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California’s coastal location, diverse population, agricultural output, and climate make it home to a vibrant cuisine scene, and the area around NAF El Centro has a little of everything to satisfy your palate. The restaurants in El Centro, CA, have something for every craving. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll probably find several options within these El Centro restaurants. So, as you orient yourself to your new community, you may wonder: Where are the best restaurants on NAF El Centro and in the surrounding areas? Worry not; we have a list to get you started.

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NAF El Centro Restaurants

On-base dining options are available in many different flavors and various locations. Due to ongoing coronavirus concerns, you may want to confirm restaurant hours by calling ahead before you go.

NAF El Centro Fast Food

1. Subway

NAF El Centro, Bldg. 201 El Centro, CA 92243-5000


: 1 (760) 339-2950 If you’re looking for El Centro fast food, it doesn’t get much better than Subway!

NAF El Centro Family & MWR Restaurants

Please check the NAF El Centro Family & MWR webpage for COVID-19 updates and to view the restaurants’ current take-out-only menus.

2. Galley

NAF El Centro, Bldg. 436 NAF El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 339-2654 The Galley is open to military personnel as well as civilians on the second Tuesday of every month. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays and serve brunch and dinner on weekends.

NAF El Centro Galley Hours:

  • Monday-Friday

    • Breakfast

      : 6:00-7:30 am
    • Lunch

      : 11:00 am-1:00 pm
    • Dinner

      : 4:00-5:00 pm
  • Weekends & Holidays

    • Brunch

      : 9:30 am-12:30 pm
    • Dinner

      : 4:00-5:00 pm

3. Kingpin Cafe

NAF El Centro, Bldg. 485, 3rd St. NAF El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 339-2918 Kingpin Cafe serves up traditional American pub fare, mixing tasty appetizers with burgers, wings, pizza, sandwiches, and salads.

3. Mirage Club

NAF El Centro, Bldg. 227, B Street NAF El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 339-2996 Open for lunch and dinner, The Mirage Club offers salads, sandwiches, wings, burgers, wraps, and California favorites like burritos.

4. Take 5ive Coffee Bistro

NAF El Centro, Bldg. 202, A St. NAF El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 339-2559 Open for breakfast and lunch, Take 5ive offers Starbucks and brewed coffee, as well as sandwiches, breakfast pastries, and more.

5. Sundowner Club

NAF El Centro Bldg. 227, B St. NAF El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 339-2996 Offering billiards, shuffleboard tables, dart boards, poker tables, and eight HD TVs, Sundowner Club is the perfect place to catch an NFL, MLB, or NBA game or just relax with friends.

Best Restaurants in El Centro, CA

So, what are the best places to eat in El Centro? With easy access to several nearby cities and even Mexico, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to the NAF El Centro restaurants. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it. With so many great choices, which restaurants around NAF El Centro are truly the best? That will greatly depend on who you ask, so we’ve provided some local top-rated favorites from TripAdvisor and Yelp to get you started. Whether you’re looking for an El Centro Italian restaurant, something Asian-fusion, or downhome eats, these El Centro restaurants will curb your cravings. TripAdvisor’s Top 5 El Centro, CA, Restaurants

TripAdvisor’s Top 5 El Centro, CA, Restaurants

6. Burgers and Beer

260 N Imperial Ave. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 353-4431 Burgers and Beer combines a sports bar atmosphere with some excellent burgers and beer that keep locals coming back and reviewers raving. Their breakfast isn’t bad, either.

7. The Courtroom

841 W Main St. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 335-3660 The Courtroom combines a great menu with a legal theme, an impressive draft beer selection, and impeccable service. The daily specials and brunch receive particular praise from reviewers.

8. Tacos Marilyn

1614 S 4th St. Sunshine Mall El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 335-3660 Tacos Marilyn isn’t fancy, but their fish tacos - and the seafood in general - are to die for. You can grab 2-for-1 beers on Sundays.

9. Junior’s Cafe

1791 Adams Ave. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 353-9556 Don’t let Junior’s Cafe’s humble exterior fool you; this old-school diner has great food at excellent prices. Their breakfast is particularly good.

10. Celia’s Restaurant

1530 Adams Ave. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 352-4570 Celia’s Restaurant serves up authentic Mexican food and offers great prices. The enchiladas and quesadillas keep people coming back - even if they have to travel. Yelp’s Top 5 El Centro, CA Restaurants

Yelp’s Top 5 El Centro, CA Restaurants

11. Sonora Fusion

560 W State St. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 353-1686 Sonora Fusion combines an absolutely gorgeous location with incredible steaks reviewers can’t stop raving about.

12. Antojitos Como En Casa

425 Desert Gardens Dr. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 482-5621 Antojitos Como En Casa serves up authentic Mexican cuisine that earns points with the locals for its service as well as the food. Be sure to try the chilaquiles! Of all the Mexican restaurants in El Centro, CA, this is one you don’t want to miss.

13. D’Poly Taco Grill and Beer

1573 W Main St. El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 970-4243 Another Mexican restaurant, D’Poly Taco Grill and Beer earns points for its unique aesthetic, great food, and friendly staff. Whatever you do, don’t skip the micheladas.

14. Fujisan Sushi

1560 Ocotillo Dr. Ste. O El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 970-4436 Widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, sushi restaurants near El Centro, CA, Fujisan Sushi combines an incredible staff with high-quality fish to make gorgeous, authentic sushi and sashimi that won’t break the bank.

15. Brickhouse Deli

1560 Ocotillo Dr. Ste. O El Centro, CA 92243


: 1 (760) 592-4352 Brickhouse Deli offers excellent sandwiches, soups, and salads, but what keeps the locals coming back is the service, which goes above and beyond. If you get the chance, be sure to grab one of their chocolate chip cookies, which are made in-house.


Still hungry? Check out Go California for dozens of food and beverage listings to get a better idea of what the nearby NAF El Centro restaurants have to offer. No doubt as you settle into your new home, you will find your own favorite restaurants in and around NAF El Centro. Don’t forget to ask your friends for their recommendations, too!

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