Fort Dix military base in New Jersey began the merge with McGuire and Lakehurst in 2005 as part of the DoD’s Base Realignment and Closure. Now, they support troop training across a massive 31,000 acres; the joint base occupies a total of 42,000 acres.

Picatinny Arsenal

Picatinny Arsenal, an Army installation, can be found in Morris County, stretching across 6,400 acres. Picatinny was briefly named Dover Powder Depot at its inception in the fall of 1880, but only a few days later, the name was changed to its modern counterpart. In the early 1900s, the base served as a powder factory, with its mission being slowly changed to focus on research operations by 1911. The year 1919 was when large-scale manufacturing of artillery would first begin at the arsenal. This military base in New Jersey can take credit for the invention of Haleite as well as the improvement of modern explosives over their operational lifespan.

Loran Support Unit

Headed to Wildwood, NJ, any time soon? If so, you’ll be exceptionally close to the Coast Guard’s Loran Support Unit. This isn’t one of your typical military bases in New Jersey; Loran Support Unit is responsible for one of the very few Long Range Navigation Systems (LRNS) in the country – making their mission a vital one. Not only does Loran Support Unit help guide Coast Guard vessels nearby, but they’re also in charge of supporting all ships and aircraft in the area, even those that are private. This unit is also responsible for vessel maintenance and inspection, which is incredibly important if the Coast Guard needs to immediately respond to an emergency.

Training Center Cape May

Training Center Cape May, located in Cape May, NJ, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the USCG’s most important training location for new recruits and aspiring Coast Guardsmen. If you were looking for the best military bases in New Jersey where you could train for the military, it doesn’t get better than Training Center Cape May! Here, they prepare troops for all things the Coast Guard may encounter. Troops are trained in lighthouse maintenance, search-and-rescue (SAR) missions, ice patrolling, and much more.

NWS Earle

Naval Weapons Station Earle is located in Colts Neck, NJ. If you’ve ever been in the area, you’ve probably been able to easily locate it by its signature landmark: the huge pier in the bay, which is over 4 km long. NWS Earle is charged with supporting all DoD operations through the Navy. NWS Earle got its start back in WWII when the U.S. deemed it necessary to have Naval ports all around the country – and for good reason. This site was chosen because it would offer optimal protection while not hindering the lives of nearby citizens. The base was named in honor of Ralph Earle, a U.S. Navy leader during WWI.

NAES Lakehurst

One-third of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst is located in its namesake city, just a few miles away from Trenton, NJ. NAES Lakehurst is the only military base that can fully handle the entire spectrum of aircraft launch and recovery. Like many of the other military bases in New Jersey, it didn’t always have its current name. The base was originally established under the name Camp Kendrick in 1917 and was first a U.S. Army installation. It wasn’t until 1921 that the Navy would take over its operation leading up to WWII. This base is well-known for one of the most infamous aircraft disasters: the crash of the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg went down over Lakehurst Naval Base in 1937 and took 36 victims with it, one of which was a crew member on the ground.

McGuire Air Force Base

McGuire Air Force base is the final part of the tri-service installation JBMDL. McGuire AFB was first created as the U.S. was preparing for the start of WWII. It was completed in 1941 but didn’t have a major role to play in the war. Currently, Air Mobility Control is in charge of the base, and its mission is to ensure air global mobility. Many units have been able to call McGuire their home, with the longest installation being the 305th Air Mobility Wing, which was housed here from 1994 to 2009.

New Jersey Military Bases Keep Us Safe & Strong

Looking for a military base in Newark, New Jersey? Unfortunately, there’s not one. But there are plenty of amazing installations to be found across the state. As you can see, the military bases in New Jersey do a lot to keep the U.S. secure. We salute the Soldiers, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Sailors who work tirelessly at military bases in the Garden State for their country’s freedom and safety.

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