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Fort Huachuca is located just north of the Mexican border in the northwest corner of Sierra Vista, Arizona. The post is surrounded by the natural beauty of the American southwest. There are several sites of national significance nearby, including a handful of historic cities. They all offer an outstanding perspective on life in the area and reward you for your service just by PCSing to Fort Huachuca. Make sure to stop by the MWR Ticket Office for information and discounts on Fort Huachuca events and attractions. Know what you are looking for? Click the number(s) to go right to what you go: (1-3) Gyms (4) Bowling (5) Movies (6-9) Events & Attractions (10-13) Museums (14-17) Parks, Rivers, Lakes (18) Golfing

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Things to Do Near Fort Huachuca

Fort Huachuca Gym

1. Eifler Fitness Center

Bissel Street BLDG 82401 Fort Huachuca 85613


1 (520) 533-4723 The Eifler Fitness Center is the main fitness facility on post. It’s home to a gymnasium with basketball or volleyball courts, a ton of free weights and machines, and a sauna in each locker room. There are additional amenities outside in the Eifler Sports Plaza and Krueger Track, including softball and flag football fields. If you’re interested in intramural sports, you can call this number for information: 1 (520) 533-2541.

2. Barnes Field House

Arizona Street BLDG 61701 Fort Huachuca 85613


1 (520) 533 2948 This Fort Huachuca gym is a large facility that houses 3 handball/racquetball courts, 2 basketball/volleyball courts, a weight room, resistance and cardio machines, and much more. It also has a track nextdoor in the nearby Bujalski Track & Field Complex.

3. Irwin Outdoor Pool

Irwin St BLDG 70560 Fort Huachuca, 85613


1 (520) 533-3853 The Irwin Outdoor Pool is open to seasonal swimming to post personnel. The hours are posted on the website, along with other regulations such as the minimum age a solo swimmer can be without being accompanied by an adult, which is 13. Fort Huachuca Bowling Alley

Fort Huachuca Bowling Alley

4. Desert Lanes Bowling Center

52010 N. Arizona St. BLDG 52010 Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613


1 (520) 533-2849 The Fort Huachuca bowling alley is conveniently right on post. It has 24 lanes and allows 6 bowlers per lane. Some features include automatic scoring, bumpers for kids, Jeannie’s Diner, and leagues for social bowlers. They offer a Galactic Strike Night with neon lights every Saturday.

Fort Huachuca Movie Theater

Sierra Vista

5. Cinemark 10
2175 El Mercado Loop Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


1 (520) 458-1936 This nearby Fort Huachuca movie theater is located in the Sierra Vista Mall. It’s a great place to take the family and catch up on the latest releases. Face masks are currently required due to Cinemark’s Covid-19 policy. Fort Huachuca Events & Nearby Attractions

Fort Huachuca Events & Nearby Attractions

Fort Huachuca

6. Yardley Community Center
Stein Road BLDG 80504 Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613


1 (520) 533-2404 The Yardley Community Center on post is a fun place to meet up with friends or bring the family. Inside you’ll find a gaming lounge with Xbox consoles and online access, along with Alienware gaming PCs. There are also pool tables, ping pong tables, foosball, and a theater room.


7. Arizona Folklore Preserve
56 East Folklore Trail Hereford, Arizona 85615


1 (520) 378-6165 The Arizona Folklore Preserve is an all-inclusive event and music space that aims to celebrate the art and culture of the Huachuca Mountains. The preserve is set on four acres of land and includes a state-of-the-art theater. The preserve partners with the University of Arizona for additional support and resources. Aside from regular performances by the owner, the preserve hosts guest artists who bring music, storytelling, poetry, and more.

Sierra Vista

8. The Cove Aquatic Center
2900 Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


1 (520) 417-4800 The Cove Aquatic Center is an indoor water park that features giant pools with beach-style entry. There are water slides, a wave pool, and other great features for a fun family outing. At the moment, the Cove is slowly reopening its facilities to the public.
9. Lights Out Family Fun Center
101 East Wilcox Drive Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


1 (520) 255-9365 Lights Out Family Fun Center is a giant facility with loads of great stuff inside. The site has mini golf, pool tables, air hockey, and tons of other arcade games. There’s something to fit everyone’s niche here. They also rent rooms for private parties, with group sizes ranging from under 15 to a maximum of 70 people.


10. Cave of the Bells
Santa Rita Mountains Patagonia, AZ 85624


1 (520) 281-2296 The Cave of the Bells is inside Sawmill Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains. It’s a subterranean wilderness filled with spectacular sites and cavern wildlife. The site is open for visitors to wander through on their own after leaving a deposit in exchange for the keys. The cave is thought to be heated by geothermal activity below the Earth’s surface, and the temperature actually increases as the cave descends beneath the mountains. Fort Huachuca Museum

Fort Huachuca Museum

11. Fort Huachuca Museum and Annex

41401 Grierson Ave, Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613


1 (520) 533-3638 This Fort Huachuca Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the military in the American southwest, from the time that Fort Huachuca rose to its key role in 1877 to the time it became a National Landmark in 1977. The museum houses thousands of documents and objects in rotating display.

Sierra Vista

12. Army Intelligence Museum
122-124 Hatfield St Sierra Vista, AZ 85613


1 (520) 533-3638 The Army Intelligence Museum showcases the army’s role in military intelligence from the early Revolutionary years to the present. It contains exhibits like an Enigma Machine, signals intelligence gear, and much more.


13. Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park
223 E Toughnut St Tombstone, AZ 85638


1 (520) 457-3311 The historic city of Tombstone contains many important sites, including this state park on Toughnut Street. The inside of the courthouse has been converted into a museum that reveals the history of the area and its mining economy. The building was passed around to different owners after the county seat moved to Bisbee, and it was donated to the Arizona State Park system in 2003. Parks, Rivers, Lakes

Parks, Rivers, Lakes


14. San Pedro House
San Pedro Project Office 4070 S. Avenida Saracino Hereford, AZ 85615


1 (520) 258-7200 The San Pedro House sits in the middle of a massive wildlife area. You’ll find different biomes replete with various animals and birds, and hiking trails with scenic vistas to explore. The house itself is a historic ranch, and it houses a bookstore and gift shop.

Sierra Vista

15. San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area
4070 South Avenida Saracino Sierra Vista, AZ 85615


1 (520) 258-7200 The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area is located along 40 miles of the San Pedro River. It was established in 1988 to keep the local wildlife safe from encroaching industry. There are several interesting sites to see in the area, including the San Pedro House. The Murray Springs Clovis Site is a major archeological dig that uncovered the activity of early human settlers from around 11,000 years ago.
16. Brown Canyon Ranch
Brown Canyon Ranch is another historic ranch in the area that offers a unique look at what life was like for frontier settlers in the latter half of the 1800s. As of now, the ranch is under renovation by the Friends of the Brown Canyon Ranch, but the grounds are open to hiking and bird watching.
17. Bathtub Spring
Sierra Vista Southeast AZ 85615 Bathtub Spring is a site between Ramsey and Miller Peak. It’s a natural spring in the middle of the mountains with great hiking and wildlife all around. The name derives from the fact that there is an actual bathtub here that’s become just another freshwater pool over the years, and visitors hike into the mountains to see it.

Fort Huachuca Golf Course

18. Mountain View Golf Course

Indian Scout Rd. BLDG 15479 Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613


1 (520) 533-7088 Mountain View Golf Course is considered one of the jewels of southern Arizona golf. With breathtaking views of the Huachuca Mountains, this 18-hole champion caliber course has everything a golfer needs. From a clubhouse and pro shop to driving ranges and practice greens, this golf course has it all!


Fort Huachuca is a great post to PCS to because there are so many unique attractions inside and around the area. For arts and culture lovers, there are museums and cultural institutions looking to preserve and develop the arts in the area. Those interested in the outdoors will find themselves surrounded by natural resources to explore. Enjoy your stay here while taking in all the natural and man-made wonders the fort has to offer.  

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