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From the subtle to the flamboyant, there is no shortage of patriotic clothing out there. But if you’re looking for something that not only represents our great nation but does so respectfully, is affordable, and feels good while making you look good, it can be a bit more difficult to find the right brand. It’s also worth noting that brands selling patriotic clothes are often great at marketing that they give back, but they can also be less-than-transparent about how they’re doing so. Here are a few tips on buying from patriot clothing brands you can feel great about.

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Where Can I Buy Patriotic Clothing?

You can buy patriotic clothing at any number of stores. There are small businesses on Etsy, mom-and-pop shops on your town’s local Main St., and the infamous larger retailers such as Old Navy. Your options are virtually endless.

Here’s the problem. Not everyone offers the right styles, quality, or true representation of the United States. Patriotic women's clothing can often become overly sexualized. Men's patriotic clothing can be too basic or used as political props.

Who you buy from matters and it can be difficult to find brands representing conservative American values that support the military and believe in the best that this country has to offer. Fortunately, options such as REDVIVAL still exist. They believe in quality products and wholesome values.

Clothes With a Cause

When you support a brand, clothing or not, your money goes to whatever it is they support as well. Many clothing lines claim to give back but it can be difficult to know whether or not that money is being used in the way that it should.

Furthermore, when it comes to patriotic clothing companies, our nation, and the military community, are often used as props to sell merchandise.

Veteran-owned businesses understand how important the military community is when serving and afterward. When shopping for patriotic clothing, it’s important to be mindful of which communities are using the brand of America and which are contributing to it.

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The REDVIVAL Movement Is Patriotic Clothing That Supports the Military Community

Classy patriotic clothing that puts God, family, country, and freedom at the forefront is what you’ll find when shopping with REDVIVAL. The brand’s mission is to restore America to wholesome values.

Quality shirts, hats, hoodies, and accessories boldly represent our nation. There are also plenty of individual state options that express local pride while maintaining the classic ideals of the united portion of our nation.

REDVIVAL’s commitment to honor and support the U.S. military is found in every sale as 10% is donated to many prominent military charities such as Blue Star Families, Tunnel to Towers, and Folds of Honor.

If you’re looking to represent the United States through patriotic clothing that is positive and of high quality, be sure to shop the collection through REDVIVAL’s online shop today!

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