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"I’m just a Dog Face Soldier, with a rifle on my shoulder."

So go the words of the division’s theme song. Thanks to the creative genius of Walt Disney Productions, that "Dog Face Soldier" was caricatured into a bulldog: "heroic, but humble; fierce, but gentle; quick-witted and wise, with a confidence and dignity that comes from having proved himself." Maj. Gen. Albert O. Connor, a 3rd Infantry Division commander, visualized verbally what he wanted for a "Dog Face Soldier." Walt Disney Productions complied and the caricature was created. All it cost was one dollar. The bulldog face Soldier is the result of an exchange of letters between Connor and Walt Disney Productions. In one of his letters to Disney, Connor explained, "For many years, the 3rd Infantry Division has been seeking a trademark based on the symbolism of the ‘Dog Face Soldier.’ The term ‘dog face,’ he continues, ‘is an old one in our Army, dating back to the Indian Wars.’ " The division received the final design of the bulldog face Soldier in August 1965. Along with the drawing came a contract granting exclusive and perpetual right and license to reproduce the drawing. The one-dollar bill provided by the Marne Association was autographed by the division’s command sergeant major. Along with the autographed bill, which was framed, a letter of thanks to Walt Disney and his staff was sent for bringing to life the verbal conception of a song. The Dog Face Soldier I wouldn’t give a bean

to be a fancy pants Marine.

I’d rather be a Dog Face Soldier like I am. I wouldn’t trade my old ODs for all the Navy dungarees, for I’m the walking pride of Uncle Sam. On all the posters that I read it says, "Be all that you can," so they’re tearing me down to build me over again. I’m just a Dog Face Soldier with a rifle on my shoulder, and I eat raw meat for breakfast e’v’ry day. So feed me ammunition. Keep me in the Third Division. Your Dog Face Soldier’s a-okay!  




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