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Getting military housing assistance can be a pain however, there are some options available that pay off in the long run. Finding a real estate agent who’s also a military relocation specialist can help you find all of the available resources in your state, while the military also provides options for renters and homeowners. Learn more about finding the right housing assistance program for military families that applies to you below.

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Military Housing Assistance for Active Duty Members

The military will pay for some of your expenses, but not all of them. If you’re living off base, the military will provide a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and a Dislocation Allowance (DLA), but these allowances often aren’t enough to cover something like the entire purchase of your own home.

If you’ve got a home in mind already, this link to a BAH calculator can help you calculate just how much the military is willing to shell out for your housing.

For military members looking to buy their own homes, it can be difficult to save for the big purchase, but resources are available to help military members take the plunge into homeownership.

Military Relocation Assistance Program

The military Relocation Assistance Program offers valuable support for your PCS move and can assist with personal property scheduling, transportation, temporary lodging, and local housing options.

Furthermore, the Relocation Assistance Program for the military also provides valuable information on medical services, childcare resources, employment opportunities for family members, and school selection assistance.

To access these benefits, troops should contact their base's Relocation Assistance Program office and housing office for guidance and connections to community resources.

Military Housing Assistance Fund

The Military Housing Assistance Fund (MHAF) is a nonprofit initiative operating under The Virtual Sports Academy (VSA), which aids military members in home purchases by providing gift funds for closing costs.

Established in 2004, this military housing assistance program promotes homeownership for military families, utilizing its network of real estate agents and lenders to provide gift funds and negotiate concessions for military families.

While not available for renters, MHAF helps with the process of securing housing for military families by easing the financial burden of closing costs when buying a home.

Applicants start by submitting an application and undergoing an orientation with an MHAF agent. Following this, a lending team assists with pre-approval, and a real estate agent is assigned.

Although MHAF helps cut closing costs, the program won't cover everything and you are still responsible for other expenses like down payments and inspections.

The program is open for service members regardless of their credit score, however, you'll still need to have your finances in order to qualify for a loan and the costs of owning a home.

Although not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Military Housing Assistance Fund maintains an A+ rating and is a trusted program within the military community. Unfortunately, the program is not available in Alaska, Ohio, or New York.

Can Veterans Use the Military Housing Assistance Funds?

MHAF is open to Veterans, however, other forms of military housing assistance may be reserved only for active duty service members. It’s important to double-check the terms and conditions of each program when signing up for home assistance programs.

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Homes for Heroes

The Homes for Heroes program offers substantial savings for troops and Veterans buying or selling homes, with average savings totaling $3,000, and $6,000 for those who do both.

Through the program's network of local real estate agents, loan officers, title companies, etc., troops and Vets receive exclusive deals beyond other national programs.

Military families can register for the Homes for Heroes program with no obligation.

Their team connects you with local specialists who understand your needs, community, and market trends to provide valuable insights and support throughout your purchasing process.

The program offers financial benefits, including reduced lending fees, discounts from title companies, and home inspector services, as a token of appreciation for your service.

Military Spouse Housing Assistance

Service members and families with PCS orders within the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, have housing flexibility options. Housing for military families can have complex needs and there are solutions to help make PCS easier for those who qualify.

Eligibility depends on specific criteria such as enrollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program, employment status of the spouse, or caring for a family member with chronic illness.

Flexible housing arrangements can be requested up to 180 days before and after the PCS date, including stay continuation, early housing options, unaccompanied housing, and equitable BAH.

However, adjustments may occur based on mission needs. For more information, families should contact their installation's personnel support office.

Military Rent Assistance and Emergency Funds

If you are a renter, you’ll note that finding military housing assistance is a bit more complicated than it is for homebuyers. However, many states offer active-duty families grants and resources when having to PCS to a rental.

If you want to better understand which programs and grants are available on a local level, your best bet is to secure the help of a trusted, licensed real estate agent well-versed in the options for military personnel.

Finally, it’s important to understand the resources that are available for families that might otherwise face financial hardship due to PCSing. These are the official organizations that may be able to help each branch of the military, such as the Army Emergency Relief, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), and the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS).

If you’re unable to receive aid from one of these official organizations with your emergency needs, military housing assistance may be available through the American Red Cross.


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