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Pet insurance isn’t the first thing most people think about when they bring home a new puppy, kitten, or other furry, fuzzy, scaly, or feathery friend. But that should change – especially for military members. Military pet insurance can provide peace of mind and the protection your pet deserves. Learn all about your options for obtaining pet insurance in the military so you can protect the innocent in another way aside from your military service.

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What Is Military Pet Insurance?

Military pet insurance is the same as civilian pet insurance. Depending on the provider and plan you choose, pet insurance may cover any number of a wide variety of pet-related events and needs, such as:
  • Vaccines and preventative care.
  • Injuries.
  • Illnesses.
  • Medication.
  • Surgery.
  • Testing and diagnostic work.
  • Emergency care.
Note that not all costs will be covered 100%, and a good thing to keep in mind is that, unlike your human insurance, pet insurance often doesn’t cover routine visits, a.k.a. “well-visits.” However, if your pet needs emergency care, especially if they’re a more health-problem-prone breed, pet hospital bills can rise exponentially almost immediately. Having insurance there to make sure your pet gets well again and you don’t go broke offers the peace of mind that all pet parents deserve. Pet insurance for military members may also cover military-specific costs, such as boarding and separate PCS travel if you can’t bring your pet with you in your own vehicle. Reach out to your insurance provider to get specific details on coverage for military events.

Does the Military Offer Pet Insurance?

Unfortunately, no. Traditional military-sponsored insurance plans like TRICARE do not offer any sort of military pet insurance or pet coverage. However, there are plenty of non-military-affiliated (or loosely affiliated) insurance companies that understand the unique needs of military pet parents, and some even offer pet insurance military discount prices for those currently serving.

5 Places To Get Pet Insurance for Military Members

1. Armed Forces Insurance

Armed Forces Insurance is affiliated with the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and has been proudly offering insurance catered toward service members since 1887. According to their Pet Health Insurance brochure, 93% of military pet insurance claims made in 2020 were covered, and they provide up to 90% back on vet bills.


A widely known name in insurance, USAA offers great solutions for military members looking to buy pet insurance. Their coverage list is expansive and includes rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, breed-specific conditions, chronic conditions, and more. With the Wellness Rewards program, wellness costs like vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, routine blood work, and microchipping may be eligible for reimbursement. Their MyEmbrace app also makes it easy to keep up with all the data and costs related to your pet’s care.

3. MetLife

Another popular insurance provider, MetLife goes above and beyond for service members. MetLife offers military discount pet insurance for all those serving and even Veterans and first responders. They have several types of insurance depending on what you’re looking for and the type of pet you have.

4. Fetch by the Dodo

Want more pet insurance military discount offers? You won’t be disappointed here! Their average cost for dog insurance is $35 per month, and for cats, it’s $25 per month – which are both lower than the standard of roughly $50 across the board for pet insurance. To make it even better, Fetch offers 10% off every month for life to active-duty military members and Veterans. Fetch claims to be the most comprehensive pet insurance and health advice service out there. With this pet insurance, you can use any veterinarian in the country, and there are no enrollment fees, so you can cancel any time if you need. Thanks to their expansive coverage, low prices, informational resources, and military discount, Fetch may just be the best pet insurance for military members.

5. Embrace

According to the Forbes 2022 list of America’s Best Insurance Companies, Embrace is the top provider of pet insurance sitting in the #1 spot. In 2021, 92% of their claims were approved and paid, and you can get up to 90% back on veterinarian bills. One of the best parts about Embrace Pet Insurance is that all follow-up care and tests are covered. With Wellness Rewards, you can also get coverage for training, grooming, vaccines, checkups, and more.

Don’t Wait - Your Pet’s Health Depends on It

Military pet insurance may not be offered by the DoD, but that doesn’t mean you should go without it. At best, your pet’s happiness and health can be well maintained with insurance; in the worst-case scenarios, their life could very well be saved. Compare your options, needs, and pricing and enroll in pet insurance for your fur babies today.

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