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If you’ve never been to Fort Jackson before, you might not know all there is to do, both on and off post. If you’re not sure where to start or looking for something new to do this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of 22 of the best things to do in and around Fort Jackson, SC.

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COVID-19 Notice

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, venues, and parks may be temporarily closed or operating under restricted hours. Many, if not all, of the ones listed here, are likely subject to health restrictions, though new re-openings and closings occur all the time. Check websites and call ahead to learn each listing’s current status.

22 Things to Do in Fort Jackson SC

Know what you are looking for? Click the number(s) to get right to it: (1-6) Gyms (7-8) Golfing (9-10) Pools (11-12) Officers Club (13) Theatre (14-17) Parks, Rivers, & Lakes (18-22) Museums Fort Jackson Gyms

Fort Jackson Gyms

It’s no surprise that gyms are one of the popular places on Fort Jackson. The sports and fitness centers on post have a lot more than just weights to offer. See below for your on-post options! Call ahead or check out their websites for more details.

1. Fort Jackson Fitness Classes & Virtual Options

4149 Sumter St. Bldg. 4149 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-4177 They’ve moved a lot of their classes online due to the pandemic. Check out their links and sign up from the convenience of your living room or home gym!

2. Andy's Fitness Center

6510 Strom Thurmond Blvd. Bldg. 6510 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-4177 A huge space with a lot of machines, weight lifting gear, and treadmills. You can sign up for classes here too.

3. Coleman Gymnasium

4482 Johnson St. Bldg. 4482 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-5817 Not just a gym, they also have full basketball and racquetball courts. Check their hours, as certain morning times are reserved for active duty.

4. Perez Fitness Center

4149 Sumter St. Bldg. 4149 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-6258 Aside from the normal weightlifting fare, you can also find racquetball courts and saunas here.

5. Vanguard Gym Fort Jackson

2009 Wheeler St. Bldg. 2009 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-4384 Here you’ll find free weights and racquetball courts along with Hoist & Hammer strength gear.

6. Sports Complexes

Hilton Field Softball Complex Bldg. El 3900 Hartsvilleguard Rd. Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-3096 Offers softball fields and hiking trails, check out their website for a full list of fun activities. Fort Jackson Golf Course

Fort Jackson Golf Course

7. Fort Jackson Golf Course

3652 Semmes Rd. Bldg. 3652 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 787-4344 Check out their website for details on the full course, tee times, snack shop hours, and pro shop info.

8. Palmetto Falls Miniature Golf & Water Park

6512 Strom Thurmond Blvd Bldg. 6512 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-7351 Co-located with Andy’s fitness center, miniature golf and water parks are a great option for families. Fort Jackson Pools

Fort Jackson Pools

9. Knight Indoor Pool

3296 Magruder Ave Bldg. 3296 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-4796 Only open during weekdays, check out their website for swim hours and classes offered.

10. Legion Pool Fort Jackson

2761 Semmes Rd. Bldg. 2761 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 751-4987 A family affair here, check their website for admission rates and hours.

Fort Jackson Officers Club & Magruders at NCO Club

Fort Jackson

11. Victory Hall
3630 Semmes Rd. Bldg. 3630 Fort Jackson 29207 1 (803) 782-8761 Boasting an amazing event space as well as food, the O-Club at Victory Hall can host family and unit affairs.


12. Magruder's Club & Pub
3305 Daniel Dr. Bldg. 3305 Columbia, SC 29207 1 (803) 790-0381 Offers Karaoke, and Club nights, Magruder's is a place you can hang out, play pool, and have fun with friends.

Fort Jackson Theatre

13. Fort Jackson Reel Times Daniel St Columbia, SC 29207 1 (803) 751-7488 Closed until further notice, check back on their website for updates on movie times when they reopen. Parks, Rivers, & Lakes

Parks, Rivers, & Lakes


14. Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park
312 Laurel St Columbia, SC 29201 1 (803) 545-3100 Located right along the Congaree River, this park has hiking, walking, and biking trails for all levels. Take a scenic walk along the river and the Columbia Canal and enjoy the park!
15. Harbison State Forest
5600 Broad River Rd Columbia, SC 29212 1 (803) 896-8897 Boasting over 2,000 acres in northwest Columbia, Harbison has many trails and a canoe landing.
16. Saluda Shoals Park
5605 Bush River Rd Columbia, SC 29212 1 (803) 772-1228 Saluda Shoals Park has something for everyone, boasting a dog park, environmental center, picnic areas, and meeting spaces.
17. Memorial Park
700 Hampton St Columbia, SC 29201 1 (803) 545-3100 A sobering reminder of the sacrifices that were made before of us, take walks at the Memorial Park if you need to do some thinking and reflection.

West Columbia

18. Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
1300 Botanical Pkwy West Columbia, SC 29169 1 (803) 779-8717 If you’re into nature, this is the spot for you, lots of flora and fauna as well as a waterfall area, rose gardens, and birdhouses. Fort Jackson Museums

Fort Jackson Museums


18. South Carolina State Museum
301 Gervais St Columbia, SC 29201 1 (803) 898-4921 Check out their exhibits on their website, as well as their planetarium and programs for kids!
20. Columbia Museum of Art
1515 Main St Columbia, SC 29201 1 (803) 799-2810 For a taste of modern culture, check out the museum’s website for more details on current exhibits.
21. EdVenture Children's Museum
211 Gervais St Columbia, SC 29201 1 (803) 779-3100 You can spend days here with your kids, plan ahead by checking out offerings on their website!
22. African American Memorial at the State House
1100 Gervais St South Carolina State House Grounds Columbia, SC 29201 1 (803) 734-5049 Get to know the unique and challenging history of African Americans as memorialized on the State House grounds.


Whether this is another tour or your first time, you’ll see that there are plenty of great experiences to enjoy all over Fort Jackson and the greater Columbia area. Living here affords you many options, both on and off post be sure to take your time to explore and figure out what works best for you.  

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