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Ask enough people who travel regularly and have to rent a vehicle and you’ll likely find more than a few wishing for a better experience. While not exactly the most fun part of your visit, renting a vehicle is important depending on the nature of your trip. We can’t help you with the logistics, but we can help you keep more money in your pockets. Many companies offer a military discount for car rentals. The terms and conditions for each will vary. Still, the general idea is that to qualify for a car rental military discount, you’ll either need to be active duty, a Veteran, or an immediate family member.

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Do Any Car Rental Companies Give Military Discounts?

Yes, there are many companies offering military discount rental opportunities that can help you get to your destination for less. While each company is in charge of setting rates that can change at any time, we’re breaking down some of the ways the military community can save. Here are some companies offering a military discount on rental cars:

  • Budget Car Rental Military Discount: Enjoy 35% off the “PAY NOW” rates thanks to the Veterans Advantage deal.
  • Enterprise Car Rental Military Discount: The amount you save is going to vary from location to location. It’s worth noting this discount is also available to both current and retired government employees.
  • Dollar Car Rental Military Discount: If you join the VetRewards program by Veterans Advantage, you can save 5% on your rental’s pay-later base rate.
  • National Car Rental Military Discount: Sadly, this popular option is no longer available. However, you can still save up to 20% on weekend rentals.
  • Alamo Car Rental Military Discount: Open to the military community along with government employees and retirees, savings vary but may be up to 20% off of your rental’s base rate.
  • Avis Car Rental Military Discount: Similar to Budget, you can receive 35% off your rental when paying PAY NOW rates through Veterans Advantage.

Things to Consider When Renting a Vehicle

Using a military discount for a rental car is a great way to save on costs. That's why getting the lowest price is important. However, there is more to renting a vehicle than just saving on rates. Here are a few key considerations when booking your next trip:

  • Customer service is important in any transaction. Be sure to check reviews and customer experience of each location as military car rental discounts may save you money but can’t save you headaches.
  • Depending on your trip, you may need a specific type of vehicle. You’ll want to look into the vehicle selection of each car rental location.
  • Speaking of location, it matters a lot. Plan accordingly to avoid having to return a car to a less-than-ideal location.
  • From mileage limits, to late return penalties, and more, you’ll want to read the fine print. Be sure you familiarize yourself with the policies of your rental agreement before you sign. This includes cancellation/refund policies and rental durations.
  • Some rental companies will offer extras, including roadside assistance. It’s always nice to compare your options with these extra perks.

Which Rental Car Company Gives the Best Military Discount?

The best discount is going to be the one that aligns with your rental needs and saves you the most money. With that being said, Avis and Budget are attractive options offering 35% off. Additionally, Enterprise may be another great option depending on where you need a rental.

Remember to weigh all of your options before signing. Lastly, compare each military discount car rental option based on the money you’ll save and the features you require.

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