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Going to the dentist is often the thing we all procrastinate on checking off our to-do list, and finding dental service can be even more difficult and overwhelming than just physically going to the dentist. Since going to the dentist is something that cannot be avoided, Naval Base San Diego dental provides professional and agreeable dental services for their customers.

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Naval Base San Diego Dental Locations and Information

The NB San Diego Dental Clinic is a part of the San Diego Naval Medical Center. Their mission is to provide excellent medical and dental healthcare to every single customer. They strive to provide excellent customer service and professional treatment. The dental clinic strives to also provide administrative support that is necessary to ensure their tenant commands are able to achieve and maintain the best state of Operational Dental Readiness. Below, you will find the location and Naval Base San Diego Dental Clinic phone number. Get in touch if you need to make a future appointment or want more information.

NB San Diego Dental

2310 Craven St. Naval Base San Diego, CA 92136 Bldg. 3230


1 (619) 556-8240 The Naval Base San Diego 32nd Street Dental Clinic allows for emergencies to be treated at any time outside of their normal working hours. If a patient is in pain, the clinic will provide treatment immediately to relieve any discomfort. Later, they will refer the patient to the dental clinic to receive more treatment. If you are just searching for a regular dental hygiene visit, you are able to contact or visit the clinic during their normal working hours as listed below.

General Work Hours

  • Mon-Fri:

  • Weekends:

There is another location for Naval Base San Diego Dental services if you are not located near the Naval Base San Diego Dry Side Dental Clinic. The NBDC NAS North Island Dental Clinic is another location to receive dental care in San Diego. Listed below are the address and general work hours for the North Island clinic.

NBDC NAS North Island

600 Mc Cain Blvd. Coronado, CA 92135


1 (619) 545-6397/6398

After hours:

1 (619) 532-8600

General Work Hours

  • Mon-Fri:

  • Weekends:


Dental Clinic Services

Both the Dental clinic Naval Base San Diego and the Dental Clinic in North Island San Diego provide many services that will satisfy any of your dental care needs. Ranging from consultative services to specialty treatment, below are all of the services that the NB San Diego Dental Clinic provides.
  • Oral surgery
  • Oral medicine
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental hygiene
Naval Base San Diego dental offers great services that will make your trip to the dentist quick and easy. All services provided by the clinic are intended to be high-quality dental prostheses with consistent turnaround times. To get more information about the clinic, you are encouraged to contact them through their office number

1 (619) 556-8340

, or you can call

1 (619) 545-6397

for the North Island Dental Clinic.

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