By Olivia Rigby
In recent Space Force news, the Space Force just announced its own Space Force academy in partnership with Johns Hopkins University. This news is exciting for all current and future members of the Space Force. With a more specialized education for Space Force members, this new branch of the military can keep making significant advances in our country’s space efforts.

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The New Space Force Academy

Historically, other branches of the military have had their own military academies. The United States Naval Academy began in 1850, and since 1933, it’s been allowed to award bachelor’s degrees to students. The Marine Corps has its own university, founded in 1989, and the Army also has its own university. The Air Force has Air University, located in Alabama. Since the Space Force and the Air Force are closely related, many Space Force-focused classes were taught at Air University. However, on November 1 of 2022, it was announced that the Space Force will be partnering with Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C. Instead of the Space Force starting a Space Force college like the other branches of the military, they chose a unique path in partnering with Johns Hopkins, an already established institution.

What Programs Are Available at Johns Hopkins SAIS?

While many of the other military branch colleges offer undergraduate degrees, this new Space Force academy with Johns Hopkins SAIS is only offering graduate programs. In 2023, Space Force members will have the chance to pursue a master’s degree in International Public Policy at Johns Hopkins SAIS. With this program, students will be able to take science, technology, engineering, and math electives, have better access to laboratory research, and have the opportunity to work with the local commercial space center. The Space Force is currently working with the Air Force to move some of their professors at Air University to Johns Hopkins some time in 2023.

The Growing Space Force

The Space Force has been rapidly growing since its establishment in 2019. Originally, there was not a budget for a university with the Space Force, but with interest in it rising, the need for it has risen, as well. At the Air Force Academy in Colorado, cadets could join as officers in the Space Force after graduating. Additionally, the Air Force Academy opened a Space Force detachment at the school to help students who were interested in the Space Force learn more about it. In 2021, cadets who graduated from the Air Force Academy and joined the Space Force as officers were around 11% (about 115 graduates). In 2020, that number was around 10%, meaning around 100 graduates joined the Space Force. The interest in the Space Force grew so much within the Air Force Academy that they announced its first permanent professor who’s a member of the Space Force. This constantly expanding interest in the Space Force is likely what caused the Space Force to partner with Johns Hopkins SAIS to create the new Space Force academy. The announcement of a new Space Force academy is exciting for everyone. The interest in the Space Force has not stopped since it was announced, and their recent partnership with Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies is proof of that growth. The future for the Space Force is looking bright (and big)!

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