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You can’t mention America without considering the nation’s relationship with patriotism. Even when things may feel less-than-united in the United States, we still have a spirit of patriotism that shines through. This is evident in how we as a people honor the U.S. military and its many branches. When it comes to the U.S. Navy, there are instances in which using logos and symbols to signify this admiration and respect can be appropriate, but how you present the Navy logo matters just as much. From symbolism to respectful display and more, dive into everything you need to know about the U.S. Navy logo.

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What Is the Navy Logo?

Like many organizations and branches of the military, there isn’t a singular Navy logo, but rather many Navy logos as presented by the Naval History and Heritage Command. These insignia are all designated to represent Sailors and can often be found celebrating the Navy’s birthday on October 13. Here’s what you need to know about the official Navy logo:


There are four colors that make up the United States Navy logo: blue, gold, red, and brown. These are the colors with their corresponding hexadecimal color codes:
  • Blue; PMS 294.
  • Gold; PMS 1235.
  • Red; PMS 1805.
  • Brown; PMS 168.

Different Symbols, Different Rules

The Navy has a lot of different symbols ranging from the Blue Angles to the United States Navy Emblem to the Navy SEAL logo and much more. There are also plenty of rules and trademark regulations that you’ll need to take into consideration before using them. If you're looking to use a Navy logo, you’ll want to go through the proper channels before doing so. America’s Navy’s Licensing Guide is a great resource to start with when looking to represent the greatest fighting force on the seas since 1775. The guide doesn’t just say what's available and when/how to use it. You’ll be prepped on a variety of specifics involving the usage of such logos, including colors, typography, look and feel, specific guidelines to follow for focus when creating photography, and much more. Doing things the right way can help you avoid legal issues while also preserving the integrity of any Department of the Navy logo, emblem, flag, or other similar images. Most of all, you help preserve an important communication and the representation of our fighting Sailors.

Iconic Symbolism for Our Sailors

While it’s apparent that Sailors have plenty of symbolism to choose from, arguably nothing is as iconic or synonymous with the American Sailor as the Navy anchor logo. You’ve seen it in media, as tattoos, as jewelry, and on graves, and while we won’t judge nor suggest its proper use, its meaning is part of why Americans enjoy the freedom that we do. The anchor features symbolism of both flexibility and strength, as shown through its chain. This also points to the fact that Sailors rely on one another and that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so remain strong.

How To Use the Navy Logo Responsibility

It can’t be stressed enough that whether it be the U.S. Navy SEALs logo, the Navy Seabees, or anything else associated with the U.S. military, always go through the proper channels. By following the rules and guidelines, you can avoid legal issues on your end while remaining respectful to those who put their lives at risk for our freedoms. Any and all displays of the Navy logo should also be done with honor and respect in a way that shows appreciation to Sailors and the military as a whole for their service.

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