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Our furry friends are more than just pets. For most of us, they’re bonafide family members – which is how it should be. You wouldn’t trust the care of a niece, nephew, son, or daughter to any random person on the street, and the same principles should apply to your pets no matter where you’re stationed. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable and reputable military pet boarding program, especially if you’re the only person in your household and don’t have a spouse or another family member to watch your fur babies. We’re gonna explore some options that have great reviews. That way, when you’re out serving our country, you know your pet is back home in safe hands.

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5 Military Pet Boarding Programs You Can Trust

1. Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

According to real military pet parents on greatnonprofits.org, Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet (GASfP) is a top-tier facility for you to send your pet to while you’re out on deployment. GASfP has three separate programs dedicated to your furry friends: two Texas sanctuaries and their Pet Foster Home. They also offer a Military Pet Assistance (MPA) Fund that can help you cover pet-related expenses, including veterinary care, short-term boarding (14 days or less), and mid-term boarding (30 days or less).

2. Dogs on Deployment

Greatnonprofits.org reviewers have only positive things to say about Dogs on Deployment. Dogs on Deployment provides a holistic approach to pet care and boarding by promoting pet owner rights for military members and offering a ton of educational and financial resources to help pet owners be responsible and make it through any pet-related emergencies. Financial grants are just the start of it; they also offer free military pet boarding for service members through their vast network of pet boarders, who they promise will “treat your pets like family.”

3. PACT for Animals

Military pet fostering is a huge part of the solutions for long-term pet boarding military members are always looking for, as this list exemplifies. PACT for Animals has an amazing reputation for placing military pets in loving foster homes for the duration of a military member’s deployment.

4. 911 Foster Pets

Though not designed specifically for military pet boarding, 911 Foster Pets is a great solution for a troop who’s received last-minute deployment orders and needs an immediate and reputable placement for their pet. They work hard to make sure no pets get separated from their owners and have a detailed fostering program to ensure your pet has a foster parent that’s perfect for them.

5. K9 Resorts

Need pet boarding for military pets in the Houston area? K9 Resorts is a wonderful program to keep in mind if you want your pet to have the best of the best experience. It’s a luxury resort, so you can rest assured that your pet will be getting pampered all day long while you’re off doing your duty for the country. All their pet handlers are trained and certified to ensure your pet has the best, most comfortable experience possible. Even if you’re not in Houston, this would be an option worth driving a ways for.

Can You Have Pets in the Military?

Yes! There’s a reason there are pet boarding services specifically for military members. A lot more military households have pets than you might think. This makes a lot of sense considering the emotional toll serving the country can take on a person. What better way to relax and unwind than to come home to a snuggly, fluffy pet who loves you unconditionally? Some bases’ barracks may have breed, size, or temperament restrictions, so always double-check with your housing office and set up boarding sooner rather than later if you think you’ll need a safe place to keep your pet.

Military Pet Boarding Tips

The five choices above are far from the only options you have for military pet boarding. There are tons of independent boarding and fostering programs locally throughout the nation, and pet boarding apps are becoming more and more common, too. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making your final selections for pet boarding:
  • Always check for verified reviews from real people. Don’t accept anything less than the best for your fur babies.
  • Visit the facility when you can. Check for the following features:
    • Good ventilation.
    • Plenty of light.
    • Comfortable temperature.
    • Cleanliness.
    • Separation of animal species (cats vs. dogs, etc.).
    • Roomy kennel size.
    • Covered, large outdoor exercise areas.
    • Adequately sized and well-maintained resting boards and bedding.
  • Get to know various members of the staff or sit down with the foster parents to understand if they’re the right fit for your furry family member.
Military pet boarding is an important and sometimes demanding part of owning a pet while in the military. Hopefully, this list has you on the right path to providing the best for your pet while you work to protect them in a different way.

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