By Allison Kirschbaum

Anyone can pursue a career in the Army outside traditional roles. However, specific qualifications can be required to hold certain positions. Also, learning your desired role will undoubtedly lead you to the right post. In the past, these roles were only open for men, but as the structure changed, military jobs for women have opened. Further, the rise of military women has paved the way for others to pursue this field without any hindrances.

But how can a woman determine her career path? Well, the military offers proper guidance and on-the-job training. Once you finish your enlistment, you can pursue a military career or use your training to pursue a civilian career.

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The Best Military Jobs for Women

1. Dental Hygienist

Its primary role is to assist the Army's dentist with several patients. Their duties include preparing and organizing dental tools for oral operations, taking X-rays, and creating dental impressions. Further, they are also responsible for routine cleanings, patient education, managing patients' records, administering anesthesia, and monitoring the patient's pulse and blood pressure.

2. Human Resource Specialist

One of the military jobs for women includes updating personnel records, which contains performance and course monitoring.

They are also responsible for administering pay, organizing leaves, transferring individuals, discharging paperwork, and generating promotions. Also, these HR specialists ensure that everyone is following the military policies. Aside from these roles, they can join leaders on Soldiers' inspections and promote organizational effectiveness.

3. Army Nurse

Another job for women in the military is to become an Army nurse. This will allow them to work with patients directly, assess their condition, and evaluate their response to treatment. But the duty of a nurse does not end there. It includes maintaining individual records, administering medication, creating patient treatment plans, and providing the best care.

4. Computer Specialist

This is not limited to males; it is also a military job for women. If interested in this role, you must be well-versed in computers, especially in analyzing codes and programs vital to the organization.

Their responsibilities include regular maintenance, updating programs, and conducting safety and security testing. This is to protect any susceptible information from any outside unauthorized access.

5. Administrative Officer

In this position, you will be responsible for handling the daily activities and operations of the organization. It also includes designing programs to help meet the commander's goals. They can also coordinate, direct, and train new people so that they can finish their tasks efficiently. Additionally, an administrative officer can inspect unit goals and develop reports for the commander.

6. Animal Caretaker

These military jobs for women are best when you are into animals. Your major role is to take care of government-owned animals, ensure they are healthy, conduct regular checkups, and help control animal disease. Lastly, the caretaker can also work hand in hand with animal specialists in providing medical procedures and medications.

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7. Translator or Interpreter

The primary responsibility for these military jobs for women is to understand and interpret foreign languages through oral and written communication. Aside from this, a translator should also be knowledgeable about cultural differences.

8. Army IT Professional

They are the ones handling any highly sensitive information with the help of their advance computer skills. These professionals install the latest software and perform maintenance to the Army's database.

9. Intelligence Analyst

It's a military job for women that allows them to use their skills to analyze intelligent information. Their scope of expertise includes producing documents, fact-checking, and organizing intelligence records. They are also responsible for assessing national threats and preparing reports about the Army's completed events.

10. Army Officer

This is one of the jobs for women in the military that requires good planning, good organization, and the ability to assign tasks to individuals.

These officers oversee Soldiers, making sure they are completing their assigned tasks. It is vital that officers use their experience and leadership skills to guide their team in executing tasks better, solving problems, and creating action plans.

11. Medic

They help the Army doctor and other medical staff in dealing with Soldiers in the organization. Medics provide information dissemination in performing lifesaving practices and ensuring Soldiers have enough supplies when they go out to help a colleague. In the past, this job was only for men, but now it is also a military job for women.

What Motivates Women to Join the Military?

Women aren't in competition with men; they simply join the military as a way of helping, just like what happened in the Civil War and World Wars, where they had a great part in history. These military jobs for women also give them privileges and a sense of pride in serving their country.

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