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Whether you live on post or off, there will be no shortage of education options for your children in the Fort Carson area, from elementary, intermediate, and high schools to public and private schools. Not to mention preschools and daycare facilities for the little kids.

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Schools on Fort Carson

School-age children living on post can enroll and attend one of the four elementary schools or one middle school found on post. Keep in mind that these are not Department of Defense schools; they’re part of Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8. On-post schools at Fort Carson are designed to serve the unique needs of military families while remaining comparable to programs offered in local Colorado schools. There are certain enrollment deadlines that must be met to enroll in an on-post school. Find more information here. Fort Carson Elementary School

Fort Carson Elementary Schools

1. Abrams Elementary School

600 Chiles Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80902 1 (719) 382-1490 Abrams Elementary School is a Title 1 school serving approximately 520 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The teacher to student ratio at Abrams is 16:1, lower than the Colorado state level of 17:1. The school is a Capturing Kids Heart school, meaning that developing strong relationships are at the core of how teachers approach learning. The elementary school-aged children living in the Fort Carson housing communities of Apache Village, Comanche Village, Pawnee Village, Shoshoni Village, and Sioux Village enroll here.

2. Mountainside Elementary School

5506 Harr Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80902 1 (719) 382-1430 Mountainside Elementary School serves approximately 500 students from kindergarten through the fifth grade on Fort Carson, most of them with ties to the installation. Like Abrams, it is a Title 1 school with many students qualifying for free or reduced-price meals. The student-teacher ratio is 15:1, below the state’s average. The elementary school-aged children living in the Fort Carson housing communities of Arapahoe Village, Cherokee Village, and Choctaw Village enroll here.

3. Patriot Elementary School

7010 Harr Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80902 1 (719) 382-1460 Patriot Elementary School is one of the larger elementary schools on post, with roughly 650 students enrolled there. It is one of the more diverse elementary schools in the Colorado Springs area. The elementary school-aged children living in the Fort Carson housing communities of Cheyenne Village, Dakota Ridge Village, Kiowa Village and parts of Ute Hill Village enroll here.

4. Weikel Elementary School

6565 Lindstrom St. Colorado Springs, CO 80902 1 (719) 358-4320 Weikel Elementary School serves nearly 800 students in pre-K through fifth grade. The elementary school-aged children living in the Fort Carson housing communities of Blackfoot Hill, Chippewa Village, Iroquois Village, parts of Ute Hill Village, and Navajo Village enroll here. The school was renamed in 2009 to honor Cpt. Ian Weikel who was killed in action in Iraq in 2006. Fort Carson Middle School

Fort Carson Middle School

1. Carson Middle School

6200 Prussman Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80902 1 (719) 382-1610 Carson Middle School is the sole on-post middle school, enrolling nearly 700 students in sixth through eighth grades. Like Abrams, the school boasts a student-teacher ratio of 1:16. The middle school predominately enrolls students from Fort Carson, although there are civilian students that attend from nearby communities.

Fort Carson High Schools

High schools are located off post and are located in Harrison School District Two, Widefield School District Three, Cheyenne Mountain School District 12, and Colorado Springs School District 11.

Daycares near Fort Carson

Leaving your child in someone else’s care is not easy for many parents. When looking for the right daycare facility, reading reviews on Care.com and Yelp and visiting a few options when possible is the best way to make a decision about where to send your child. Or, if you’re looking to secure childcare on post at Fort Carson, there are different options to choose from. Child & Youth Services has different programs that offer full-day, part-day, and hourly care for your child. Home-based care is available through Fort Carson’s Family Child Care program. This is flexible care with extended/overnight, weekend, and hourly care available in addition to full-day and part-day. Schools Near Fort Carson

Schools Near Fort Carson

Colorado is unique in that it’s an open enrollment state, meaning students can enroll in school districts for which they are not zoned. There are four school districts within about 10 miles from Fort Carson.

1. Harrison School District Two

4710 Harrier Ridge Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80916 1 (719) 540-4000 Harrison School District Two has plenty of choices for its nearly 12,000 students living in Colorado Springs, just outside of Fort Carson. The district covers 19 square miles and offers its residents 12 elementary schools to choose from, two K-eighth grade schools, three middle schools, two high schools, one career readiness academy, five charter schools, and one homeschool academy. A large majority of the student body has ties to nearby Fort Carson and the district offers a full-time Military Family Life Counselor to support its military students.

2. Widefield School District Three

1820 Main St. Colorado Springs, CO 80911 1 (719) 391-3000 Widefield School District Three serves the unincorporated area known as Security/Widefield. The district’s nearly 10,000 students are spread out among 16 schools. There are eight elementary schools, two K-eighth grade schools, three junior high schools, three high schools, one preschool, and one blended online learning program. The district offers a Navy Junior ROTC program as well as other specialty programs.

3. Cheyenne Mountain School District 12

1775 La Clede St. Colorado Springs, CO 80905 1 (719) 475-6100 Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 has a total enrollment of approximately 5,100 students in preschool through 12th grade. There are five elementary schools offering grades K through sixth, and one preschool. The district has one junior high school, a high school, and a charter school serving grades K-12. More than 85% of the district’s graduates go on to college, many in the most prestigious schools in the nation.

4. Colorado Springs School District 11

1115 N. El Paso St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903 1 (719) 520-2000 Colorado Springs School District 11 is the largest and oldest school district in Colorado Springs, CO. The centrally located district has 55 schools and alternative education opportunities for area children to choose from. There are 33 elementary schools, nine middle schools, four comprehensive high schools, one online school, two non-traditional schools, an early college high school, and various charter school options in the district of more than 26,000 students. The district is a member of the Military Child Education Coalition. Private schools near Fort Carson

Private schools near Fort Carson

Parents who choose to send their children to a private school near Fort Carson have nearly 50 options serving roughly 6,200 students. Many of the private schools in the area have a religious affiliation but they do not skimp on academics. According to Private School Review, these are some of the best private schools in the Colorado Springs area.

1. Colorado Springs Christian Schools

4845 Mallow Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 1 (719) 599-3553 Colorado Springs Christian Schools was established in 1971. It is one of Colorado Springs’s largest private schools, serving children from nursery school through 12th grade. The schools have a combined student body of more than 800. The schools are affiliated with the Association of Christian Schools International.

2. Colorado Springs School

21 Broadmoor Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 1 (719) 475-9747 Colorado Springs School is a college preparatory and international school serving nearly 400 students from preschool through high school. The students benefit from gifted programs, AP classes, special attention for students with special needs, and plenty of extracurriculars. The Colorado Springs School is accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools and is a member of the National Association for Independent Schools.

3. St. Mary's High School

2501 E Yampa St Colorado Springs, CO 80909 1 (719) 635-7540 St. Mary's High School is a college preparatory, secondary school established in 1885 with a mission to educate students in the Catholic tradition and create critical thinkers and leaders who are prepared for college and beyond. The school of 250-plus students offers courses in three levels - college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement - along with a variety of clubs, sports, arts, and service organizations.


Moving can be tough on you and your child. Ensuring that your child’s education is taken care of or securing child care right away helps alleviate this burden. There are plenty of options near (and on) Fort Carson to make sure your child’s educational needs will be well taken care of.

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