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One of the first things on your to-do list when you get orders to a new base is finding a place to live. If you’re moving to Naval Station Mayport and want to know what Mayport housing looks like, this is the article for you. Keep reading to learn about on-base Mayport housing, Mayport barracks for single service members, and how much BAH you’ll receive if you decide to use your housing funds off the base. Suggested read: NS Mayport: In-Depth Welcome Center

BAH: Jacksonville, FL

A calculator for Basic Allowance for Housing, known as BAH, can be found here. You can use the naval station’s zip code of 32228 to see what allowance you rate based on your rank and dependent status. If you are thinking of living off the base, this allowance is the budget you’ll have to rent housing and cover your utilities and rental insurance.

NS Mayport Barracks

Unaccompanied Housing

Delbert D. Black Hall Building 2105, Baltimore Street Mayport, FL 32228


: 1 (904) 270-7579 Unaccompanied personnel in the ranks of E1 to E3 and E4 with less than four years of service are generally required to live in unaccompanied housing. Geographic bachelors (service members who have dependents living in another area) are typically not authorized to live in this unaccompanied housing. For information on applying to live in unaccompanied housing as a geo-bachelor, visit the naval station’s website. The Mayport barracks, also known as dorms, consist of seven buildings that house approximately 1,300 service members. Service members live in a room alone or with one other service member, depending on the square footage of the dorm and the service member’s rank. Unaccompanied housing amenities include communal lounges, free laundry facilities, and free utilities. For more information on unaccompanied Mayport housing, visit the naval station’s website. Mayport Naval Station Housing Office

Mayport Naval Station Housing Office

Navy Housing Service Center

Building 289, Moale Avenue Mayport, FL 32228


: 1 (904) 270-5738 If you are moving to NS Mayport with your family, check in with Mayport’s Navy Housing Service Center. This center will help you understand your options for Mayport housing on and off the base. For more information on Mayport’s Navy Housing Service Center, visit their website. NS Mayport Housing Options

NS Mayport Housing Options

Balfour Beatty Communities Office Building 289, Moale Avenue Mayport, FL 32228 Phone: 1 (904) 270-8870 Family housing for military members at NS Mayport is privatized. If you don’t plan on buying or renting a home in the local community, you can sign a lease with the naval station’s privatized housing partner, Balfour Beatty Communities. Balfour Beatty Communities manages, maintains, and repairs the base’s military housing at Mayport. Balfour Beatty Communities’s housing community for Mayport, known as NS Mayport Homes, is available for active-duty service members and qualified military retirees, DOD personnel, and civilians.

NS Mayport Housing Amenities

Living in base housing means you’re close to work and NS Mayport facilities like the commissary, child development centers, fitness center, base restaurants, and so much more. The convenience can’t be beat! And Mayport housing is pet-friendly, so your four-legged family members won’t be left out. NS Mayport Homes offer a variety of free community amenities, including sports courts, playgrounds, tot lots, a skate park, dog parks, private beach access, recreational trails, a community center, and resident events. Trash and recycling collection and lawn care are provided. Emergency maintenance requests are responded to within 24 hours. Preventative maintenance is provided throughout the year to ensure your home stays functional, safe, and comfortable. NS Mayport Homes also has a number of resident programs, including the Deployed Spouse Program, which assists military families when their military member is deployed.

NS Mayport Housing Neighborhoods

NS Mayport Homes are split into four neighborhoods. Homes feature updated finishes, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, and outdoor entertaining spaces. To view individual floor plans and photos of Mayport housing, check out the NS Mayport homes website.

1. Bennett Shores East

Ranks: E7-E9, O1-O9 Bennett Shores East homes have open floor plans with three or four bedrooms, screened-in porches, and garages. This neighborhood is close to NS Mayport’s main gate and boasts easy access to the beach.

2. Bennett Shores West

Ranks: All ranks, military retirees, DOD personnel, civilians Bennett Shores West homes have open floor plans, two to four bedrooms, exterior storage, and screened-in porches. Homes in this neighborhood are also close to the base’s main gate, Joseph Finegan Elementary School, and the dog park.

3. Marsh Cove

Ranks: All ranks, military retirees, DOD personnel, civilians Marsh Cove townhomes have two bedrooms, garages, and screened-in porches. This neighborhood is close to the community center and the base’s child development center.

4. Ribault Bay

Ranks: All ranks, military retirees, DOD personnel, civilians Ribault Bay homes have two to five bedrooms and patios. Some homes in this neighborhood have garages. This neighborhood is also close to the community center and the base’s child development center.


House hunting in the military is tough. Thankfully, NS Mayport has a variety of housing options to fit your needs. Before you know it, NS Mayport will become your “home sweet home.”    



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