By Shannon Lawlor
It’s finally time to focus on the girls. The Army is developing a tactical bra to provide greater support and protection for female Soldiers. The Army Tactical Brassiere (ATB) aims to alleviate the cognitive burden on female Soldiers who may experience discomfort with the current fit of their bras. Implementing the new bra into uniforms would be a major win for women in the military.

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Features in the Army’s Tactical Bra Design

The new bra was initially developed when female Soldiers took a survey to report on their preferences for bra design functionality and support. With more female Soldiers enlisting in the military, the need for additional protection and uniform support is necessary. The bra itself is meant to give additional protection to Soldiers. The tactical bra may include features like flame-resistant fabrics. Layered protection and structural protective materials will also be included in the design. Designers aim to integrate the tactical bra into existing body armor. But creating the best bra is a difficult mission to embark upon. With so many different body types, shapes, and sizes, it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all solution. To tackle this, several prototypes were developed. They are currently undergoing evaluation to test support for diverse body types. The four prototypes are as follows:

Concepts A and B

  • A pullover sports bra in a shelf style.
  • Includes padding and structured seams.

Concept C

  • A compression bra.
  • Includes cross-back strap.

Concept D

  • A zippered front-close bra.
  • Includes contoured seams.
  • Has adjustable back straps.
The tactical sports bra is being tested at the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (DEVCOM). DEVCOM is the leading technological research center focused on the Soldier. They’ve worked on other projects also focused on inclusion for women in the military, including modifications to maternity uniform outfits. The prototype will be presented to the Army Uniform Board in fall 2022 for further evaluation. From there, it may be included in the official program of record.

Tactical Fit and Support

The tactical bra provides ample support for female soldiers. The design takes the Soldiers’ personal fit and comfort into consideration. This is to ensure there are no distractions from uncomfortable fits that would take away focus from the Soldier’s mission. It might seem like a small feat to include considerations about a bra. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Army Soldiers would greatly benefit from the new addition to their uniform. The article of clothing is meant to help keep female Soldiers comfortable. It eradicates any pesky, distracting, uncomfortable fit a lot of women struggle with. While discussions about U.S. Army undergarments may seem irrelevant, the inclusion of this new bra would be a major win for female Soldiers everywhere. The tactical sports bra has more beneficial features for female Soldiers. What the bra will look like has not been described yet, though more than likely, the designers will lean towards a black or Army green bra. The tactical bra prototype will be evaluated this fall. But there’s no doubt it will likely be added to the official program of record. After all, the best bra is tactical. This design seems to be a practical solution to a sometimes overlooked problem.

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Image: Courtesy of DEVCOM



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