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Making sure that your children have the nutrition they need is difficult for anyone, especially military moms. Preserving breast milk can be an important step in your child’s development, which is why the team at Milkify is working hard to help you get the most out of your breastfeeding experience. A trusted business in the state of Hawaii, you can freeze-dry your breast milk with a method unlike any other to preserve nutrients for years to come. Below, we’re breaking down how it works and how military moms can even enjoy a discount for the service.

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Preserving Breast Milk for Military Families

Adhering to FDA safety and quality standards, Milkify is the only GMP-certified company for freeze-drying human milk. If you’re in Hawaii serving in the U.S. military, this means you can safely preserve your breast milk for years to come.

The patent-pending process ensures milk never touches the equipment, and Milkify doesn't pool milk on open trays. With over 40 years of sterile handling experience, their team is dedicated to ensuring your milk's safety and quality.

Milkify’s breast milk shipping kits make shipping hassle-free. They include a pre-paid shipping label and specially designed coolers with advanced insulation to keep your milk frozen for 3-5 days without the need for dry ice.

These special coolers maintain frozen temperatures for extended periods, ensuring safe milk shipping even during delays. Military moms are offered a pre-paid FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label for their convenience.

Enjoy shipping rates 60-70% off FedEx's advertised rates, with no profit on shipping. The dedicated logistics team ensures a smooth experience, providing assistance with special situations and 24/7 support for packing and shipping queries. Detailed instructions come with each shipping kit to make the process easy for you.

A Passion Backed by Science

At Milkify, evidence-based scientific research is at the heart of the mission. Numerous studies support freeze-drying as a safe and effective method to preserve the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic properties of breast milk.

While detailed molecular changes for each class of molecule have not been extensively studied, both our in-house testing and published research back the nutritional quality and safety of freeze-dried breast milk.

Freeze-dried breast milk powder retains essential macronutrients, micronutrients, and bioactive components. It can be added to solid foods for a nutritional boost and may serve as an alternative fortifier for preterm or low birth weight infants in autologous fortification.

Milkify’s FDA-approved Miris Human Milk Analyzer enables precise caloric density and protein determination for each sample, ensuring tailored nutrition for individual infants. The service also offers nutritional testing for breast milk powder or baseline frozen milk.

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Milkify Offers Military Moms in Hawaii a Discount

There is no shortage of the military community in Paradise. Hawaii is home to Barking Sands Missile Range, Fort Shafter, KR-SOCK, MCB Hawaii, NCTAMS PAC, NS Pearl Harbor, Pohakuloa Training Center, Schofield Barracks, Station Maui, Tripler Medical Center, USCG Base Honolulu, and Wheeler Army Airfield. Milkify is here to help.

Being a working mom is difficult enough and making sure that your kids get the best nutrition available can seem like an uphill battle that never ends. Throw in the commitment of defending our nation and things become seriously challenging.

With thousands of satisfied clients and the ability to extend your breast milk’s shelf life by three years, the benefits of Milkify are undeniable. Members of the American Armed Forces also receive discounts for their sacrifice. Shop now to get your state-of-the-art shipping kit today!

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