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The Quantico TV show takes place over various timelines and places its viewers in a classic whodunnit mixed with the thrilling drama captured throughout many modern shows before, during, and after its three-season run. The Quantico Marine Base, however, is a real place that offers elite training through various schools to the U.S. Marines, FBI, DEA Office of Training, and more. Television can often be exaggerated, as is the case here, but there are real comparisons between the true purpose of the military training center and what the cast faces throughout their titillating adventure.

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Marine Corps Base Quantico Compared to the TV Show

The Marine Base in Quantico does exist, and the FBI uses it as a place of training, but it’s going to get a lot fuzzier to find comparisons from there. Military institutions are military institutions, and their purpose is to keep our troops ready to protect us. Television shows… well, they dabble in the creative and entertainment side of things. This is why we have some discrepancies that occur between what’s on the small screen and what’s going on 35 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. It’s never likely that the exact practices or training methods from any such institution will be completely translated into television, but Quantico the TV show takes some creative liberties, even still. Obviously, TV producers will always take some creative license, but there are various instances in which the FBI training feels a bit more ridiculous when contrasted with the heavy responsibilities and studious mindset of those attending the Quantico Marine Base in real life. You’ll also be hard-pressed to arrive at the Quantico Marine Base without facing serious background checks. It’s part of the thing you’ll have to accept while watching the show, but if you think too hard about some of the plot points, cracks do tend to show. Another interesting difference is that, unless you attend, you can’t truly know the exact way things really are at the Quantico Marine Corp Base because of the security involved. Quantico is a military institution, and the television show is a form of entertainment. In many ways, some of the pomp and circumstance not being known help set the illusion within the show and provide more creative freedoms for those who were involved.

What Happened to the Quantico TV Show?

When Quantico premiered, it was met with enthusiasm, solid reviews, and a decent following during its first season. But the thrilling drama that was compelling viewers to make the 2015 breakout a household name could never really recapture this momentum going forward. Season two would show a serious drop-off of viewers, averaging just over 4.5 million viewers as compared to its debut season, which would average more than 8 million. There are many theories that surround the program and why it was ultimately canceled, but the third season’s average viewership dipped even lower. The show was eventually moved to the Friday night death slot before being put out of its misery for good. The reasons for the declining viewership were seen by many as a direct correlation with the way Quantico is presented. Offering multiple timelines with various jumps can be disruptive to viewers and creates difficulties for following the many plots that are unfolding. Without divulging too many spoilers, the show centers around Alex Parrish, an FBI agent framed for a terrorist attack she didn’t commit. Now, she has to figure out who in her FBI Academy class has set her up. The second timeline features flashbacks that show Parrish and her fellow recruits as they are training at the Academy. Enjoyment is subjective, and Quantico is a TV show that brings a lot of mystery, drama, and action to the table. Although it was canceled, fans of the show and newcomers alike will have plenty to dive into among the 57 episodes that were released by ABC.

Is Quantico on Hulu?

As of the time of this writing, Quantico is not available on Hulu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch. Netflix has all three seasons of the Quantico TV show available to get you caught up on all the action. Of course, the streaming world is a continuously changing place. The Walt Disney Company owns both ABC and Hulu. It wouldn’t be surprising that at some point in the future, Parrish and her fellow classmates would become available to Hulu subscribers.

Where Is Quantico Marine Base?

You can find the Quantico Marine Base, which the show is based upon, in Quantico, Virginia, along the Potomac River. Tours are not available to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions; however, things may be subject to change in the future. Either way, it is important that you contact the base ahead of time, as any tours are still secondary to routine military operations. The Quantico Marine Base continues to serve as one of the elite training facilities in the United States. Its purpose is to train a variety of agencies and the USMC to be the best in their fields and make America a safer place. Thankfully, there are no terrorist attacks linked to an international conspiracy exploring the complex dynamics of stereotypes and inclusivity at the base IRL, but the installation continues to serve an important purpose in national security for our nation.

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