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For thousands of years, many different cultures have developed unique martial arts styles in the name of combat, self-defense, and sport. Mixed martial arts (MMA) began getting popular in the 1990s and has exploded in popularity since. Today, you’ll find events hosted throughout the United States; however, MMA Florida bouts are special. This history of the Sunshine State’s love for the sport, plus the growing number of MMA gyms in Florida, continues to make an impact in contests fought around the globe.

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Is MMA Illegal in Florida?

While MMA Florida bouts were illegal at one point, this is no longer the case. Mixed martial arts competitions are legal in Florida, so long as they are sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

It was believed at one point that MMA was the most banned sport in the United States, with holdouts, such as New York, maintaining a ban for nearly two decades.

Today, the sport has grown in popularity and visibility. As a result, Florida MMA events range from workouts, to thriving gyms, and even fight nights where athletes prove their strength and skill in front of fans.

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The Sunshine State’s Passion for Fighting

Today, across the best MMA gyms in Florida, you’ll find a mix of talented up-and-coming fighters alongside legends training in a variety of disciplines.

This stems from the many benefits of living in Florida; however, the historical tie to the sport of MMA shouldn’t be discounted either.

UFC has been hosting bouts since UFC 42. Sudden Impact was held in Miami on April 25, 2003, at a time when multiple states still outlawed the sport.

Featuring even stronger ties to the Sunshine State, Bellator has held many notable fights within the state.

This includes Bellator 1, the inaugural fight, which took place on April 3, 2009, at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

Another unique display from Bellator involved the finale to the 2017 season of the Monster Energy Bellator MMA Fight Series, which saw fighters take to the ring ahead of the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Ford EcoBoost 400 on November 19.

But the Florida-MMA relationship is more than just national spectacles or its past. The state continues to be a great place to train or take in a fight with exciting, dedicated fighters honing their skills every day.

However, there’s only one place where you can find the best of the best. Florida has plenty of options for your MMA entertainment, but none are quite like the Impact Fight League (IFL).

Military Discounts for MMA Florida Events Hosted by Impact Fight League

When it comes to MMA events along the Gulf Coast, Impact Promotions MMA is undefeated. Whether you’re a fan of boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, or any discipline in MMA, you’ll find an action-packed fight waiting for you.

The Impact Fight League continues to push the sport throughout Florida with energetic, passionate fighters and a sense of community throughout. In 2024 alone, several impressive cards are featuring hard-hitting action, including the following:

  • Beatdown and Beats 2 – March 30th
  • Beatdown Dothan 3 – May 11th
  • Beatdown 32 – August 24th
  • Beatdown and Beats 3 – September 28th

IFL’s amateur MMA and kickboxing events are family-friendly and if you’re serving in the military, you can even enjoy discounts for your admission:

  • Get $5 off General Admission tickets for IFL fights.
  • Military members can also receive 20% off VIP table reservations.

If you can’t make it to a fight in person, the IFL YouTube Channel provides full fight streams so that you can watch anywhere there’s a connection. And, IFL is streamed nationally on fight.tv, so you can always tune in to see the action.

Get tickets to MMA Florida-based events with the Impact Fight League and enjoy a next-level spectacle at an affordable price!

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