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In total, you’ll find four military bases in Tennessee. Their place in the service varies and is critical to the success of our soldiers and to keeping our nation safe. As Tennessee doesn’t have a coastline bordering the ocean, it may surprise you that one of the bases in Tennessee belongs to the Navy. There is also an Air Force base in Tennessee. If you are curious as to what Army base is in Tennessee, the answer is none (sort of). The Volunteer State is also absent of any Coast Guard or Marine bases.

Every Military Base in Tennessee

Army bases in Tennessee are practically nonexistent, but there are many other military bases throughout the state. Find the military base in Tennessee near you and learn a bit more about each of the fine facilities that help keep our country safe.

Arnold Air Force Base in Tullahoma, TN

In the events leading up to the United States entering World War II, Arnold Air Force Base was born. During this time and after the war, troops and citizens began coming in and sparking the growth of Tullahoma, TN, the city in which it is located. The Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) calls the Air Force bases in Tennessee home and is involved in most aerospace programs in America. Two additional tenants include centers for both the Advanced Missile Signature and Naval Surface Warfare.

NSA Mid South

NSA Mid South is a Navy base in Tennessee. Its origins take us back to WWI, when it was known as Park Field and was used to provide training for pilots. You’ll find around 7,500 people on the base, making it one of the largest military bases in the country. It's also one of the largest single employers in the state of Tennessee. Found in Millington, Tennessee, the Naval base is north of Memphis.

Holston Army Plant in Kingsport, TN

Our troops need ammunition, and one of the suppliers of such is found in Kingsport, Tennessee. In addition to military bases in Tennessee for training and operations, there are also plants that create necessary ammunition through government contractors. The Holston Army Plant is actually operated by BAE Systems’s Ordnance Systems Inc., which won a contract from the Army. The contract was for 25 years and was initiated in 1999. The company invented IMX-101, which is an alternative for artillery instead of using TNT.

Milan Army Ammunition Plant in Milan, TN

The Milan Ordnance Depot and Wolf Creek Ordnance Plant combine to create ammunition for both small and large arms, to store ammo, and to create boosters and fuses used in heavy armor weapons. Many branches of the military use the base, as it is located in a strategic area to distribute ammunition to a wide variety of sources. Still, its primary roles are for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense. It is somewhat of an Army base in Tennessee but with the specific mission of facilitating ammunition through government contractors.

Tennessee Is Home to Some of America’s Greatest Volunteers

The Volunteer State gets its nickname from the volunteers who served in Tennessee’s militia years ago. Today, you will find military personnel carrying out the same spirit of service and dedication to protect the state and America as a whole. The military bases in Tennessee serve a great purpose in supplying our troops with the necessary ammunition and training that they need to remain the greatest fighting force on the planet.



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