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Military board games are a great way to test your wit, learn about history, and just have a good time. There are plenty of options these days for entertainment and even digital versions of a wide variety of board games are available. But there’s something about the old-school feel that traditional board games bring to the table…A table that may end up flipped depending on how your night is going, but we digress. Regardless of whether your strategy pays off or not, you’re sure to have a good time. We’re breaking down the best options out there.

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Seven Military Strategy Board Games You’ll Love

The beauty of military board games is that whether you're a military aficionado, a history buff, or just looking for some fun, there's something for everyone. They are great ways to drum up some friendly competition, settle up scores, and create memories with loved ones and friends. Here are the top seven best military board games available in 2023:

1. Hasbro Risk Game

It’s not really an exaggeration to claim that Risk has conquered all others in this category and stands the test of time. Not only do many consider it to be on top of the list for best military strategy board games ever, many consider it the pinnacle of board games, period. If it’s not in your collection, you must add “The Game of Strategic Conquest.” Gather your friends, and see who can rule the world.

2. Jumbo, Stratego - Original, Strategy Board Game

Capture the flag is a summer camp favorite, but let’s be honest, all that running… who has time for that? Stratego foregoes physical exertion for mental exercise and pits you and your opponent against each other with a common task: capture the other’s flag while defending your own. It’s Redcoats vs. Bluecoats in a battle unlike any other.

3. Plunder | A Pirate’s Life

Have you ever wanted to take to the high seas, find treasure, experience adventure, and take part in pirate activities? Well, now you can! Plunder provides a playing experience where everyone is out to rule the seas and improve their fleets with a host of weapons and equipment like cannons and masts. This is a great option for people looking for a military board game that can accommodate as many as six players. It’s everything you’d love about being a pirate without the war crimes.

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4. Hasbro Gaming Battleship Classic

Classics become classics because they check all the boxes you’re looking for and stay true to themselves. Battleship has evolved into a variety of alternative versions, digital games, a full-on blockbuster movie, and anything else you can think of. But the classic provides a premium board game military strategy experience that engages you with every hit or miss.

5. Tartaruga Classic Battle Ship Board Game WW2 Edition

The Pacific Theatre during World War II took guts and strategy to overcome. Now, in one of the highest-rated military board games out there, you can put your own mind to the test and duke it out against other players while recreating real battles. There is the Battle of Midway, Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, and many more. Defeat the enemy fleet, become Master Commander, and rule the board!

6. Avalon Hill Axis and Allies 1941 Board Game

Keeping with the theme of WWII, Axis & Allies throws players into the deep end in the struggle to control the world. There are five major powers that now find themselves at odds with each other and it will take strategy as well as a little luck to emerge victorious. A key feature of the Axis & Allies series is that there are several accompanying versions that focus on other years in WWII, making it a unique board game experience of world military conquest.

7. Civilization A New Dawn Board Game

When it comes to strategic video games, you can’t mention them without talking about Sid Meier. His greatest work continues to be the Civilization series. And now, you can play the video game as a military board game. Just like the award-winning video game series, you’ll be tasked with leading your nation using notable world leaders as you try to trade, advance, conquer, and defend against your allies and enemies.

Military Board Games Still Conquer Game Night

Battling wits over military board games continues to be a favorite pastime in living rooms across the country. Don’t be fooled, the advent of technology has presented plenty of alternatives, but the game night is still alive and well. Whether you’re looking to have fun with a few friends, plan a date night, or amp up family time, there is sure to be a military board game that's right for you.

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