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Operating at a high level is critical for success in many fields. Throughout the U.S. military, there are various training and educational hubs for each branch. The United States Marine Corps Training and Education Command, or TECOM, helps not only create and place Marines but forge them into an elite fighting force capable of dominating any battlefield. As a part of the Headquarters of the Marine Corps, you’ll find the training command center in MCB Quantico, Virginia. With a motto stating “Always Learning, Always Leading!”, learn more about the TECOM USMC program and how it helps create Devil Dogs who are ready for any situation.

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What Is TECOM?

The United States Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM) is a centralized hub for training that hones a wide array of skills in use throughout the Marines. However, there are two core commands that are under the USMC TECOM umbrella: Training Command and Education Command.

Training Command

Training Command consists of a variety of schools that provide formal training throughout the Marine Corps. Their goal is to help create and improve Officers and other enlisted entry-level personnel. It’s here that Marines will receive assistance and the skills to help advance their careers. Here are the schools you’ll find:
  • Assault Amphibian School
  • Field Medical Training Battalion - East
  • Field Medical Training Battalion - West
  • Marine Aviation Training Support Group 21
  • Marine Aviation Training Support Group 22
  • Marine Aviation Training Support Group 23
  • Marine Corps Artillery Detachment, Fort Sill
  • Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools
  • Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School
  • Marine Corps Detachment, Fort Leonard Wood
  • Marine Corps Engineering School
  • Marine Corps Intelligence Schools
  • Officer Candidates School
  • The Basic School
  • United States Marine Corps Schools of Infantry
  • Weapons Training Battalion

Education Command

The Education Command is in charge of monitoring plans and policies involving training for Marines on a branch-wide basis. Specifically, the Policy & Standards Division (PSD) inside of TECOM HQ champions this initiative. This once included the responsibility of handling Marine Corps Institute (MCI) coursework studied at the Command and Staff College, but now MCI is no more and students attend Marine Corps University (MCU) instead. There are several units involved, including:
  • Marine Corps Command and Staff College
  • Marine Corps Historical Division
  • Marine Corps University

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Although headquartered in Quantico, VA, you can also find units elsewhere, including TECOM MCRD Parris Island and MCRD San Diego, for example. Additionally, other commands specializing in a variety of uses include:
  • Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One (MAWTS-1) at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
  • Mountain Warfare Training Center
  • The Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (MCTOG)
  • The Tactical Training and Exercise Control group (TTECG) found aboard MAGTFTC Twentynine Palms, California
No matter where you find TECOM, the goal remains the same: improving Marines to be their best selves on and off of the battlefield.

Helping Marines Prepare for Battle

When Marines undergo their time at TECOM, they are preparing for war. But to be ready for the battlefield, the American Armed Forces demands a lot from its troops. This means specialized skills, knowledge, and experience in a variety of potential scenarios. This is where TECOM USMC graduates thrive. The ability to undergo training that develops each Marine’s specific skill set in harsh conditions is an advantage the United States has over its enemies. Our country has a diverse geographical landscape affording Marines the opportunity to train for many different situations. This is evidenced by the diverse training locales. Not only are skills taught that cover all of the bases, but the actual places that Marines train to better themselves are equally varied.

Can TECOM Officers Wear Campaign Covers?

Campaign covers since the end of World War II have been reserved for Drill Sergeants. Therefore, if you are a part of TECOM, an Officer, and fit within this role, it appears that you can. Otherwise, you cannot, but in any case, it’s always best to double-check with your superiors beforehand.

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